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the best companies for hifi all in one systems

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by takeshibeat, Sep 12, 2012.
  1. takeshibeat
    i ve had a sony all in one hifi system which i bought 1998 if i remember correct
    after a half year i started to have problems with cd player on it , i sended it to a hifi repair service where they fixed the problem but soon aproximately 2 mounths after the repairation the same problems started again,
    my second hifi all in one system was sharp and it to damaged itself after 2 years
    some guys told me i should buy components and that they would last longer but it doesnt have sense to me
    since i can only listen to music via headphones because i live in a flat that has very poor sound isolation and my room
    is to small for components
    so i wanted to ask which companies make best (all in one) hifi systems with the longest lifetime
    i was satisfied with the sound of both of my hifi which i ve head but they didn t last long and i spended lots of money on the first one
    i ve saw on the net that today s hifi systems have the possibility that you listen to music on them via usb so i guess it would last long (i listen music via usb 5 years allready on my laptop and dont have any kind of problem)
    if any of you could give me some names of the companies that make the best all in one hifi systems with the longest lifetime i would be very thankful
  2. obobskivich
    Look at NAD, Yamaha, Teac and Denon - they should all still have shelf-systems/executive systems that perform very well. :xf_eek:

    Also I think Nakamichi still makes AIO set-ups, but I've never used one/owned one.
  3. wilyodysseus
    Cambridge Audio also makes a few nice all-in-one systems.
  4. gelocks

  5. Happy Camper
    Is your music over several formats or can you put it on the computer?
  6. takeshibeat
    all my music is on hard disc on my computer
    and i have headphones sennheiser hd 598

    if you want to suggest to me a combination with my laptop, i must say to you that my laptop
    soundcard is weak
    in my country the only dacs you can  buy are the ones from nuforce
    and the problem is i cant try them since the town where the shop is located is far away from my town so i just can order them via internet
    is there any good dac (from nuforce) which i can connect to my laptop and listen to music via headphones on it, i must say again that my laptop soundcard is poor quality (toshiba tecra)
    and i only want to buy a dac if i can get a high quality sound with it
    if someone could give me an advice i would be very satisfied
  7. takeshibeat
    i forgot to say that all of my music is in flac and mp3 320cbr format and that my main media player on laptop foobar is
  8. Happy Camper
    An all in one head unit from Cambridge like the C 851 and a headphone/speaker amp. http://www.cambridgeaudio.com/summary.php?PID=889&Title=Azur+851C+Upsampling+DAC%2C+CD+Player+and+Digital+Pre-amplifier
  9. MorbidToaster
    Get the pair of 851s. I love my 851C and have my eye on the 851A as well.

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