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  4. connah

    Biggest bargain ever!! be quick

    I was looking for some headphones that matched my criteria, The M-Audio Q40 headphones came up nearly everytime, had a look at them a month or two ago but the price was a bit too much.   Just found this £59.99 NEW OMG! I Bought them yesterday and they piss all over my Fischer FA-011 for...
  5. Poet

    Buying Second Pair of Headphones - Advice Sought

    Hello all! I tried posting in different areas and inside the sticky thread but received no advice. So I'm just posting a new thread. These will be the second pair of headphones I've ever bought, never been an audiophile really. First pair were a700's, which are 'alright'.    Most...
  6. White Lotus

    Wood lovers - May I present to you, the new version of the FA-011:

    So I was at Noisy Motel earlier today, and managed to get a few shots (with my phone) of the re-vamped Fischer FA-011. Sorry if it's been covered already, but I thought some of you might like it!   I own a set of FA-011. I didn't A-B them, I'm not sure if anything has changed acoustically or...
  7. cubdog

    Fischer FA-011 vs. FA-003

    I can't find any direct comparisons of these two. I'm surprised that the 011 cost less than the 003 based on the physical appearence. Can anyone tell me how they differ SQ wise. Is either a better deal cost vs performance? Thanks.   cubdog
  8. gikigill

    Fischer launches three new wooden closed headphones. The Con Brio, Con Moto and the Con Fuoco in their Renassance series.

    Just got some info from Bill of Noisy Motel about these headphones.   Expect a review next week if he gets the stock. I was impressed by the FA-011 and hopefully they can be a portable closed version of the same.
  9. jbuuby

    MusicaAcustics Portable Headphone & Gear USA/ Canada Equipment Audition Tour

    MusicaAcustics of Japan will be at 2013 CanJam in Denver October 11-13.   There is an opportunity to audition an array of interesting new Headphone Equipment from around the world at CanJam as well as at your home (USA & Canada only) for any serious headphone enthusiast.   If interested...
  10. gikigill

    Review of the Fischer FA-011 New Edition.

    Picked these headphones from Noisy Motel on the 18th of March and had a good chat with the owner there. As a reflection of the nature of these being hand-made, the first pair had a slight imbalance and it was swapped on the spot as the headphones were opened while I was there. The next pair...
  11. J&J

    Desert Island Headphone Amp combo

    Just for fun and to learn what other headfiers would choose I am asking if you had to choose 3 headphones and three HP Amps  to listen to if you were stranded on a desert Island ( with an electric grid) what would you select from only your current or past inventory in other words no fantasy...
  12. GossipGoat

    Replacing V-Moda M100s. What to buy?

    Hi   My V-Moda M100s broke a week ago :C and yes I am very shattered! I loved the sound signature, the look and especially the durability!   I will eventually rebuy another pair of them however I wanna try a different pair of headphones first   I mainly listen to hip-hop, rock and metal ...
  13. escobar090

    FIscher Audio FA011 Question

    Hello everyone!     Yesterday i bought my first pair of headphones the Fischer Audio FA011. I read the thread here on headfi about it and got to the part where some people said there were some bad batches of these. I would like you to tell me if you can recognize the version of the headphone...
  14. cdawall

    Fischer Audio round up FA-002W HE, FA-003, FA-011 and Jubilate's

    Well the bug bit me and I have been a bit of a Fischer guy since I first laid eyes on the FA-002W's a couple of years ago. Luckily this deployment I had the ability to pick up a set of those and after that I decided to grab some of their other sets as well.   A little about me, I am...
  15. Loquah

    Fischer Audio FA-011 Limited Edition owners and appreciation thread

    Hi all, I've setup this thread to share some discussions and impressions about the amazing new limited edition of the FA-011 headphones. As a new owner, I'm excited to chat with some of the 39 other people who may also buy this great headphone. I've created an entry in the products area and hope...
  16. kidcharlemagne

    FS- Various things

    FA011- Sold Koss Portapro - Sold Audio Technica ATH-M50 - Sold Earsonics SM1 - Sold   If you have any questions or concerns feel free to drop me a PM anytime
  17. gikigill

    Fischer FA-011 Version 2 for sale alongwith FA-006 for extra $50.Both in mint condition.

    I am selling these FA-011 in mint due to ordering the Limited Edition version of these. They have been pampered well, not a scratch.   The FA-006 are new and have had less than an hour of usage and will be offered for $50 extra.NOT SOLD SEPARATELY.   They both come with their respective...
  18. rsgladwin85


  19. patthebaker17

    FT: Fischer Audio FA-011 Trade for Ultrasone 580

    I have a pair of Fischer Audio Fa-011. Black wood with a straight cable. Looking to trade for ultrasone 580. In mint condition, no scratches. Pm if you want pictures. Open to trades, don't be afraid to shoot me an offer CONUS 
  20. ilikepooters

    Fischer FA-011

    Fischer FA-011 in decent condition.   Doesn't have the box or extension cable, were like this when i bought them.   The foam discs inside the cups have been glued into place because the cut-out circle wasn't level, looks a lot neater now.   Selling because they don't seem to pair...
  21. AyeVeeN

    FA-011 Original Coiled Version FS/T

    Headphone is about 1.5 years old, second owner, light use after the ownership was transferred. First owner used for approx 30 hours within a 3.5 month time frame and I've put in probably another max 15 hours in a year due to comfort issues. First owner can be seen in my feedback (first...
  22. trojan2900

    Fischer Audio FA-011 headphones SOLD

    I had a shoot out between these and some Grado SR225's, and the Grado's won barely. The FA-011 have more bass than the SR225, but I'm very picky about that end of the spectrum. If it ain't just right, I'm not a happy camper.   These are great cans however, and they are in excellent...
  23. KetchupNinja

    Fischer Audio Fa-011, Free Shipping to US - SOLD-

    Up for sale are a set of near mint Fischer Audio Fa-011's.  I am the second owner of these, they were purchased from a fellow head-fier on 01/30/13.  Here is a link to the original listing:   Since then, I've put about 20-30 hours on...
  24. GaryPham

    *PRICE DROP* Fischer Audio FA-011

    I have a pair of used but very good condition Fischer Audio FA-011.  It is the black/wood cups version with coiled cord and comes with extension cord and original box).  I have removed the original spongy filter over the drivers and replaced them with a layer of thin felt (doesn't change the...
  25. LFF

    FA-011 Review (Also posted in main headphones forum)

      FISCHER AUDIO FA-011       Fischer Audio is at it again! Before you discount these headphones as another Fischer Audio plot, please allow me to explain why you might absolutely love them. Be prepared…it’s a long review as I truly want to explain the sound on these as best as I...