1. TooPoor

    Asgard + Which DAC? Need advice on decent pairing

     Hey guys, although this has probably been discussed before I was just curious if anyone had any good DAC recommendations that pair well with the Asgard. Presently I'd like to keep it somewhat cheap such as the HRT II+, ODAC, Audioengine D1, etc. I have a E17 but have not heard great things...
  2. wgwolanski

    Help finding DAC for Stax Lambda Pro

    Hello, Soon I am going to acquire a pair of Stax lambda pros and the Stax srm-1/mk2 amplifier. I have only recently begun to be interested in to the headphone game with some ath-m50's (big jump to stax I know xD). Im planning on mainly running my new earspeakers through my pc. Currently, I just...
  3. georgelai57

    Amps for HD600, DT880(250), SR325iS, K550

    Hi guys, I bought a Sennheiser HD600 today on impulse, just after getting a Beyer DT880 250 ohms a week ago. This adds to my collection of Grado SR325iS, ATH-M50, ATH-AD700, AKG K550, etc. My music is predominantly rock, Blues, R&B and are usually from my iMac in Lossless and 320. I have an...
  4. BRicci

    Noob Question

    What are a few options for a desktop amp for my Macbook Pro to use with Denon D5000's?   Under $300 preferably.  Thanks for any help.   Edit: I'm going with the Schiit Asgard paired with the HRT MSII. A little bit over my original budget, but I think it'll be worth it.
  5. Ghaunty22

    Good quality DAC/amp for HD600

    Can someone recommend a good desktop dac/amp for HD600?   I was looking at the audioengine D1, but is it really good enough to drive the HD600?   Prob better off with Matrix M stage.
  6. daniel521

    Is the ODAC fatiguing?

    People say its the best DAC in the price range but many people say it sounds fatiguing, is that true? Would the HRT MusicStreamer II be a good alternative?
  7. daniel521

    ODAC vs HRT MusicStreamer II

    Both cost 150 on amazon so I would like to know which one I should get. I will be using them with my e11 amp and he-400 headphones on my desktop. My main concern is that many people find the ODAC fatiguing and I really don't want that to happen. I would like to no which one is less fatiguing and...
  8. Gojo

    Need some cable advice for my Senn 650 + Bottlehead crack + HRT streamer II+ combo.

    Just as a the title says, I need some help on which brands do you guys recommend, and where to buy the rca cable and usb cable to get this combo connected. Pardon my noobness as I'm quite new to to the audiophile scene. I've slowly been working on my setup and have finally got this combo after...
  9. BulletProve

    ODAC vs Audioengine D1 vs HRT MS II for the HD 650 and the MK II

    Hi   I cant decide which one to buy I have the sennheiser HD 650 and the Little Dot MK II tbh they sound just great as they are but I have been told that I will need a DAC as well   What do you think ? PS I am looking for a DAC for around $160 if you know any other choices
  10. streetcore

    HRT Music Streamer II problems at 96kHz

    Hi Everyone,   I have an HRT Music Streamer II connected to a Mac Mini running OSX 10.6.8. Last night iTunes stopped outputting any audio when the Audio Midi Output format was set to 96kHz. If I set the output to anything lower than 96kHz it played fine. It also worked fine if I switch the...
  11. Michael V

    Need a good dac for HD 598 and fiio e11

    Currently running an he 598 powered by fiio e11 and a xonar dg. Looking to upgrade to a much better dac and one that matches the 598. I mostly listen to radio station all day long but I do have all my CDs ripped into lossless flac, such as Celine dion, Barbara Streisand, many 80s...
  12. pichu

    Best Setup for < $700

    Ok, so right now I have some plain Ultrasone HFI 780's, with a Fiio e17 for my portable setup. I am looking for a setup at home. I will be using Foobar with FLAC Audio Files. I need a setup with a dac amp and headphones. I listen to electroci, DnB, trance, dubstep, you get the idea.
  13. disastermouse

    Fii0 E9: Tell me what I'm hearing with my HE-500.

