1. reneftw

    Soundmagic PL50 vs. Sennheiser CX870

    Hello.   Can anyone help me decide between these two headphones? I do not know what to choose, regarding that I do not find any reviews about CX870, Personally, I would prefer CX870, because i can buy them from my country and I have the warranty. The PL50 will be bought from Hong Kong and I...
  2. plumcakk

    Headphone equivalent of PL50s with a little more bass?

    I'm just doing some preliminary researching, but does anyone know what fullsized headphones have approximately the same signature as the SoundMagic PL50, with perhaps a little more bass? I'm loving my PL50s and their smooth mids, but winter's fast approaching and I'm looking for something to...
  3. DervishD

    Got my PL50 from House Of DAP!

    Hi all :)   Today I got my new SoundMAGIC PL50 from House Of DAP. Zero problems, fast (but free) shipping, and an excellent price, since I paid 31 EUR for them. Certainly I'll keep an eye on HOD, they look like a good source of audio material.   About sound... I think everything has been...
  4. Karuto

    SoundMagic Compared to Pricier IEM's?

    Hello there! I am considering picking up a pair of Soundmagic IEMs, but I am wondering how they would compare. My first consideration was the PL30, and it still is heavily. The thing is, my friend is selling a pair of Sennheiser IE7 phones, and considering maybe bumping up my budget a bit...
  5. xDKRx

    Silver Bullet, Pl-50, Rain, Shroom, or other?

    Fischer Silver Bullet Soundmagic PL-50 Hippo Shroom EB Thinksound Rain   I mostly listen to various types of rock, with some different stuff here and there. I just need something for casual use, but I might occasionally wear them while I work out. From what I've gathered in about 30...
  6. timmyGCSE

    SoundMAGIC P20's

    I've been looking for some overhead cans for on the go to complement my IEM's (and no..before you say anything..I'm not looking to spend £100's and for something to rival the SQ of my JH13's, just a nice cheap can on the go). Closed back may I add. I'm considering P20's, £20 delivered seems...
  7. Flaapy

    How do I connect my DAC soundcard (STX) to an amp for analog headphone output?

    I'm guessing I would use the RCA jacks on the soundcard, but where would I connect them on the stand alone amp? (non DAC)   I haven't decided on an amp yet, but I need to know what inputs to look for.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Metsuki

    Need an IEM around 55$

    I'm don't need much bass and I need clarity in the guitars (I have a px100 and I think it was too much bass, so yeah :p) and it has be around 55$, 60 is the max. I was thinking about Hippo Shroom EB (57$) or Thinksound Rain (51$). Which one is the best?   If you have a better suggestion...
  9. Gr8fulDave

    SoundMagic PL50 On Sale for $39 shipped

    Hi All,   This is my first post and I'd like to thank all the reviewers who helped me decide on my new SoundMagic PL50's.   I got them on sale from the House of DAP in Hong Kong.  I ordered them yesterday and they have already been shipped. 
  10. versusqc

    Cheap IEM for Folk/Rock & Classical

    Hello, I'm looking for my second pair of IEM as I lost my well-loved-yet-far-from-perfection Zen Aurvana. I'm from Canada but can proxy them from the USA until the end of august, so I think now is the time to buy. I've read the multiple-iem review post, but still wanted to see if anyone had...
  11. MikoLayer

    cheap (<$50) jogging / running IEMs?

    I have made a similar thread(s) in the past and settled with a pair of soundmagic PL-50. They have served me very well up until yesterday when I was foolish enough to let the cord hang while making my bed (don't ask :(). Stepped on the cord, yanking it out of my ears and breaking the left wire...
  12. yliu

    Earphones for sleeping??

    I really like to listen to music while I sleep, but when there is pressure on my Etymotics or Klipschs it feels like they are gonna poke through my eardrums! I have the IE8 thay are ok, but a little big, I saw that the IE6 is much thinner than the IE8 so it might be better. Can you guys...
  13. iemmustiane

    Your most used IEM and why?

    Even though many of you guys have very high-end IEM's, Which ones do you use daily and why?
  14. iem222

    Best Headphone Amp for Soundmagic PL50

    Hello, I currently own a Sansa Fuze with a pair of Soundmagic PL50 IEMs.  Is there an amp out there that can be built or bought for under 50 dollars that would improve the SQ of this pair? Thanks!
  15. DefStatic

    Assistance in purchasing earphones...

    So a little background...   I do consider myself an audioholic or audiophile or whatever is the term these days. I kind of consider myself a middle of the road buyer. I don't get the most expensive, but I get the most for what I can afford.   I usually replace factory speakers in my...
  16. jant71

    SoundMAGIC PL30 Adjustable Bass Earphones

    I grabbed a pair of these off ebay. I was curious after I saw them and I also thought the adjustable bass might be good for my AM/FM minidisc since the radio portion has no bass adjustment and my JVC's have a bit too much boom for my taste. After a bit of searching on Soundmagic and decided to...
  17. itsnikhilrao

    Need a Good Headphone and a good Mp3 Player which really feels great to listen to..

    HI All   I write this after trying a few options. I am a great fan of music .. i.e Heavy metal and the kind. I listen to files coded at 320Kbps or flac files.   I have tried the Soundmagic Pl30 i found it just OK.. I want something really really cool. I din find the mids too good in the...
  18. tacomn

    soundmagic mp21 deal

    just stumbled upon this seems pretty good   use 3OFF10 for coupon and come out to 13.6 dollars
  19. SolidSnake3

    Way to reduce wind noise with IEM's?

    Hi everyone,   I have just started cycling quite a bit recently and two ago I figured I would try wearing my Eterna's while out for a bike ride. Figured it would make the ride more enjoyable and at the same time take my mind off the pretty hard workout I was going through. Long story short...
  20. Elysium

    Soundmagic PL-50 sound issue

    Well I've received a replacement pair of Soundmagic PL-50, however now I'm hearing a barely audible, yet still present, high pitch scratching sound in the right side at certain low-mid frequencies in mid level volume. It's clearer to hear during solo base guitars. I've tried three different...
  21. ljokerl

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Intro: This thread contains my sound quality-focused reviews of In Ear Monitors (IEMs) in my possession. It is meant to be a quick reference for those in need of earphone recommendations or a start-off point for research into IEMs. A more up-to-date, interactive, sortable version of this...
  22. notaris

    Review of SoundMAGIC EH10 Half In-Ear Headphones

    SoundMAGIC EH10 Half In-Ear Headphones: Sports companion   I don’t remember when I first saw a picture of SoundMAGIC’s EH10 headphones. I do remember though that what struck me before anything else was that EH10 is neither the typical in-ear phones nor what one would call typical headphones...
  23. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] SoundMAGIC PL21

    Spec Driver: 9mm Dynamic Impedance: 12 Ω Sensitivity: 97dB±2 dB / mW @ 1kHz Frequency Response: 15Hz~22kHz Plug: Gold-plated L-shaped mini plug Weight: 8g Cable: 1.2m Packaging, Accessories and Build Quality PL21 comes in a similar style packaging as PL50, differentiating both...
  24. kingpage

    Soundmagic PL-30 : A Long Overdue Review

    Soundmagic PL-30     Driver: 9 mm Dynamic Nozzle:  5.5 mm Impedance: 12 ohms Sensitivity:  102 dB Plug:  straight Cord:  1 m Y   Miscellaneous: They are exceptionally comfortable and light; when I wear them I sometimes forget they are in my ears. The quantity of...