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  1. dcginc
    I've tried searching for these on head fi but nothing comes up. Are these cans so new no reviews yet? Would like to see comparison w similar sennheiser products. Only thing I really found on these cans is Inner fidelity interview w Paul Barton at RMAF

  2. Tommy C
    They look very interesting, however they are very new and only available through some authorized dealers at this point.
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  3. AudioJimmy
    Would also love to see more about the HP 70's. But there's not much info around :frowning2:
  4. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I just spoke with a local NAD dealer and the HP70 is scheduled for release at the end of March here in Canada so I assume that will be the same for other locations. I will be giving them a try for sure. The dealer already has the PSB M4U8 which should be sonically so similar so ideally I can compare them and maybe decide on one. I loved the B&W PX, but the comfort was just not where it had to be for me.
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  5. Tommy C
    Top Choice has them in stock and you can apply the 10% off even, not too shabby.
  6. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Are you sure they have them in stock, or are they simply accepting orders? I have seen many times that a company does this, then sends an email saying they will ship once new stock arrives. I doubt a small vendor like that will have stock before Amazon. Amazon has, and has been shipping the PSB and that is the same company. Amazon sells NAD so we know that Amazon will carry the HP70 the moment it is available.
  7. Tommy C
    Yeah, both in stock - just confirmed it with the store.
    Based on past experience PSB and NAD stock goes to selected dealers first and then to others.
    I hope this helps.
  8. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Thanks mate, really shocked that Amazon would have the PSB and not the NAD? Now I just have to consider if I like not having a refund option. That is what is awesome about Amazon, if I don't like it, full refund including return shipping. Smaller outfits, no refund so you have to take your chances. Still, the price is tempting. Cheers.
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  9. Tommy C
    Absolutely, I know what you mean. :)
  10. smilemantts
    Anyone tested and compared these to B&W PX, etc?
  11. Jiminhno
    I like the nad HP 70 design better than the PSB m4u 8, however the Nad has a internal battery that isn't user replaceable, the PSB m4u 8, does that's important to me as you can just use normal AAs batteries if and when needed when traveling, being sister companies they both should sound quite similar I take it, I currently have the B &W P7 wireless I enjoy them they sound quite good to be honest a tad bass heavy, and use them with my pixel 2 xl Daily traveling to and from work, I also have the PSB m4u 2, and the Nad HP 50, and I enjoy them a tad bit more than the B&Ws, especially yhe m4u2s maybe it's the room feel tech in Paul Bartons headphones that makes a difference, i don't know, looking forward listening to both and comparing to my old cans
  12. SkumBucket
    Anyone get their hands on a pair? Have thoughts to share? Currently looking for a portable set of cans.
  13. Solomyr
    The only review (which is fairly short) that I've found is here. Apparently these are shipping in late May / early June so hopefully we will start getting some more reviews soon. I would also like to know how these compare to the B&W PX and Sony WH-1000XM2.
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  14. trellus
    Thanks for that link to the review, it's a little bit to go on at least until they really get out there. It looks nearly identical in form factor to the HP50 so I'm guessing that people that found the HP50 uncomfortable will have the same opinion on these.
  15. Solomyr
    The same person has also done a comparison with the PSB M4U 8 here. I've found another fairly short review on audio46 and somebody has posted impressions on reddit. Still not a lot to go on and I haven't come across either review sites before so not sure what to make of them.
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