1. Spiral Out

    HRT Music Streamer II discontinued

    I just went to the HRT website and saw that the Music Streamer II had been discontinued. I was kind of surprised to see it. I wonder if they are coming out with a new model to replace it or if the MicroStreamer is going to take the II's place in the product line. Has anyone heard anything?    ...
  2. dpmacd

    Next upgrade to computer stereo system?

    Hi all,   I am using the following setup and wondering if anyone has suggestions for my next upgrade - I am looking for what will provide the best bang for the buck (highest % improvement in sound to $ cost ratio)   foobar2000 > HRT Music Streamer II (DAC) > Harmon Kardon HK 3490 > Polk...
  3. ComradeGrumbles

    Issues with USB 3.0 and a Music Streamer II DAC?

        Hi, I've been using a Music Streamer II DAC with my AudioEngine A2 speakers for quite a while now (Really enjoy both the DAC and the Speakers!) and I've had no issues over USB 2.0 with my desktop.        I just upgraded though to a new laptop (Going to be on-the-go now so I can't do a...
  4. sygyzy

    HRT Music Streamer II causing static every few hours

    Hi,   I have been using my HRT Music Streamer II to listen to music for a few years now. I recently changed companies and brought my setup with me to the new job. I am now using a Macbook instead of a Dell PC but everything else about the setup is the same.   Macbook Pro --> USB Cable -->...
  5. Miraboy

    HRT Music Streamer II and WASAPI / ASIO with MM or Music Bee

    Has anyone successfully got the above USB DAC to work with WASAPI exclusive or indeed ASIO on either of the above media players?   MM works fine in WASAPI EX to my AV amp at all bit ranges but my HRT doesn't like it at all.   Even when I got ASIO to work 'OK' with Music Bee, the volume...
  6. ohHi

    HRT Streamer II Questions, PICS

    Hello   I just got an HRT streamer II, however, it seems different than all the very nice looking ones Ive seen online.     Is this a revision of some sort? It initially looks like HRT are cutting down on...
  7. headfinoob

    Asynchronous mode on Android USB OTG?

    I am wondering if anybody has a USB DAC with an asynchronous indicator that they would be willing to test on Android. I am thinking of getting the HRT Music Streamer II or II+, but I would not know how to verify asynchronous operation. I was thinking that the Galaxy Note 3 may be one of the few...
  8. 598283685

    k701 thread

    I am a Chinese student. I have a akg k701, please give me some advice about how to make a good system. I just have 2000 dollars, so please don't make it too expensive. I also have an ipod classic 160gb and an ath ad900 headphones. thanks for your reply.
  9. SLEEb

    Looking for 'entry level' desktop DAC between 100$-200$

    Hello Headfi, first post here.   Is there some kind of "Introduce yourself" thread? If so, please point me towards it. :)   I've been lurking these forums for a few days as I've been on the lookout for a new set of cans. I've ended up deciding that I'll go with the V-Moda M-100. I come...
  10. dxanex

    HRT Music Streamer II vs HRT Music Streamer II+ (MSII vs MSII+) Comparison / Review

    Disclaimer: The thoughts and comparisons within this review are my own subjective experiences using these DACs. I have done my best to flesh out the most obvious differences between these two DAC's, and others' experiences may differ slightly, as we all experience sounds differently.   Intro...
  11. jbl772

    Best DAC for Ultrasone HFI-580?

    Hey guys I currently have the HT Omega Striker 7.1 sound card with my Ultrasone HFI-580's...I was wondering if there was a good DAC out there for the 580's or if I should just stick with the sound card.   Something under $200 would be great, and I plan on using the DAC with my PC.
  12. EyeDoc

    AKG Q701 and HRT MusicStreamer II Synergy?

    I would appreciate it if any of you who are familiar with these products could comment on their synergy. I own the HRT, and I'm considering purchasing a refurbished Q701 for ~$180. I'll be mostly playing blues, vocal jazz, and some classical. I also saw that the HE-400's are highly regarded, but...
  13. cayoung05

    Taking a dive into the audiophile world..

