1. T

    Grado SR325.

    I have early (Black cups & pink cloth) Grado SR325 headphones.   I might think about selling them on, how much do they go for? Sadly, I don't have the box :(   Regards.
  2. zxzzxzzxz92592

    Need an AMP for my Hifiman 603 to drive SR325 and Q701. Recommendations Plz!!!

      Hi all! As I said, I just got a Q701 and a SR325is. I don't think my Hifiman 603 is strong enough to drive any of them. So I gonna need an AMP. Someone said the Black Bird, but it's hard to find and I don't have that much cash. So plz plz pros, give me some options. Thank you soooooooo...
  3. headphonatic

    Should I choose Grado sr225 or sr325?

    I can never make my mind up on a pair of headhones, So I am choosing whether to get the sr225's or 325's, because I have heard there was not much of a difference, I value clarity but need a fun pair of headphones, I'm a student so every penny counts. If there're any other suggestion I will...
  4. jxhyde

    problem with my new grado SR325 on Hifiman HM601

      hello    i have bought a Grado sr325 and the result with my hifiman HM601 is not good : the music appears without good  bass and medium  . If i use the grado with my macbook the result is better.   so i think the hifiman is not really able to drive this Grado ( really it was ok with...
  5. closser

    will cambridge DacMagic drive Grado sr325?

    So I'm very green to nice sound equipment but was lucky enough to have been given a pair of Grado sr325 that a friend no longer uses.  I'm looking into a dac/amp since most of my music is digital and at the moment, my computer isn't connected to my studio monitors (yamaha hs80m + sub) which are...
  6. ivanrocks321

    RARE Black with Gold Lettering Grado SR325 with HP1000 drivers

    I have been on the fence about selling these but I really need to slim down on my collection of grado's and headphones in general, These are in great condition all of the gold lettering on the cups and blocks are nearly all intact, headband is in good shape, and most importantly the drivers...
  7. blackwolf05

    Grado sr325 drivers and grado gimbals

    These drivers belonged to a grado 325 (the original silver version, not the latest one) before they were upgraded to magnum drivers. I will also include the original grado rods and gimbals. The price includes shipping and paypaled as a gift.   I have attached a picture of my magnums and of...
  8. ivanrocks321

    Magnum V2 (Silver SR325 cups) with JMoney V3 *PRICE DROP*

    I have a pair of grado SR325 that have have been installed with the magnum V2 drivers. I also have a black JMoney V3 headband installed, making if nicer looking and helps keep the headphone on your head a bit better (at least for me the wider band really helped for me). No cosmetic damage on...
  9. Twinster

    Grado drivers from SR225 or SR325

    Hello!  I'm looking for 2x Grado driver from SR225 or SR325 of any version to complete my DIY project. Please sent a PM.
  10. pentagram15

    Grado SR325 Problem

    I have Grado SR325. Today while I was listening music, suddenly sound gone. Firstly, I consider this as a my soundcard or player problem but after I connected another headphone to my PC and it sounds OK. Now, I try to understand the problem of my Grado, it is not possible to related with...
  11. daveemac

    Grado SR325 with extra pair of new pads, excellent condition

    A nice pair of 325s in excellent condition.  I'm the second owner, and put <100hrs on them in the 8 or so years I've had them.   Ships with an extra pair of new pads--I bought two pair by accident when I ordered them.   I don't have feedback on Head-Fi, but I have tons of feedback on...
  12. Agent_Moler

    IC: Grado Sr 325i/Corda 2 move

    I'm considering selling my Sr325i goldies  and my corda 2 move. I bought these for head-fiers head about 2 years ago. Both items are in good condition, Grados come with brand new Ear Zonk L cushions (and the original box!). The Grado's right ear piece is also a bit slippery and slides down on...
  13. Pingupenguins

    Sr325 Gold or brushed silver

    Looking to pick up some Gold Sr325's and considering picking up some brushed silver 325's. I'm not interested in chrome or painted 325's.   Thanks!
  14. macfly

