Mar 19, 2002
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    Help people live their perfect calendar!
    Headphone Inventory:
    Oppo PM-2
    Sold: KEF M 500
    Yamaha HP-1 Orthodynamics-4 pin XLR re-wiring by BTG Audio
    Yamaha HP-2 Orthodynamics-3.5mm re-wiring by BTG Audio
    Etymotic Hf2s
    Sold: bluejay SB1

    Sold: Sennheiser 650s with APS mod, Equinox cabling
    Sold: Shure, Grado 325s
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Chord Mojo
    Sold: iFi Audio iDSD Micro
    Sold: Meridian Explorer
    Sold: Mjolnir
    Sold: FiiO E6
    Sold: Heed Canamp
    Sold: i Qube Ver 1
    Sold: Headroom Desktop Portable
    Sold: Headroom Cosmic Portable w PSU
    Sold: Musical Fidelity XCan and PSU Power Supply
    Source Inventory:
    PS Audio Perfectwave DAC Mk1
    Squeezebox Touch running toolbox 3.0
    Squeezebox Touch External DC1 PSU by Custom HiFi Cables Ltd
    iPhone 6 plus 128 gig w Tidal
    Sold: Ipad2
    To sell: Nano G6
    Sold: Gungnir
    Sold: Schiit Audio Modi
    Sold: W4S DAC-1
    Sold: Onkyo ND-S1
    Sold: Meridian 203 DAC
    Sold: Meridian 502 Control Amp
    Sold: Sonos ZP 80
    Sold: iPod 80Gig G5
    Cable Inventory:
    Wired world Violet USB
    Harmonic Technology, Pro Sil III RCA, Magic Mk1 XLR
    Canare L-4E6S XLR
    BTG-Audio Midnight 4 pin XLR headphone cable
    Neotech 3001 XLR
    Sold: Equinox-Stephan Audio Art
    Power-Related Components:
    Meridian 205 mono block Amps, Meridian 501 Control Amp
    Sold: Meridian 555 Amp, 551 Integrated Amps (2)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    ATC SCM 50 AT
    Meridian M-20
    Sold: KEF X300a

    Meridian 201, 204, 207, 205s, 209
    Sold Nuforce SB-1T
    Sold: JBL 4301b, ATC SCM 7
    Rega P-25 heavily modded, Origin Live, Groovetracer, Heed PSU


    Main: SBT/Oppo PM-2/Yamaha HP-1
    Desktop: WW Ultraviolet USB/Mac Pro Desktop
    Portable: iPhone 6 Plus/ampliflac app/Yamaha HP-2/Etymotic hf2
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