    I'm not conversant in the electronics behind amplification and sources and headphones and how well they match.  I've been told that the E9 is a bit of a mismatch with the HE-500 but not as bad as it could be because of the nature of Orthos.   I have an E9 with the gain flipped higher and...
  14. RAZRr1275

    Help me find a DAC

    So I'll be getting  Bellari HA540 soon and a new DAC seems like a good idea to get with it. I'm looking at the HRT Music Streamer II, the DAC Destroyer, ODAC and the Nuforce UDac. Which one would be the best? Source is the usb port of a laptop with mostly 320 kbps and flac music. Phones are...
  15. Alec246

    HRT MusicStreamer II with Headphones

    Hey guys!   So, I bought my first good quality headphone, Sennheiser HD558, still waiting for it to arrive some day. I was researching into DACs and stuff, since it should bring this headphone to it's best, and I arrived at the HRT MusicStreamer II, people seems to love it for the sound...
  16. Chaimera

    Need some help choosing some headphones and an amp for around £400 listening to Progressive House and Alternative Rock

    Hey everyone. I'm new here and looking for a little help.   I'm currently sitting on a mid-ish range set-up my current set-up is as follows.  Sennheiser HD558's Astro Gaming Mixamp with TOSLINK connection   I'm looking to spend around £400 ($615) on upgrading it. I mainly listen to...
  17. jjacq

    Which DAC for my PC setup?

    Posted in another forum but might help to post here too.   I've been using my Fiio E17 + L7 as my DAC and my E17 just died a week ago. It's going to China for repair so I'm trying to figure out if there' s a cheap alternative that I can buy to have as a DAC sufficient for my Audioengine...
  18. dibbler67

    Upgrading my amp for my SR325is

    So, I recently sent my Little Dot 1+ back to China for repair. Before it gets back (this afternoon actually,) I'll have a shiny new HRT Music Streamer II to source it with. The upgrade bug has hit me again...   I've been considering a bunch of amps in the $300 range. The Schiit Asgard...
  19. jarrett

    Replace My CD Player?

    Hey folks   I haven't been in hi-fi circles for a while and I know there is amazing gear out there, but have just stuck to the IEM hobby.   Mu current stereo setup:   Bryston B60 Arcam CD72T Kinima Hi G1   I was wondering what I may replace my CD Player with to go the...
  20. coltello

    Headphone DACS for price point

    I've tried finding the proper comparison of the two, but I can't seem to find a decisive answer. Which will work better for a desktop DAC at the 100-200$ price point. I've been looking at the HRT Music Streamer II and the FIIO E17. If I am able to use the SPDIF capabilities of my PC, the...
  21. jarrett

    HRT Music Streamer II operation?

    Firstly, totally confuses me whether this belongs in computer audio or dedicated source components as USB DACs are computer components and sources :P   What happens when you regularly playback material that is 44.1khz (audio) and 48khz (video)? Do you need to change the sample rate in...
  22. saffyg

    Nuforce uDAC2 for Hifiman He-500 and Schiit Lyr

    I was looking into purchasing the Hifiman HE-500 and Schiit Lyr. I already own a Sennheiser HD598 and NuForce uDAC2. Is the uDac-2 a good enough DAC for my headphone and combination or should I be looking into purchasing something higher end?
  23. lumi

    opinions on 3 dacs i have choice of

    1. HRT music streamer ll + older version 2010 (at around £150)   2. Dacmagic 100 (£200)   3. Teac UD-H01 (£200)   im only going to be using it for usb pc music out to amp using wasapi foobar   any opinions on the 3 listed?   many thanks
  24. xClariS

    Lookng for new headphones!

    Hello everyone!   I'm wondering what the best headphones would be in the price range of $300-400 for Music-JPop, Games, Movies. I recently got my hands on a Razer Tiamat 7.1, but I'm not really satisfied with what comes out of it. I mean, in games its pretty nice, but everything else is...
  25. sandstorm810

    Headphone Amp Advice

    Hello Head-Fi,   I'm looking to upgrade my headphone setup. Right now I've got a set of AKG K171 Mkii 'phones (which are 55 ohm) going straight from my computer. I use the FiiO E6 for my iPod. I am looking for a headphone amp (sub $300) to improve my setup. I've had my sights set on the...