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Build a new pair of headphones?

  1. Vilfred
    Hi I'm in the unfortunate situation that my expensive pair of headphones are broken. But Im almost 100 procent sure that the drivers still works.

    Is it possible to buy a 50mm inclosure I can put them.
  2. Cruelhand Luke
    dude, you need to provide a million percent more info.
    What are the headphones, in what way did they break etc etc
  3. blackdragon87
    Yes more information needed
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    OK...so what happened? The headband snapped or something?

    Not really. If the problem with speakers is the T/S parameters, as much as this isn't a problem if you just have a lot of freeair headphone drivers, the thing is these aren't widely available as DIY options unlike speaker drivers.

    You can make them yourself without getting into a lot of math. Make some driver housings reminiscentof Grado designs if you have all the power tools for working with wood, or a CNC machine and mill it out of aluminum, taking into account how to mount your chosen earpads (you can pretty much just narrow it down to those that have a sleeve lip border that a thin metal sheet on the edge of the earpads slip into). Then salvage a headbang from an SR60 and mount gimbals that can hold those drivers.
  5. Vilfred
    the left side of the headphone holding the left Earcup snapped
  6. Mhog55
    I've often wondered this myself. Well kind of anyways. If I have a can and the band snaps, earcup falls apart, etc, can I re-purpous those drivers into another headphone? Not necessarily me per say, but are there persons or shops that do this? I've often wondered what some drivers would sound like in a different cup.
  7. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    It depends on what headphones you have.

    If it's a Grado or an upper tier Sennheiser among other brands you're better off ordering the replacement parts.

    If you have wood working tools or a CNC machine then follow a Grado custom cup mod tutorial and then apply that to whatever driver and headband you have, make a new driver housing that fits into the gimbals or make new gimbals, and mount that onto whatever headband.
  8. Cruelhand Luke
    It's the LEFT side that is the problem man, aren't you paying attention? The OP has given you all the info you need, now please stop fiddle faddling around and provide the answer. :wink:
    Seriously....it's hard to answer a question with this little information...I mean, we still don't even know what kind of headphones, merely 'left side broke' ....
  9. castleofargh Contributor
    as always, Dr Stone is right.

    @Vilfred ,if you want some BS answer to reassure yourself, here we go: "yes go ahead it will work!".
    but if you're looking for actual information, start by actually providing a lot yourself so we can have a clue about the situation and perhaps offer a diagnosis that's not a random guess.
    model, maybe pictures, have you or can you take the driver out, etc. pretty much anything you know that might help understand the situation.
    ProtegeManiac likes this.
  10. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    We also don't have absolute confirmation that the drivers do work...so that narrows it down to either one side (left) entry cable or wireless.

    Really narrows that down now.

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