AKG Q701 and HRT MusicStreamer II Synergy?
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Apr 26, 2011
I would appreciate it if any of you who are familiar with these products could comment on their synergy. I own the HRT, and I'm considering purchasing a refurbished Q701 for ~$180. I'll be mostly playing blues, vocal jazz, and some classical. I also saw that the HE-400's are highly regarded, but I'm uncomfortable paying $400 for headphones. I'm looking to upgrade my aging Sennheiser 555/595's.

Thanks for your time and input.
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Hey EyeDoc,
I have the exact setup that you mentioned. Let me tell you that the synergy between the two is excellent. Q701s are extremely detailed and the HRT brings details front and center. You will hear stuff that you never knew was there. For 180 bucks, I'd say its a steal, although I think the lime green version is available on Amazon for around $230, new.
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Thanks for the info!

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