1. fishyee

    For Sale: Grado SR 325is

    For Sale:   Grado SR 325is - They are in excellent condition, no damage, perfect Grado sound. - They have been modded.  Mods - removed the plastic trim, shorten the cable to 4 ft, added a better connector. - They come with the original box. - I will also include a pair of G cushions (see...
  2. Denys

    HiFiMan 400 or Grado 325

    Good morning everyone, We've got stolen in our house and I need to replace a pair of headphone. Originally I owned the Grado 325. The insurance company is allowing me and amount and I am allowed to purchase any pair of headphone up to that amount. If it exceeds, I pay the difference.... Anyway...
  3. theVashtaNerada

    TDK IE800 OR TDK BA200 and Grado SR80 for sale

    TDK IE800 - 70 Shipped Original packaging.  Great condition.  3-4 pairs of tips included TDK BA200 - 90 Shipped Original packaging.  Great condition.  3-4 pairs of tips included. Grado SR80 - 75 Shipped Comfies, Single side entry and detachable cable included.  Original (flatter type)...
  4. traehekat

    Grado SR 325is (adapter and extra set of ear pads included)

    For sale is my pair of Grado SR 325is. I purchased them in February from an authorized dealer and have kept them in absolutely pristine condition. They look brand new and have less than 200 hours of listening on them. These have not been modded in any way, shape, or form. In case it is not clear...
  5. Beavis5000

    Bifrost - overkill for little dot 1+/grado sr325 combo?

    Hi, I currently have a pair of SR325is hooked up to a little dot 1+ running through a calyx coffee... it sounds good for some material but I'm beginning to feel like the details aren't there... I listen exclusively through foobar.   I really wanted to stay away from anything 300+ but I'm...
  6. fleasbaby

    Want To Buy: Grado SR325/Alessandro MS2 (Broken or in working order)

    Hi All,   Looking for a pair of old SR325 or MS2 headphones. All conditions considered (EVEN BROKEN PAIRS WILL DO). Note, I am looking for the old cups, not the new, mushroom-style ones. If you have a pair you want to part with, please drop me a PM.   Thanks.
  7. gradojunkie

    ALESSANDRO MS-1, 2, and pro?

    Hey I've been wondering about alessandro headphones for a while now. Can anyone help me out here? Anything about them, let me know, how they sound, and what are the grado equivilent's? Thanks
  8. djlaz7

    Best open headphone?

    I mainly listen to rock music and would like an open headphone and am not sure what to get... Help! :-) Djlaz7:-)
  9. the new kid 36

    AKG K271 MKII VS GRADO SR 325i

    Does any one know which one is better for a louldish area and is powered by an iBasso D2 + boa OR a Schiit Lyr. I mainly listing to rock and metal. Also i would like to carry them around mainly to school and around town so sound isolation would be key.  
  10. akh666

    SR 325I

    Good evening,   This is my first post so go easy on me please.   Does anyone have an idea how much I should sell my SR325i's for? They are about four years old and have less than a 100 hrs use (long story) and they are the gold 50th edition.   I am from the UK by the way.   Your...
  11. Big Bill

    Minty condition original Grado SR-325 headphones for sale.

    Up for offer are one minty looking pair of the original (non-i series) Grado SR-325 headphones. They will be shipped in a SR-60 Grado BOX as I don't have the original packaging for them. I have done business with other Head-Fiers and can provide references from them or link you to my long term...
  12. Bloodflowerz

    Grado SR325 and Sennheiser HD-25-1 II (70 ohms) UK! Sale or Trade welcome! Great condition!

    Hello all, I am selling my Grado SR325 and Sennheiser HD-25-1 II headphones.   The Grado are the gold ones, without the "i". I believe they were the 50th anniversary edition from 2 years ago. I acquired them early last year and purchased them second hand. They come complete with box and...
  13. Benaiir

    FS/T: Grado SR60 with SR325 drivers

    So I've got SR60's with SR325 drivers...can I prove it? I don't think so. Not unless you're an SR325 expert and can give me some pointers. These sound very much like SR325's to me and sound nothing like what I remember SR60's to be and I'd like to get them out of here since my music doesn't...
  14. Ghaunty22

    FiiO E9 & Grado SR325?

    Hi, I just started taking an interest in headphones & read you need a decent amp for something like the SR325. So would the FiiO E9 be good enough? If not can you please suggest some other amps.I will be listen to my music on the dekstop.thanks.        
  15. Chime Bells

    FS/FT: Grado SR325

    Grado SR325i, gold edition.   Bought earlier this year from a fellow Headfier. Original box is included.   There are signs of wear, but definitely sounds great.   I'd like to trade for a pair of SA5000, K701 or HD650, with compensation from my side if deemed appropriate. Other...
  16. thomaschacon75

    Grado SR 325i - Need Cable Repair (Again)

    I've sent them to Grado twice to have the cables replaced, paying $45 + shipping each time.   When I get them back, they're in pristine condition, but the cables fail shortly thereafter (less than a year). I use them daily, but it's not like I'm a sound engineer, using them 10 hours a day...
  17. KimChee

    Just Sold My LCD-2 Rev 1...Where To Go Now?

    Hey guys,   I'm still on my hunt for the perfect headphone, I just sold my LCD-2.  It was very natural sounding, best mids I've ever heard, great textured bass, but it just wasn't for me.  I'm starting to come to the conclusion that I prefer more of a high-end consumer sound vs a pure...
  18. smm11

    WTB/T: Grado Sr225 or sr325

    Looking to buy an un-modded pair of sr225 or 325's (i model or not). If anyone is selling please let me know. I also have a pair of westone 2's (in very good condition, can send pictures if you want) to trade plus some cash if interested. Also a pair of k601's I would consider trading plus cash...
  19. Nick01

    Grado SR325

    This is the original Grado SR325. They have smaller cup housings than the SR325i & SR325is. Buttons and labels are missing. But they work fine. No box. It has been re-cabled by Grado with the new thicker cable. I got these from this sale thread...
  20. SptsNaz

    IC/FS: Grado SR325 w/ HP1000 drivers and JGSUWBRC

    I think I'm letting go of my rare pair of Grado SR325 headphone with HP1000 drivers and the "Joseph Grado Ultra Wide Bandwidth Reference Cable". I was lucky enough to hit the jack pot and stumble upon a pair of these a few months ago and have enjoyed them a lot since. I've recently sold my...
  21. wesleysneijder

    Grado SR325 (w/HP1000 drivers and JGSUWBRC): Joe or John?

    Having done a meticoluus search in the forum, but it is not yet clear for me:   SR325 (w/HP1000 drivers and JGSUWBRC) are made by Joe or John?   And, had anyone compared this headphones with HP1000?   Thanks   Matteo
  22. wesleysneijder

    Grado SR 325 w/HP1000 drivers

    I'm looking for these rare headphones.   Not interested in versions without HP1000 drivers.   Pm me.   Regards   Matteo
  23. lisztian420

    Grado SR 325i cups

    i got a pair of 325i gold cups for sale. For those who's interested in them for magnum mods, please contact me. I have dropped them before. They are quite tough. I will ship worldwide. Of course, I will update with a photo.
  24. lisztian420

    How much is a brand new Grado headband(rs1&2, sr325!)

    hey guys, I have an extra set of Brand new grado headband with Gimbals and everything. How much do they go for these days?
  25. Chris_Himself

    Educate me on the Grado SR325

    I've always thought these were the prettiest headphones.. I haven't heard them I just know that they're "more" Grado the more you spend heading up to the RS-1... but what is the consensus on these?   I've always disregarded this model due to the bad voodoo but I've recommended it whenever it...