    Hey everyone,   I've always been a fan of music, but just recently got interested in taking the next step to fully appreciating and enjoying quality music. The budget I've set for myself is $700 give or take. I've been researching headphones, amps, and dacs through reviews and forums on...
  14. VacantPlains

    DAC for laptop audio and Matrix M-Stage amp

    I am looking for a relativley affordable DAC (probably USB) for using my laptop as the source. I will be purchasing the M-Stage amp from Matrix and therefore won't need a DAC/amp combo. Portability isn't a huge issue either but I'm not opposed to something portable if it fits the bill and price...
  15. nickwin

    Whats a good amp/ usb DAC for DT990 pro 60ohms?

    Hi guys, this is my first post here although I have been a reader for many years.  Anyways, I'm looking for an usb DAC and amp combo that will be a good match with DT990 250ohm pros. I'm currently using a Fiios E10, but it barely has enough power to drive these cans.  It could be a single unit...


    I use the sennheiser hd800s with a schiit lyr amp and no DAC, just plug the RCA cables into a RCA to standard headphone jack converter and that into my laptop. Now, I'm hoping that the setup sucks and it's no surprise to hear that this 2000 dollar setup sounds only slightly better than my 250...
  17. Piano man

    Best way to spend US$550 on an DAC and on an amp

    Hello guys, I bought a sennheiser HD600 this week, it will arrive next month, and I am planning to buy an amp and a DAC to pair with the HD600, so, my budget is $550 to the Dac and the amp, and I wanna know the best way t spend that money, if $200 on the DAC and $350 on the amp for example. I...
  18. Couch Potato

    Burson or Schiit amplifier?

    i know they have huge differences in price, but should i invest money into Burson Amp?
  19. pookyman

    Inherited a Sound Setup...

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in getting a DAC but was wondering if it would even make sense for the setup I have. So I inherited (in a good way) a sound setup consisting of a tube amp ( and some KEF speakers...
  20. kshimmi

    Amp and Dac for ATH M-50 and DT990 Pro 250 Ohm

    I am about to buy some DR990 Pro 250Ohm headphones to go with my M50s and AD700s.  I have a budget of around $200 for a portable amp (for my Sansa Clip+) and a USB DAC.  My laptop will only be powering headphones, so a super powerful amp isn't necessary (although if there is a cheap-ish portable...
  21. kmitschiener

    HRT Music streamer II vs audioquest dragonfly

    Anyone care to compare these two DACs? I've been looking to get a dedicated DAC for my system because the one in my ef2a sucks. So is the dragonfly just more expensive because it's smaller or because it's better overall? Thanks.
  22. Mizicke5273

    DAC to pair with TubeMagic A1 & DT880s

    Hey all, new to the forums and high-end headphones.  I recently upgraded to my current audio setup in August and September.  Did a lot of reading on here before I decided on the A1 for my amp.  The Beyers were pretty much decided on from the start, just read so many good things about them.  I've...
  23. stephenbou

    Amarra and Music Streamer II

    I'm trialing Amarra on my system (iTunes with Apple lossless on a hackintosh, Music Streamer II, Matrix M-Stage Headphone Amplifier, and HD600s).   My issue is, after careful listening, I can't tell the difference with Amarra on or off. They sound exactly the same in both cases.   Some...
  24. FatmanSize48

    Arcam rPAC vs ???

    Hello all,   I have an Arcam rPAC and it's quite great on the go, but am thinking of getting something else for home. Check my sig for my gear. I mostly listen to rock (classical and modern, i.e. Radiohead), classical, jazz, and big band. I haven't heard much of higher end DACs so was...
  25. marcosavc

    AudioQuest Dragonfly vs. Arcam rPac vs. Audioengine D1 vs. HRT Music Streamer II

    Ok folks, I'm a college student with a budget, and after hours of online research, these are the best DACs I found. Now, I really need your help eliminating, and comparing and contrasting these, since I can't compare all four of them anywhere close to where I live. Also, I don't care about...