Crossover Circuits and Driver Installation
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Dec 14, 2018
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I've been reading up on a lot of IEM making, tech and manufacturing involved in the process. I got myself a general clue as to what to include, how to put it together, what materials / shape to use, how the canals and delivery impact final sound but there's one thing I haven't found anything about. No resources, no information, absolutely nothing.
Maybe I've been looking in the wrong places but apart from the basic concept and from very specific crossover circuit designs concerning especially speakers I haven't found anything related as to how the drivers output in IEMs are put together.
I've looked at a lot of speakers stuff so I know my basics but the size of the circuits in IEMs kind of makes me a bit worried about construction and putting it together so to say. I know I have to place the capacitors to control impedance to essentially tell the drivers to cover the sound range I want them to but that general idea is not enough to make DIY IEMs that satisfy my standards and especially not to get commercial.

To get back to my question, do any of you know of resources I can use, of some method or guide which is tried and which could help me with IEM construction concerning especially but not being limited to crossover circuits and to dumb it down as I've said "telling the drivers what to do"?
I've found very little so mostly datasheets, documents and patents and none of them were that insightful to a layman such as myself.

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