Portable Discmans
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Still using my Sony D-EJ2000 with a RSA Mustang , bringing it with me when I go to a second-hand market or shop , looking for CD's.
Also have a Sony D-EJ985 , usually with a Xin SuperMacro3 , but this setup is considerably bulkier and heavier. .
Original batteries have given up , but did find some new ones from eBay that does work . ( After some failing ones first ! )
Very nice sounding setups with older Shure IEMs .
The D-EJ985 is heavier , but have longer run-time with 2 batteries !
Also less mechanical noise from the spin-motor than the D-EJ2000 .
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You have one of those really slim Discman's.. Nice! those were expensive when new correct? I've been using a Panasonic SL-S480 player via line out to a Headroom Micro Headphone amp. As soon as I figure out how to upload pictures on here Ill post one. I have 20-30 older portable cd players.

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