1. pallapippo

    Project Headbox mkII - used - o cmoy? Pls suggestions!

    Hi. Do you think is it better, about sound quality (the source is a home cdp), an Headbox mkII (maybe I can find one used), or a well made cmoy? Thanks.
  2. genclaymore

    these 4 amps and a Akg702 question.

    I was looking at standalone headphone amps on ebay, I was wondering which one of these 4 would be enough for the AKG 702s,  I dont have a money tree with 100 bills on it. So it has to be between these 4. One that enough MWs for powering the AKG702s at there rated ohms.  I may pick one of these...
  3. warbaque

    Amp for DT-990 pro (or 770 if I happen to change my mind) 100-200$ price range (also DIY and tinkering is fun)

    Hi,   I'm looking for a new headphones and amplifier for them. I really liked Beyerdynamics DT-770, DT-880 and DT-990 2005 editions. How do those compare to older versions? From those I tested, 990 was my favourite, while I also liked 770 closed design despite it's flaws.   I really...
  4. rogueassasin312

    A portable headphone amp to power 55 ohm headphones??

    Hi there,   I am new to this website and new in general to learning about audio and how to appreciate it. Any tips or websites to learn from would be good! Anyway I have a pair of AKG K 171 MK2 headphones (55 ohms) and use an iPod touch for music, will I need headphone amp or am I getting...
  5. richie60

    Is it worth buying a dedicated headphone amp over my AV amp?

    At the moment, I am using my dell inspiron laptop connected via USB to spdif converter to the internal DAC on my Marantz SR-4300 AV Receiver. I suppose this sounds decent enough having never heard a dedicated headphone amp, but lately have been thinking if things would sound a lot better through...
  6. peeradonn

    What will you choose? Woo wa22 or rudistor RP010B mkII?

    What will you choose? Woo wa22 or rudistor RP010B mkII Both is balance amp, one is tube and another is solid state. I will use it with my ED8 T1 and HD800 If you have to choose, which one will be the one you choose?
  7. Penchum

    Night Time Shots Of Our Tubes Glowing -- Post Them Here!!

    Share those night time tube love shots! Night time shots only! Its all about the GLOW. One line descriptions please! (See below) 1024x768 recommended. New MKII on the right, the old LDII++ on the left. Glowing pals in the night
  8. JimSmiley

    Which Little Dot For Grados

    At work I use the Mk III with Mullard 6CQ6 with my SR125s and I love it. Never fatiguing everything sounds great. Now I would like to get back to listening to my headphones at home again as well. I'm looking for impressions from Grado users who have tried the MK II or above and those who have...
  9. fraseyboy

    Analog Audio source selector?

    I need something that I can plug output to my Little Dot MK II then have about 2 or 3 inputs that I can plug my MP3 player etc into? It can't have any effect on the sound in any way. Does such a thing exist?
  10. Zoldar

    Curse or praise

    Until a week ago I wasn’t aware of headphone amps. I decided it was time to buy a set of nice but not too expensive cans as in my current house there is not enough room for the main hifi speakers (B&W CDM 7 SE). After lurking here, went to the shop to sample Sens, akg and some grado's in the...
  11. FrankWong

    Where to buy Little Dot amps?

    Hi all, this is my first post but I've been lurking for a while. I've decided to buy either the Little Dot MkIII or the II++ after reading all the fantastic and glowing reviews (pun intended). Now the 2-cent question is... where can I find one to buy?
  12. dynasonic

    LittleDot Hissing

    I have a LittleDot MKII tube amp that has started hissing and crackling very softly in the left channel. I think this is a heat related issue because this just started when I got my new Beyer DT-990/600ohm headphones. I opened the amp and changed the dip switch gain settings. They appeared to be...
  13. boclcown

    Matrix M-Stage, LD MkIII, Maverick D1 -> DT880

    I'm in the market for an amp and dac. I'm planning on getting a pair of dt880's, and I know that I will need an amp that can drive them.   I'm in love with the Matrix M-Stage from what I have read. It seems to be a clone of an $800+ amp that pairs well with the dt880 (can anyone confirm...
  14. the rev

    Best EF92 tubes for LD-MKII/III?

    I have a little Dot MKIII with 6CQ6 3920 tubes and I was just wondering, what are some of the best tubes I can get for under 50$? Will these do me fine until the next price range? I googled/searched head-fi but its hard to wade through 50+ pages with no real "these are definetly a better by...
  15. AllsWell

    I dont know which Amp to pick, help me out!

    The headphones I use are Grado's SR325is. The music genre I listen to is this; Ambient, Classical, NewAge, Hip-hop. I primarily listen to my music with an ipod touch ( first gen ).   I have no experience with amps, but after a bit of asking around here are my choices, but I dont know which...
  16. Attica

    708B, LD mk II/mk III, trying to decide...

    Hi guys,   as you can see, this is my first post, so please bear with me for now, okay? :)   Well, i'm trying to decide which ne amp i should buy. It's my first one, except for my essence st, which has it's own amp.   I always loved tubes for some reasons, so i decided, a tube amp...
  17. minivan

    balanced tube amp from little dot

  18. Penchum

    Review of the Little-Dot MKII Tube Headphone Amp/Pre-Amp

    Review of Little Dot MK-II Headphone Amp/Pre Amp Official replacement for the LDII++ 01/11/08 Review equipment listing: Creative Zen Xtra 30 Creative Zen Vision (First Version) Microsoft Zune 80 ASUS Notebook A8JS Zero 24/192 DAC/Head Amp/Pre-Amp Sennheiser HD-580 Sennheiser HD-650...
  19. Little Dot MK II

    Little Dot MK II

    An SEPP (single-ended push pull) OTL circuit operating in Class-A, the Little Dot MK II greatly increases sound quality, dynamic range, output impedance, and harmonic distortion over the celebrated Little Dot II++. The Little Dot MK II now also provides gain control of 3, 5, and 10 via internal...