Apr 20, 2006
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assistant professor

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    assistant professor
    Facel Vega, Gordon Keeble, Bristol 407, etc.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Peerless MB PMB500
    Stax SR-Lambda, SR-X MkIII
    Superex PEP-74 (modded)
    Realistic Pro 30 (modded)
    AKG K240 Sextett (needs work)
    HOK 80-II, 80

    Gone now: Stax SR-5 (x2), PMB100, PMB SL Silverline, K340 (x3), A250, DT990, QP95, QP85, QP805HS, QP55x, DT531, K240M, K400, K260, HD25sp, HD540, HD540-II, KSC-75, A130, im716 (depodded), ep-630, OVC T25, ESP6 (modded), HD201, SR-60, HP-50a, JBL Reference 220, YH-100 (modded) and a few more I can't remember offhand.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Cmoy (opa2134)
    Stax SRD-7sb from Sherwood S-7200

    had a Laconic Lunchbox I (various tubes), Hippohifi Bloat, Go-Vibe V6 (AD8610/20), V5 (LM6171/2), Stax SRD-7, SRD-6sb
    Source Inventory:
    Super Pro 707 USB dac (CS4398)
    Rotel and Onkyo CD players
    Cowon F2

    others are gone, including Echo Indigo, TBAAM, Cowon U2
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    felt, construction paper, bluetak, and foam will do more than $300 wires (sorry, cables) ever could. Yet people still shell out for the wires and never take scissors to felt.


    team planar
    team Sturzhelm
    team MB
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