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Brainwavz HM9 Bass and Clamp Mod

  1. RenZixx
    Hi there fellow headfiers,

    let me start of by saying that i own an OEM of the brainwavz hm9 the Reloop RHP-30 and if your gonna ask me where i got the Reloops well i got them from the palm expo at the Reloop showcase thingy in Mumbai. So back to the mod

    So many people say that if your headphones have low clamping pressure you must bend the headband. Well indeed that is also very true but that's risky, I have heard many horror stories of headbands breaking if they have plastic pieces on the headband. So since the HM9 fold up, they have a gap when they fold, you can stuff some tissue or put many layers of electric tape to make it tighter. Now what do we achieve out of this? Well now you can head bang to your favourite death metal or workout at the gym without having these flying off your head (trust me ik). You also achieve a more tighter bass, more pronounced midrange, more intense sound but what you lose is a little bit of soundstage which isnt really a huge issue since these are portable cans and are meant to stay on your head

    Now for the bass and width mod you need a screwdriver (these have smaller screws). Firstly you need to remove the pads, now to do that you need to turn the pads left or right depending which side your on, after that the screws will be exposed, unscrew them and SLOWLY take the front part off being very careful not to tear of the wires connected to the drivers. Now you will see the back of the driver has two holes on the magnet, one is open and one has a transparent cotton thing on it, remove the cotton thing (keep in mind not to tear the cotton thingy apart if you want to revert) now after doing this put back the headphone (in order to put it back together do everything in reverse). What this achieves is more tighter bass since more air can get in and out and a slighty more airier sound and also the soundstage is slighty more wider not by much but it is noticable.

    I hope i helped any HM9 used or a OEM user. C:

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