1. Yaroslav

    Ultraportable Lightning DACs Thread

    Here's an attempt to make a list of all Lightning-based DACs. WHY The iPhone comes with a lame "adapter" now, or, rather, a very simple AMP/DAC. Cheap, very thin wire that looks like it will break in 2-3 months, not enough to drive most headphones, white rubber coating gets dirty easily...
  2. subguy812

    Subguy812 Review Hub

    Thank you for stopping by my review thread. I am glad to share my thoughts on some of the wonderful equipment I have had the pleasure to enjoy. Stop by often as the list is ever evolving and please feel free to leave comments. IEMs Rhapsodio Solar 64 Audio U12 UM Mentor V2 Vision Ears VE8 Dita...
  3. Kyu_

    Philips Fidelio M1 replacement anyone ?

    Hello guys ! I'm looking for a replacement for my Philips Fidelio M1 (the pads are crap and broke with time). I need : - Closed cans that don't leak. - A portable, on-ear model. - It to be sturdy, my Fidelios lasted almost 3 years with some DIY repairs. The quality of the glue used on the pads...
  4. MrOTL

    Event: HP Fes 2017 Fujiya Avic, Nakano Japan : 4/29th

    First day of HP Fes 2017 Spring, Nakano Tokyo I am apologized for click out Head-fi. I couldn't upload whole pics for this event for now. I will fix up as soon as possible. Here is the link for temporary...
  5. geo2160

    Portable DAC for phone vs DAP

    Hello, I currently have a a pair of RHA MA750i IEMs and a Nexus 6p and I wish to improve my mobile experience. I have accepted the fact that the phones I tend to like will have bad DACs. Would it be a better idea to buy a small dedicated DAC/AMP like the Fiio K1 for the phone or would I be...
  6. B9Scrambler

    Fischer Audio Dubliz Enhanced: Ready to Dual (Review)

    Greetings Head-fi! Today we are going to be checking out a fairly unique earphone. Fischer Audio's Dubliz Enhanced utilizes a dual-diaphragm system, mating a forward firing 8mm diaphragm with a rear-firing 10mm diaphragm into one driver unit. It's the third and most recent in their Dubliz...
  7. LynetteCullen

    Broke College Student Audiophile Guide

    Warning: This build focuses on portability and cost. It is heavily influenced by what I had on hand. I am by no means an expert, but here is what I did. Note: All important items are listed in red. Unnecessary items are listed under Extras. The price that I paid for the item is listed in blue...
  8. Carson Wotell

    Best Budget in ear monitors

    I'm leaning towards the KZ ZST but I've heard good things about the auglamour R8's