Soundmagic E80s vs Havi B3 Pro I

  1. Mustainized
    Hello everyone,
    I was using my Havi with my Fiio X3 2nd Gen and I was really happy at all. Both of them are real beasts in their own ways. But my Havi iems are cracked quite a long time ago (actually just two weeks after I bought) and I started to tape them but it's getting closer to die at some point. They're cracking more and more like endlessly. I'm quite disappointed about build quality with that exceptional sound quality... But this is not the case anymore. I'm looking for another iem and I really want to buy Soundmagic E80s from Amazon because of discounts and those excellent reviews.
    Is there anybody that used both of those iems for a good comparison? What do you say? Actually I'm not looking for an upgrade, I just want a sound signature like my dear Havi iems and people said that E80s are pretty neutral like Havi but I don't know. I'm open-minded for all ideas, hearings and stuff.
  2. harry501501
    I've looked in to the E80s a while back and from what I've read from most sources are they are VERY VERY bright which although helps with detail it could make things like sibilance and harshness a problem. I never found this with the Havi's so you might be disappointed.
  3. harry501501
    My Havi's split open too. Tbf, although i enjoyed them I think they are a bit overrated IMO.
  4. Mustainized
    Well I LOVE Havi's sound with my X3 II but come on... Cracking after only 2 weeks? Disappointment is real.

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