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Best in-ear earphones priced at £45 or less.

  1. failexander
    My in-ear earphones just broke and I need a new pair.
    I bought the Sennheiser CX 300 II which I was very satisfied with, but since they broke I figured I'd try a new pair.
    Which is the best pair priced at £45 or less?
    I will primarily be using them for music and/or phone calls, so a microphone would be great aswell.
    My music habits are pretty large, but I primarily listen to music with a lot of bass (dubstep, drumandbass, fastpaced electronica etc.) and rock aswell as hiphop/grime; a somewhat good bass is required.
    If you could link to places that sell the earphones within EU that would be great (since I'm located in Denmark I can't recieve anything outside of EU without paying extra taxes etc.).
    Thanks on beforehand.
    Alexander :)
  2. Cielbleufr
    To me the Trident from Dunu.
    They are dynamic, good in bass and treble specialy...
    I bought a pair 3 weeks ago, and tried many (UE, Sony, Sennheiser, Creative, VModa, Soundmagic, Philips...) i can tzl for the price of them, you'll find nothing better.
    To me, they are the :wink:nes.

    Gregory FR
  3. mark2410 Contributor
  4. Cielbleufr
    I'm sorry but the Dunu Trident, this is the best :D
  5. ljokerl Contributor


    They lack clarity and space. I've tried a couple of IEMs as well and while the Dunus are good for the price, they are not the best. Will take the Brainwavz M2 or M3 over them any day.
  6. alexp9000
    Im having the same dilemma, however, my price is under 100 USD and I am also considering portable headphones. If I extend my budget a little, would I get more satisfaction from a Brainwavz B2 or the GR07's? Thanks, and sorry OP for not helping out. Maybe if you can find them, the Shure 215?
  7. ZimmerX


    The GR07's out of all the ones you suggested are a lot better than any of the name drops in this topic, however you're looking at nearly a double budget increase to $179. Definitely worth the money though, absolutely amazing.

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