1. HottSushiz

    Suggest In-Ears Under $70

    Hey I'm currently currently in the market for IEMs because my current one broke. I was originally planning to buy the Sennehiser CX 380 but the problem was that if I bought it from here in New Zealand it would cost over $100 if I bought it from eBay even with the conversion it's around $60 The...
  2. ClieOS

    [Impression] SoundMAGIC A10 - Oriental Beauty

    I’ll like to thank SoundMAGIC for the sample. As far as I know, Sound MAGIC had been developing this little great looking gem for a while now and managed to keep it under the radar all these time. There is no doubt that the market of ultra portable amp is booming in past few years. It seems like...
  3. gr33nhand

    How's SOUNDMAGIC pl50 compare to Visang R03?

    Straight outta an iPod Classic
  4. mcnoiserdc

    Fischer Audio Eterna, Head-direct Earphones IEM, Soundmagic In Europe

      In Europe you can buy Fischer audio eterna, head-direct earphones, and soundmagic from They say they ship only to spain, but if you e-mail them they will provide shipping for you... I bought my head direct re0 from them. I created this thread, as I was looking everywhere for...
  5. Jonoc

    Newbie to Custom IEMs with some questions !

    Hey guys, Just moved up from the an Audio technica standard-ish ATH-CK300M  a couple of months ago to a Soundmagic pl-50 (1 BA driver) and was blown away by stuff I didn't hear in my music before. Loved the detail and balance that it gives to my music. Since then I've been reading around...
  6. newtoiem

    Jays "a-jays three" or klipsch "x1" or soundmagic "pl30" or...

    Hi, I am new to the whole iem thing although as a musician I have used those for monitoring many times ... I am now looking for a decent set of-value for money- in ear phones. The ones in the title are those I am currently considering. The sound i am after... Detail. I think that is...
  7. vijaja

    Soundmagic PL-30 and PL-50 - seems that Focalprice is running a deal

    First off, not sure if this is the right forum or that we're allowed to post when a decent price comes up on a set of community-accepted IEM's.   Also, since head-fi was the place I learned about the PL-30's and have given my ears sincere pleasure since purchasing them about 1 yr ago, I also...
  8. sumeet911

    Soundmagic PL11 and EH10

    I bought a Soundmagic PL11 few months back and it died after 3 months of use. I sent it for warranty and today they told me that SoundMagic PL11 are out of stock so if I want, I can get SoundMagic EH10 as replacement.   So please suggest me whether I should take those SoundMagic EH10 OR...
  9. A.Mir

    Tips for Sound Magic PL50?

    Sorry if this question has been asked before but when I used Google nothing helpful really came up.   I'm happy with the stock foam tips that come with my PL50. They fit my ears perfectly (haven't tried the silicone yet). The only problem is that I don't know where to buy the foam tips if I...
  10. ljokerl

    Soundmagic PL50 impressions+appreciation thread

    Ok with all the people out there ordering the PL50s at focal price last week we knew someone had to make one. I just got mine yesterday (4 days from HK via EMS - not bad at all) and they are pretty darn good. I have to use them for a few days to adjust (everything sounds a bit muddy after...
  11. Akash

    Sound Magic PL21 OR PL30?

    I can get both PL21 and PL30 for similar price.. Which one should I go for? I like good clarity with good bass Thanks
  12. deanmc

    Soundmagic PL30 from ebay. OPINIONS! ADVICE! Anything!

    I posted another thread here a few days ago, and after reading that and a bunch of IEM reviews, I have decided to get the Soundmagic PL30 as my FIRST EARPHONE after my stock phones (from nokia xpressmusic ones ) I live in Sri Lanka and here I could only find the senn cx300 for a whopping $100...
  13. lucascavalheiro

    SoundMagic P10/P20 vs Koss Porta Pro?

      Anyone has this 2 headphones to compare them?   They have almost the same price.     And a upgrade to Grado SR60i or SR80i wich costs 2 times will be worth?   ThanksAnyone has this 2 headphones to compare them?   They have almost the same price.     And a upgrade to...
  14. Playdo

    Best choice for under £25?

    I see there are a load of connoisseurs on this forum so £25 probably sounds pretty pointless to a lot of you. But it's all I'm spending . I've never used ear canal phones before but I have used buds. The thought of canal phones doesn't appeal to me but is it a case of just getting used to them...
  15. lewislink

    SoundMAGIC PL30 impressions

    I finally received these today after about 13 to 15 days waiting. They came from Hong Kong so I knew it would be a while before I received them from the eBayer. First off, these are immensely comfortable! Good grief they feel so comfortable. Initial sound quality impressions are incredibly...
  16. mp3

    My review of the SoundMAGIC EH10

      SoundMAGIC EH10   Specs. Dynamic driver earbud style Frequency range: 15 Hz – 22 KHz Resistance: 16 Ohm Sensitivity: 112 dB/mW Price: $38 Colours: Black, Pink, White   Build quality and accessories. The 120cm/47in cable is soft even if it is more to the plasticky side, and it...
  17. Anaxilus

    Where to buy Bi-Flanges w/ large openings for Dynamic Drivers

    Anyone know who makes and or sells Bi-Flanges w/ large openings for Dynamic Driver IEM's?  These seem to give my ears the best general SQ w/ most of my current collection.  Any thoughts appreciated.
  18. Qonad

    $100 mid-centric phone?

    Hi all,   I require some help. I'm looking ~$100 mid centric earphones. The only one i know of is the soundmagic pl-50.   Are there any other mid-centric phones out there? Like the e-q7 but cheaper?   Thanks
  19. bluezor

    SoundMagic PL50 vs Brainwavz M2

    Hey all - since my last didn't work much i narrowed down my search to two IEMs - SoundMagic PL50 and Brainwavz M2. They are about the same price $50~ on mp4nation and I'm wondering which one would be better or are they about the same?   Some input would be nice :D
  20. oyster

    anything better than silver bullets for under 100$?

    Hi all been searching for something that sounds airy, non sibilant, clear, full bodied with tight bass  for under 100$. I'll be able able to choose only amongst the following: -fischer audio except eterna & db02 -soundmagic -head direct -klipsch -sennheiser -ultimate ears...
  21. Soyuz

    Buying advice; MEElec M2 vs. SoundMagic PL21 or others?

    Dear Head-Fi'ers,   First of all, I'm sorry to open an x vs. y topic. There's lots of information to be found on this forum, but I hope you experts can advice me a little in this personal 'dilemma'. What I need is a durable pair of earphones for a low price and with a decent but fun sound...
  22. Music-etymotic

    Soundmagic pl-50 vs nu-7 vs meelectronics m11

    hello guys . My wife birthday is in 3 weeks I wana get her 1 of these iems . Can you guys help me pick which ones are best for listening to techno. My budget is $300 the most. If u guys think there is better iems than I listed. please let me know the model and make thanks much appreciated.
  23. xicex

    So... is OVC the OEM for SoundMagic   Same as PH10s   I'm wondering how much stuff marketed by competing brands actually come out of the same factory. What are the major factories (OEM/ODM)?  
  24. manicsound

    NEW Soundmagic PL30 headphones - UPDATED version?!

    Everyone knows the PL30 headphones are an amazing set of in-ear earphones (i also own a set that i bought 9 months ago), so i thought i'd buy another last week for a friend as a birthday present and it was a new one, with Silver packaging! As far as i can see, the headphones and contents are the...