1. E

    Headphone measuring help.

    Hi, I'm pretty interested about headphones and their manufacturing. I'm kinda new so bear with me, but is there any cheap way to make a headphone measurement rig for testing drivers and diy headphones? I've already found an alright measurement microphone but nothing else. The mic I've found was...
  2. B

    Saga Preamp and Solid State Amp users

    I've had a really great experience using my Schiit Saga Preamp with my Adcom 5800 power amp (Nelson Pass design 250 watts/channel into 8 ohms, and over 400 watts/channel into 4 ohms) I bought another Saga Preamp and will be using that one with my Acurus a250 power amp soon. I also prefer the...
  3. A

    Wire tore inside headband that connects to right ear cup. Need help on how to fix

    The wire is still connected to the inside components of the ear cup so I don't have to take that apart to solder them and the other end of the wire is still in the headband but i was able to get some slack of it. How can I lengthen them? Is there a way to buy copper wire that fits and I can...
  4. 2

    RE: DIY iPod Mod

    Hello Head-fi. New member here and not an avid user of forums as will become painfully apparent. Yes, I'll be requiring moderator approval for this post as I certainly don't know where to put it! I am at heart an amateur audiophile. I suppose with the help of this community I could share...
  5. HiGHFLYiN9

    Portable Headphone Amp Kit with Korg NuTube

    Flash back to mid-2017 and you may remember the super cool "NuHybrid" Headphone Amp that Pete Millett designed around the Korg NuTube. If you're not already familiar with the NuTube, the current model is called the 6P1, which is a thoroughly-modern, dual, very low power, directly-heated triode...
  6. balaste

    Looking for the "best" DIY DAC

    Hi Guys, I already possess a AMB Gamma 1 and an Objective 2 with ODAC. I wanted to know if there is something new and better for approx $200-300 ? My goal is to connect it to an Atoll IN100SE (big 100W amp) and then to Linn Sara Speakers. BTW, if you have something already built that you...
  7. Henery

    (WIP) Open source DIY over ear headphone

    Hello. This an open source full-size over ear headphone. It´s still in early stage. Design was done in Inventor 2018 and i will later upload stl files here available for everyone. Design is going to be as modular as possible and most of the parts are going to be 3d printed. Baffle is shaped...
  8. Viber

    Finished (?) my 1st DIY HEADPHONES (code name: Red Emotion 01)

    I'm not sure anyone on head-fi cares, but here goes... I always had this dream to build my own headphones, this project was about experimenting and learning about headphones using cheap drivers and materials.:slight_smile: 1. Everything starts with a 50mm driver (3.5$/pair:sunglasses:) *dont...
  9. Rennokas

    Help me troubleshoot Dac/Amp problem!

    Hi fellows ! I have a problem with my usb headphone amp/dac (one unit). It is the Alo Audio Island which single ended and balanced headphone outputs. I am using Win 10 generic USB drivers as there is no win 10 drivers. (Alo Audio does not support its products after release). What happens is...
  10. phrancini

    phrankenbuild: a DIY HD330 mod [Image-Heavy]

    Hi everyone! This is the first thread I create and I'd like to both show you and get some advice for, the mod I'm currently working on. Brace yourselves, it's going to be be a long journey. A little background story first, I'm chifi lover but I also love the design of the Beyerdynamic lineup...
  11. cskippy

    Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

    Over a year ago, @Garuspik started a thread in the DIY section with an ambitious project to develop a planar magnetic headphone with the largest diaphragm ever made. He posted all of his progress including fun raw videos showing the first time the driver made sound, even before it was placed in...
  12. Toneking T4

    Toneking T4

    The T4 can be purchased from various stores on aliexpress for around 145.00-206.00. The T4 are a quad BA arrangement, with the Knowles 30265 composite (dual) handling the bass and mids, and the 30017 knowles composite (dual) BA handling the treble. At unboxing, you would receive an 8 core...
  13. P

