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Nov 7, 2013
Good day dear sir/madam! I barely hope You to help me obtain any theoretical “How to” information about headphones DIY and hints to constructing it in general. Any useful links will be appreciated. In a first step to build my own headphones I've tried to find this kind of information, but failed. Just realized that search systems via Google Search etc. can't understand me or I, more likely, asking wrong questions so get wrong answers. In result it was funded bunch of video about how to construct simple yet working headphones or forum threads about modding already existed models that I can't/won't effort in any case. Will be read those forum threads because it is at least some grain of needed information, but hope also for Your help. I'm in state where I know “What?”, but yet don't know “How?”. Like a character of John Travolta in that meme from “Pulp fiction”.
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BTW! I can simply put together things to obtain a simple working headphones, but don't know any constructing tricks to make sound at least okay and I in need to figure exactly that tricks. This isn't joke by any means. I wonder if it needed to isolate sound from back to front of driver, how to change frequency spectra graph (??? "амплитудно-частотная характеристика"/"АЧХ" on russian, but NO I'm not from RF, but YES I'm from post USSR country) by construction of cups etc.

English isn't my first language so I apologize about manner and grammatical with that text was written and yet wish it shall entertain You and so help be more motivated. Waiting for Your answers with patience!
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