1. Mohamad Itani

    Stereo Integrated Amplifier NAD vs yamaha

    I just bought a yamaha CA-V2 amp for my speakers (tannoy pbm 6.5 II) and the seller just offered me to exchange it on a NAD 304 for free. Is it a good upgrade or downgrade? i just listen to music casually, music source on ipod classic 5.5 generation line out (bypassing the ipods AMP). And most...
  2. kipper15

    NAD D 3020 V2 as a headphone amp?

    Not sure if posting in the right place so mods feel free to move if necessary. Is anybody on here using this amp mostly (or even exclusively) as a headphone amp? If so, what are your opinions of it? It has had favourable reviews in this regard from the hi-fi press but interested to know if any...
  3. dcginc

    NAD VISO HP 70

    I've tried searching for these on head fi but nothing comes up. Are these cans so new no reviews yet? Would like to see comparison w similar sennheiser products. Only thing I really found on these cans is Inner fidelity interview w Paul Barton at RMAF Cheers,
  4. Czilla9000

    Rotel - The underdog?

    I hear people constantly speak of Cambridge Audio, Arcam, and NAD, but hardly ever speak of Rotel. Are their products good?
  5. supawabb

    German Maestro GMP 8.35 D - Not sure what the fuss is?

    Good day fellas, my first post here so be gentle with me.  I am definitely no a music connoiseur, and have a very limited knowledge on headphones.   So after weeks upon weeks of reading and searching for the 'right' pair of headphones for me, I finally decided on the German Maestro GMP 8.35...
  6. sgrossklass

    Mysterious oldschool electrets: NAD RP18 (info sought)

    Someone in the German Hifi-Forum was asking for any kind of information on these cans (like ~age, technical data, perhaps even value) that he had once gotten from his father. Reportedly sound is good. Here's a pic of them, as you can see they are in excellent condition for being 20+ years old...
  7. jupitreas

    NAD Model 16 (vintage 1975) review

    NAD Model 16 vintage 1975 review Disclaimer: This review is not based on any objective measurements. I am merely giving my own subjective opinion on how these headphones sound, compared to other headphones I have on hand. Your mileage may vary. The Story I recently bought this...
  8. Scornfulheal

    What to add to my old NAD stack??

    Hello all,   I received an old NAD 2200 power amplifier and an old NAD 1155 preamplifier from my father. I believe they were purchased in the 80s. He also had custom loudspeakers made at the same time that I received as well. However, after storage the drivers were shot, and the tweeters had...
  9. jude

    An Interview with Paul Barton of PSB and NAD - Head-Fi TV

    NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.     Head-Fi'er's, you're in for a treat! In this episode of Head-Fi TV, we sit down with the legendary Paul Barton of PSB Speakers and NAD Electronics to talk about Paul's history, headphone measurements and...
  10. Craigster75

    NAD Viso HP50 : Another superb headphone from Paul Barton?

    Based on the available info from CES 2013, The NAD Viso HP50 is the new headphone introduction that I am most anticipating from the brief product description link below.  While the flood of new headphone introductions from respected names in audio has been hit or miss over the past year, Paul...
  11. takeshibeat

    the best companies for hifi all in one systems

    i ve had a sony all in one hifi system which i bought 1998 if i remember correct after a half year i started to have problems with cd player on it , i sended it to a hifi repair service where they fixed the problem but soon aproximately 2 mounths after the repairation the same problems started...
  12. funcrusha

    NAD components

    So, I've discovered that here in South Africa old hi-fi equipment can be found relatively cheaply. I picked up a NAD 302 amplifier for about $80 and a NAD 502 cd player for $35. They'd probably be even cheaper abroad, but I'm pretty chuffed with the purchases.   I'm trying to source a good...
  13. funcrusha

    NAD components

    So, I've discovered that here in South Africa old hi-fi equipment can be found relatively cheaply. I picked up a NAD 302 amplifier for about $80 and a NAD 502 cd player for $35. They'd probably be even cheaper abroad, but I'm pretty chuffed with the purchases.   I'm trying to source a good...
  14. zj3002

    NAD M3 & phones

    I have an NAD M3 and to connect headphones I will use an RCA-to-headphone "Y-cable" plugged into a line level output of the M3. My question is whether this NAD will effectively power headphones that are in the 600 ohm category or do I have to use a lesser headphone? For that matter, would I do...
  15. runswithaliens

    NAD C 165BEE - great features - how is it's headphone section?

    In searching for a headphone amp/preamp to replace an E-MU 0404usb I decided that if I am going to spend lots of money then I should not settle for anything that just has great sound quality - it should also have great features.   The NAD C 165BEE ($899.00 new or $699.00 refurbished) has...
  16. Metallian

    NAD 7225PE or Marantz pm 4001?

    Hello! I've got a small problem. There are two amps I could afford (but can't try neither one ). One shop is selling NAD 7225PE and I've heard lots of good things about NAD amplifiers. The problem is, I can't find ANY kind of information about them. The shopkeeper says they're brand new. So...
  17. spronkey

    Amp + DAC for less than ~$300USD - help brainstorm based on my requirements :D

    Guys,   I'm currently using an NAD C542+C320BEE combo, or an iPod (with or without the 320) to power my cans (Grado SR225, Senn HD580, and probably soon the ATH-M50 or DT770).   What I want is a combo DAC + Headphone amp that will scale up with my system. I want it for the following...
  18. peli_kan

    Integrated Amplifier, quality of Headphone Out

    I'm curious as to how vintage integrated amplifiers, namely the NAD 3020, fare when compared to popular headphone amplifiers.  The only comparisons I've found are 8+ years old, and I'm not familiar with the models referred to.  The goal?  To drive a pair of extra-manly HE-6.      EDIT:  Just...
  19. Takahashi

    $300 Cans for an extremely broad musical taste.

    Hello Head-fi, the cash is in and I'm looking to spend $300USD on some cans to last for a good while.  To start, they will be amped from a NAD 7220PE where the headphone amp section specs are: "Output impedance:  220ohms Maximum output level: .10V into 600ohms >500mV into 8ohms"  That...
  20. facelvega

    old NAD headphones?

    Here's a curiosity I just happened across while browsing ebay Deutschland: NAD model 16's. Anybody ever come across these things? They've got retro-sharpness in spades.
  21. Zoldar

    Curse or praise

    Until a week ago I wasn’t aware of headphone amps. I decided it was time to buy a set of nice but not too expensive cans as in my current house there is not enough room for the main hifi speakers (B&W CDM 7 SE). After lurking here, went to the shop to sample Sens, akg and some grado's in the...
  22. tdogzthmn

    Universal Players

    I have been using my NAD T 585 universal player for about a year now.  I have been very happy with its detailed and musical sound as well as its ability to play a wide range of disk formats.  It has made me wonder why they still make standalone CD players which only play one format.  I would...
  23. Sovkiller

    NAD C 375BEE Integrated Amplifier Does anybody had heard it?

    First please if the mods consider this thread out of place, please feel free to place it in the right place, I did not find any other section more related than this one...But please if you do, let me know where did you place it, so I could find it later, OK???   I'm looking into upgrading my...