    Love first Open-Back Headphone

    Hello guys I've been really impressed with my first Open-Back Headphones (ATH-AD700X). I am in no way an audiophile, but have been lurking the forums and specifically bought these headphones for gaming use only. Now I want to step outside with them but the cables are super long unfortunately ...
  14. 308med

    [FS] AMB M^3 Desktop Amp (M3)

    For sale is an AMB M3, originally built and purchased from this dude:³.595646/ Amp is in pristine condition aside from photogenic dust. It sounds as good as it did when I first got it. Check out the above thread for info as I don't science or engineer. I'm...
  15. K.Gabor

    AV calibration microphone as measurement kit

    Hello all! First off, i'm a new member on this forum and in the hi-fi world as well, so I'm sorry if this may sound like a silly question. So I started making my own headphone from scratch, but I had to realise that it don't sound the way I would like it to. I came to the conclusion that I...
  16. noknok23

    [WTB] 3.5mm interconnect cable

    Hello I'm looking for a very short, rock solid 3.5mm cable interconnect for my stack DAP+amp, if any DIYer based in Western Europe see this.. please PM :)
  17. legopart

    diy wooden headphones

    First of all I was skeptical if its possible to make something like headphones at home. So I resided to use the most cheap part with no professional measuring . The driver is 32ohm no named. The sound not quality as much but it has a good coloring from the wood with little bit echo. The headband...
  18. RenZixx

    Brainwavz HM9 Bass and Clamp Mod

    Hi there fellow headfiers, let me start of by saying that i own an OEM of the brainwavz hm9 the Reloop RHP-30 and if your gonna ask me where i got the Reloops well i got them from the palm expo at the Reloop showcase thingy in Mumbai. So back to the mod CLAMP MOD: So many people say that if...
  19. InsanityOne

    Advice Wanted: Audio Alchemy DAC Damaged?

    Hello Everyone, Pre-face: I have VERY limited knowledge about electronic internals / why things break. I am seeking advice with how to go about getting my Audio Alchemy DDP-1's power supply repaired as it is out of warranty and I cannot operate the DAC without it (plus I love this DAC and...
  20. Luxifer

    Bottlehead Mainline FS/Trade for Cavalli Tube Hybrid

    Sounds fantastic, my favorite sub-$2k tube amp. No functional issues. Ready for all the listening or modding that you want to do. I am aiming to downsize my collection, and will consider a sale of this amp, or a trade for a CTH (or similar amp) plus cash. Please let me know if you have any...
  21. T

    First Time Custom IEM Cable Help

    Hi all, I'm just after a few things - since you're the experts, I figured this was the best place to go. I have a set of Shure SE425s currently, though I will be upgrading at a later point, (to something else utilising mmcx connectors), but I would like to make myself a custom braided (and...
  22. CardinalBlood

    WTB: Franken-player/DAC

    I find headphones and IEMs to be visual art as well as audio art. I extend that to what plays the music. I'm hoping to find something from a DYIer who wants to build something new. I'm going for an inexpensive set up with a primativist, kit-bash aesthetic for my office. looking for a...
  23. Rennokas

    Neotech NES-3004 Mk2 speaker cable DIY recommendations

    Hi I want to build speaker cables out of Neotech NES-3004 mk2 wire. I will use Furutech FP-201G spades on it. Should I go for cable splitter or with cable pants ? Which ones to use ? R.
  24. wormsdriver

    Grado leather headband!

    I'm selling a leather headband for Grado style cans. This came off my PS1000 and I don't need it anymore. Price is $25 and includes Conus shipping and PayPal fees.
  25. wormsdriver

    Custom Grado Wooden sleeves Price drop!

    For sale is a pair of mahogany wood sleeves for Grado style cans. Gently used, in good condition. This is a great opportunity to upgrade your stock Grado cans or aftermarket builds. I personally love how the sr series cans looks like with wooden sleeves in them, looks killer! Price includes...