Confused about 2 Bluetooth HP's. Advice / experiences ?
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Dec 30, 2007
Hi there!
Another "What am bestest" posts, I'm afraid.
Finally got green light from the soon-to-be missus for new headphones.
They will be used for easy listening in bed AND at work ( I'm an technician doing a lot of routine jobs, gets boring quickly... need music to stay motivated ).
Previously my eye was at the Parrot ZIK. Active noisecancelling, wireless, good sound, it seemed to has it all.
Then, I heard the 2.0 was just released, but alas, no reviews at Head-Fi yet though external reviews found it a winner with the Sony MDR-1RBT MKII a very close second.
Now I can't choose.
Sony MDR-1RBT MKII has the advantage of a better batterylife but has passive NC. 
Parrot ZIK 2.0 has Active NC and most reviews refer to it as the best sounding BT headphones.
Sony has a broader frequency spectrum but only when you use the cable ( not much use for me )
Parrot ZIK 2.0 has an Android app that alters the DAC for different effects and equaliser ( but I don't value these thing too much )
Source will be a Sony Xperia Z with PowerAmp media app and CD's ripped to FLAC.
I will try and hear them both before deciding, but I can use some help in experience.
For reference:
Portable: AIAIAI TMA-1 unamped in the same phone
Desktop: Asus Xonar Essence STX PCI-e -> Little Dot MK II - 6H6n tubes -> Beyer DT990 32Ohms with leather pads for bit better seal and Foobar 2000 with ASIO driver.

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