    Grado SR-325 (all-black finish; mid-1990s edition)

    I'm selling my mid-90s generation Grado SR-325 headphones. These feature an all-black finish with silver lettering, and were some of the first transitional SR-325 models made as John Grado took over most of the operations from Joe Grado. Mesh is white, with stock SR-325 drivers (not the HP-1000...
  15. Radio_head

    Dynamic Clearout: LCD-3, HE500, HD650, SR325, Amperior, T50P

    Well, it turns out Stax are my drug of choice in this wallet-emptying hobby.  Only seems appropriate to do some fall cleaning.   Pictures on demand (to serious buyers) as I'm listing quite a few headphones here.  Prices include shipping but not 3% paypal (if that is how you're paying.)  ...
  16. clc77

    Grado SR325

    Up for sale is a set of Grado SR325's. They are in good shape and work perfect. They have locking nuts on the rods to keep them from sliding up and down I'll include the allen tool if you want to adjust them or remove them. The box is from an SR60i but I'll include it if you want it. Looking for...
  17. Mr.Sneis

    FS: Grado SR-325 (Classic)

    Have a pair of classic Grado SR-325 in great condition.  These are the older model with lighter cups and lighter cable.  The pads are like-new, but there's a few scratches on the cups and a little of the paint is fading (see pics).  Will come with an sr-60 pizza box.  Asking for $160 which...
  18. pearljamik

    Which headphones should I choose for Pearl Jam: hd600 k550 srh840 or sr325

    Hello. My headphones carrer start with Philips shp5401, Creative Live Aurvana and Superlux HD330. I listen using naim headline (1st version) gear. I would like to reach a new level in listening Pearl Jam music. I consider: 1. Senheiser HD-600 2. AKG K550 3. Grado SR325 4. Shure SRH840...
  19. chuckgopal

    Need help deciding whether to buy a headphone amp | Grado SR325

    Hello!   I'm a bit of a newbie to high-end audio, so please forgive me if my question might be a little basic. I own (and love!) a Grado SR325i. I listen to rock, prog and metal (FLAC) through my desktop computer which has an Asus Xonar Essense ST. It has a built-in headphone amp, and I...
  20. dablues

    Main unamped 'phone for a variety: Beyer DT 880, Grado 225, Grado 325, HiFiMan HE-400, or other?

    Hello all!   It's a pleasure to be a part of such an educated, interesting, and great group of people. I've been lurking for a while, but am so impressed with everyone's expertise, I thought I'd ask questions and interact, for once.   I'm a high-school science teacher, also a soul, jazz...
  21. Lucas7x

    replacement pads for Grado SR325

    I'm ashamed to admit that I have neglected my Grado SR325's for a long time (the HD590 and DT990s have been getting all the love). Anyway, the old bowl pads on the SR325 are crumbling so I need some replacements.  Can someone point me to some replacements that are more comfortable that the...
  22. AzraelDarkangel

    Grado question...

    I've owned the SR60 and SR80/I both many years ago and just last year. Most recently I owned the Beyer DT880 pro 250 ohm. While I think the Grado is an amazing value for the price, very clear and dynamic, listening to the Beyers confirmed some feelings I had about these Grados. Listening to the...
  23. karasuka

    Does any know if the Grado SR325IS cans come in Gold?

    Does anyone know if the Grado SR325IS cans come in Gold, or is it just Silver only? And if so where I can get them from in the San Fran area?
  24. Xcuz

    What beats Sony MDR-1R?

    I've been looking for some headphones around $300 or under and so far these are the best I've found. If there are any other headphones that could beat these for the price please tell me.
  25. Silicons

    Help with headphones for Yulong U100 on a $200 budget?

    Hi, my first post here after lurking around for some time.   Well I managed to impulse purchase a Yulong U100 today.... and now I need your help to figure out what headphones to match it with!   My old AKG K-66 has served its purpose long ago. I prefer uncolored sound with a touch of...