1. C

    USB DAC recommendation

    Id like to have some USB DAC recommendation. As I have powerful amp with punchy headphone, I want a neutral DAC. Also, good jitter handling is a high priority for me. How's little dot DAC 1 or Pico? Is there a better one with more recent chips? My price point is $300 or lower.
  2. sregor

    Upgrade from E7+E9 to Yulong D100?

    Firstly, I am somewhat of an audiophile neophyte, but trying my hardest everyday to learn as much as possible.   Now, I'd like to upgrade my DAC and AMP. I'm not sure if I should go with a DAC/AMP combo like the Yulong D100 or go for something I really want like a dedicated AMP and dedicated...
  3. dpmacd

    Subwoofer Recommendations

    Hi all,   I am looking for a new subwoofer for my 2.1 computer stereo system, which currently consists of:   HRT Music Streamer II (DAC) > Harmon Kardon HK 3490 > Polk Audio RTi4 Polk Audio PSW10   95% music and 5% movies.  I want it to be in the $200-300 range and preferably available...
  4. vermilions

    New HiFimeDIY Sabre Tiny DAC? (PCM2706+ES9023)

    Hi,   There seems to be a recent new addition to the HifiMeDIY Sabre line.   I want love to get some feedback or comments on this budget DAC, so please post here if you have any experience with this!  ...
  5. nickwin

    PH100 hold up to whats available today?

    Has anyone compared this amp with any of the popular SS amps available today in that price range (Asgard, M-stage...)?  I've had this amp 2+ years and I've really enjoyed it with my k701s and HRT MSII, but I've got the upgrade bug and thinking about trying out the M-stage.  I'd say I'm primarily...
  6. GodIsAnAstronau

    What headphones should I get? I need help

    They do not need to be portable they will be used in my room that's all. I listen to mostly ambient, acoustic, post-rock, experimental music, Some bands would be Mogwai, God Is An Astronaut, Pelican, Explosions in the Sky, Isis, Neurosis, Album leaf, Russian circles, etc. I also listen to some...
  7. Dillan

    Approve/Deny my Upcoming Purchases

    Hows it going,   In the next week or so I plan on buying a pair of Sennheiser HD 650's w/ a Schiit Asgard amp and HRT Music Streamer II dac.  I listen to every type of music so just looking for a good all around sound with the 650's.  My computer will be my only source of music.  Also will...
  8. xStreame

    AKG K550 and amping

    Hey everybody,   I've been lurking around for quite a while and have been thinking of getting a desktop amp for my K550's.  The thing is most people who haven't heard the K550 just recommend a cheap or no amp at all. I recently upgraded from my E7 to an E17, and noticed quite a big...
  9. jinetix

    Looking for a good $800~ budget setup.

    Hello, Head-Fi'ers. I am in need of some advice and recommendations. I've been lurking around the forums for the past couple of days gathering information for my first audiophile headphone purchase. I'm looking to make a purchase online this weekend but I'm undecided on which setup to go with...
  10. HRT Music Streamer II High Resolution USB D/A Converter

    HRT Music Streamer II High Resolution USB D/A Converter

    The Streamer II is a high-performance music interface that allows a computer and a home entertainment system to become perfect partners. The Music Streamer II is a high performance audio interface that allows a computer and home entertainment system to become perfect partners. With is unique...