1. occxlr8ed

    Rotel RA-04 vs Headphone Amp.

    Hi all,   Got a question for you all.   Currently running Beyerdynamic DT990 pro 120ohm off my Rotel RA-04 connected to my computer through my Cambridge DAC Magic.   I have a Little Dot MK2 - not a fan of the sound that comes out of them so i stick to the Rotel.   Also have a...
  2. sandstorm810

    Headphone Amp Advice

    Hello Head-Fi,   I'm looking to upgrade my headphone setup. Right now I've got a set of AKG K171 Mkii 'phones (which are 55 ohm) going straight from my computer. I use the FiiO E6 for my iPod. I am looking for a headphone amp (sub $300) to improve my setup. I've had my sights set on the...
  3. hexalamb

    Help Determining Cause of Subtle Static / Blown-out Sound in Trusted FA-003s

    I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what might have caused my FA-003s to develop a slight staticy distortion in the left driver. I've been using the cans for over a year with no issue.   I recently purchased a new turntable setup, including turntable (Rega RP-1), phono pre-amp (Rolls...
  4. Folex

    Denon 2000, confused with amp/dac info

    I used to think the denon's did not need an amp until I got the Fiio 5. I know its not the best amp or even close but with it I notice a difference with the denons. They sound smoother and more satifying.    This is the part I don't get, denon's freq are 5~45k.. yet on this forum people seem...
  5. tamleo

    Schiit Asgard or DIY Dynalo?(The 1st time I buy an Amplifier)

    Hello everybody, First of all, i am sorry about my bad English And my question is: What amp should I buy? Schiit Asgard($250) or DIY amp Dynalo($300)? It is the first time i buy an amplifier and really need an advice because i almost know nothing. I have just found a few popular entry amp...
  6. dips

    AKG K702 Vs. Sennheiser HD 598

    Hi guys,   I am planning to buy a good audiophile headphones and have finalized to AKG K702 and Senn HD 598, both being in same price range. I have heard great reviews about both both have great sound quality overall, accuracy, soundstage and are super comfy. The difference I have heard and...
  7. devhen

    HD 600 - Looking for a desktop USB DAC thats reliable & has good sound for $250-500+

    Hey guys. I'm new here. My name's Devin and I'm addicted to audio equipment all of a sudden. Well, I have been my whole life, more or less. Like all of you..   So I've got my first set of good headphones, the Sennheiser HD 600, which I got 6 weeks ago from razordogdeals on ebay. I was very...
  8. Dept_of_Alchemy

    Little Dot MKII appreciation thread

    The MkII is finally for sell on ebay and it's shaping up to be the next big thing in affordable tube amps. Post your impressions, reviews and tube-rolling experience here!
  9. ytisawfulnow

    DAC/Amp under $200? (noob question)

    My audio source is a pretty cheap AV Receiver with some decent sounding speakers... The headphones i would like to drive are the Q701 and HE-500... Under $200 is definetily my preferred budget but if i have to go a little over i'd be willing to. Thanks.
  10. nymarty

    Vintage or Schiit ?

    Hi.  Just getting back into headphone audio and built out my current setup from old equipment I had sitting in my basement.  The system needs work.  I decided to start at the amp and work up.  From a sound perspective, I like my sources to give me every bit of the detail in the recording and...
  11. wynton5364

    Schiit Lyr/Woo Audio 3 with DT880/600

    Hi everyone,    I am looking for an amp for my DT880/600ohm. I've been searching forums for answer for days and even tried these amps out. But I still don't have a solid answer. Lyr has a clearer sound for orchestral works. The treble, mid and bass seem lined-up well. I don't hear...
  12. Axonn

    Need more impressions about FireStone Audio Fubar 4

    So I finally found for the DAC+Amp I was looking for! It meets all my conditions: has optical in, large stereo jack out. Even more, it also has an AMP!  ...
  13. hmorneau

    Dre Beats Studio to DT 880, now need an amp

    Hi,   During the boxing day, I got a pair of Dre Beats "Studio" for 229$. After few minutes of listening, I was not pleased with the sound, got a full refund today.   Decided to get a pair of DT 880 (not the newest one, I got a used pair for less then $200). They are the 250ohm version...
  14. HalloweenJack

    Little Dot MK II - is the default gain the highest/loudest?

    Also, can someone post a link to pictures that show how I open it to check gain settings and jumpers?   Thanks!    
  15. virtue ethics

    Amp/Dac for hd598

    Hi Headfi, I have purchased the sennheiser hd598 and also purchased the udac2 and see little difference in the sound quality. I fed the udac 2 into my desktop via usb(my desktop just uses realtek onboard audio) and I don't notice enough difference in the sound to justify the $100 that the udac 2...
  16. Pm@c

    Need a Decent Amp Suggestion

    My setup is:   Rega RP1 >> CA Azur 640P >> AMP >> BeyerDynamic DT770's.   I need a good amp for around $150-$400.    Would be nice if it supported more than just headphone and could do speakers too (as I want to get a good pair of speakers down the road).
  17. pbarach

    How does the Burson HA-160 do with AKG K702 phones?

    Right now, I am powering my well-broken-in K702s with a Headroom MicroAmp. I'm pretty satisfied with the sound (but the bass extension seems limited) and the comfort of the headphones, which I use only for classical music. I've read some good reviews of the Burson amp. If you have heard the K702...
  18. MarketMarksman

    Looking for a Headphone AMP for 100$

    hey guys im looking for a desktop amp around the 100$-150$ range with a 6.5mm headphone input and can drive the sennheiser hd 598. =)
  19. starNdust

    low impedance headphones with tube amp

    would the denon d2000 or the little dot mk 3 matches if not what could happen if i use them together for long time , any damage can happen and what could i gain in term of sound  thanx 
  20. entrope

    Musical Fidelity V-DAC Mk. II & V-Link Mk. II

    Oh dear, just stumbled into this;   Used to be a pretty die-hard Musical Fidelity fan until I found that their constant product updates had become quite a joke.   Had been thinking of getting a V-DAC and V-Link...
  21. YoengJyh

    Little Dot MK III vs combo Fiio E7/E9 for Sennheiser HD650, Which is the best? Ideas?

    Hi Guys,   Any suggestion pertaining to the above caption?   Thanks~  
  22. Lurid

    New Cans + Amp Help

    I previously owned a pair of Alessandro MS2i's but found them to be a little fatiguing due to their all metal construction, the weight simply made long listening sessions uncomfortable.  So i'm thinking of picking up a set of Alessandro MS1's or Grado SR125's and an amp.  The only question I run...
  23. K93George

    Getting into High-End Headphones? (Little intro :P)

    WARNING!  Long post, but I want to get this right =)   Hi guys! New member here =)  Each time I searched a headphone related issue, debate, from "do headphone cables make a difference"" to "are headphone amps necessary"" all questions a new comer would be asking.  This forum came up each...
  24. Lady Evil

    I need a new setup. Headphones, dac & amp. Need suggestions.

    Hey, I need a new setup, usb-dac, tube-amp & headphones. Budget about 300-400$ for each part. Could possibly invest more if the increase of sound quality will be notable. The sound I'm looking for is a warm, lush, dark sound.. Emphasis on lows & mids. Lows need to be heavy, fast, tight &...
  25. Foresight

    Little dot mk2 vs mk3

    Need an amp to power my dt990/600 was just wondering is the mk3 worth the price difference over the mk2?