1. JohnyL

    Help needed: Headphones / IEMs for really noisy environments - Possibly to be used with hearing protectors

    Hi,   I ran into little bit of problems with my audio gear this spring. I'm quite new to Hi-Fi headphones and thus I need pointers and a little bit of help.   Normally I use my Grados with my desktop LD MKII and as portable headphones with my Galaxy S3. But this spring I ran into...
  2. Trancefreak

    Confused about 2 Bluetooth HP's. Advice / experiences ?

    Hi there!   Another "What am bestest" posts, I'm afraid. Finally got green light from the soon-to-be missus for new headphones. They will be used for easy listening in bed AND at work ( I'm an technician doing a lot of routine jobs, gets boring quickly... need music to stay motivated )...
  3. GreenClick

    Affordable tube amplifier

    I've been starting to look around in HI-FI products recently and after buying a pair of Audio Technica ATH-50M, I was wondering if I should get a tube amplifier.   My budget would be 200$. I'll use it with my PC.   Are there some in this price range or will it be so cheap that it won't...
  4. Wildgift

    Topping TP30 vs. TP30 Mk Ii--good choice for small desktop system?

    I have narrowed my search down to one of these amplifiers. I plan on using it in my office with some Polk audio monitor 30 or R150 speakers. Are these amps good? They do get good reviews. Does anybody know the difference between these two models? I don't need the ability to go very loud, because...
  5. D

    Little Dot MKII good with the HD650?

    I'm after a warm, lush liquid and romantic sounding amp on a budget would the LD M2 be a good match? Is this amp better then the E12?
  6. BulletProve

    Little Dot MK II vs Fiio E9 ?

    Hi     Which one will drive the HD 650 better ?
  7. Torokun

    Aune T1 vs. Little Dot MK II

    Hi guys,  Head-Fi noob here. I look forward to learn more from all of you.   To start out in the world of wallet emptying audiophile world, I've been checking out Aune T1 and Little Dot's MK II as a good entry point.   I read reviews on them but it's extremely difficult to determine...
  8. D

    My Little Dot MKII sounds quiet compared to my Fiio E12 for my HD650.

    I'm enjoying my new amp. It definitely has more dynamics then my Fiio E12. One issue is that it's quieter. I jave to have the knob turned all the way up to enjoy them. Could it be faulty?
  9. PTom

    DAC/Amp for Beyerdynamic T1

    I'm looking to get an amp/DAC for a pair of T1s I recently bought. I don't want to be spending extremely large amounts of money. I'm looking into the following (I've included the prices I can get them for in the UK):   Amps:   - O2 Epiphany Acoustcs (£77) - FiiO E9 (£100) - Matrix M Stage...
  10. Pericles77

    Please help me connect iPhone 5s to Little Dot MK II

    Please confirm if the following signal chain is correct:   iPhone 5s ---> Lightning to 30-pin Adapter ---> 30-pin to stereo ---> Little Dot.   I believe doing this would allow me to bypass the iPhone's internal amp.   Thank you kindly in advance.  
  11. Taker64

    Fiio E09K line out to tube amp?

    I have a E09k, and wanted to know if you can hook up a Little Dot MKII to the line out. My E09k is hooked up to my Titanium hd rca out.
  12. hexalamb

    Help with Little Dot mk II

    I bought this a while ago and never really used it. Now I'm trying it out and it has some pretty apparent distortion if you listen to it at low volume/quiet music or with nothing playing.   I'm hoping the problem is in the tubes and not the amp, but I don't want to buy new tubes just to find...
  13. jaywillin

    first head amp $150 budget

    well, i sent the audioengine d1 back and keeping the schiit modi, so i need a separate head amp. i have a bravo v2 i'm trying,(always loved tubes),  and planning on trying the magni. my question is anyone have other suggestions ?? i listen mostly to my a2's, but starting to listen more...
  14. cmach

    About to make the plunge

    Hello,   I currently own a pair of Sennheiser 595's and have decided to make the move to the 650's. From what I was able to read in reviews and in this forum the 650's need an amp to really get the best out of them. The only issue is I don't have a clue as to what amp to get?   The...
  15. green6poop

    amp for hd 650

    ok first off im kind of new to the whole audiophile thing i have had v-moda's crossfade m80s for like 8 months and im thinking ill get an upgrade which would probally be the sennheiser hd 650 and i hear they take a decent amp to use i have a fiio e11 i dont know if that is a good enough amp for...
  16. llamatimelord

    Amp for Grado

    I just recently bought my first high quality headphones, Grado Sr 80i. I am so impressed and I love the soundstage and I think that the treble which some people complain about being to sharp is perfect. However, although not a bass head i would like to increase the bass on the Grados with out...
  17. Flagship

    Need some help

    This is my first time on head-fi and i wanted to know if i can connect a desktop amp to my desktop without a DAC as i already have Creative Xi-fi Titanium HD.
  18. TomodachiF

    Which tube amp under $200 for Q701 and SR325is

    Hi guys   I'm thinking about buying an tube amp for under $200. Which tube amp  is better for driving the Q701 and SR325is? I listen to all kinds of genre from classical to rock to electronica. I want a warm musical tube sound.   If you have any tubes amps under $200 please recommend...
  19. tdunks

    Little dot I+ vs MK II for D5000, Q701 K550

    I am just wondering which would work better for the 3 headphones I have, as well as which tubes to go with. I am looking at little dot because I like the fairly low price of it compared to many other amps. I will be using a Fiio E17 as the DAC and macbook pro as the source for this. Thanks...
  20. rimbaud65

    Headphone Amp for Sennheiser HD600

    I suppose it says it all. What I want to get are recommendations for a headphone amp, if possible the best amp and also some priceworthy ones. The headphone is Sennheiser HD600, which I am satisfied with, so the key is to find an amp that will play with these phones, as well as with my CD-player...
  21. BulletProve

    ODAC vs Audioengine D1 vs HRT MS II for the HD 650 and the MK II

    Hi   I cant decide which one to buy I have the sennheiser HD 650 and the Little Dot MK II tbh they sound just great as they are but I have been told that I will need a DAC as well   What do you think ? PS I am looking for a DAC for around $160 if you know any other choices
  22. buddymydog

    Senn HD-650 amp question

    So I won a Senn HD-650 on Ebay.....woot woot   I've been curious about hearing one for about a year and I keep coming back to it so I pulled the trigger and hopefully its a great deal at $305.  My question is, I am planning on buying a Little Dot MKii headphone amp, and I am using a Sansa...
  23. Ayim

    Do I need an amp if I got an interface with preamps?

    Hey, just wonder say for HD600 or so do I still need an amp for if I'm connecting to an interface such as this:  
  24. newyorkcity

    DT 770 Pros (Again) Or...?

    Hello!   I've had my DT 770 Pro (80 ohm) for some years and I think its finally time to replace them.  I loved the sound in these headphones, especially the bass, and I have no complaints.   I would like to try something new but the more I search through these forums about the headphones...
  25. HeyWaj10

    Connecting HPs to Stereo Receiver (RCA Outs)

    Hey all,   Was curious of the process in potentially doing this as a less expensive upgrade.  I am interested in using a Harman Kardon HK-3490 as a headphone amp (currently still have my Denons, but am looking to upgrade to the HE-500s).  Now, I'm thinking outside of using the HK's headphone...