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MMCX Pin Layout

  1. TronII
    I'm currently making my own headphones and am thinking of using MMCX connectors for removable cables; however, every MMCX female connector I can find has three or four pins, and the drivers I'm using have two wires. Is there a way to connect the drivers to them, or should I use two pin connectors instead? If the latter, where can I find two pin female connectors?
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    What kind of MMCX has more than 2 contacts? If it has, it is not a MMCX.

    MMCX has a coaxial design, ground on the outside (socket) and hot on the center pin.
  3. ThanosD
    The 2 red ones are mmcx too, but with 4 legs. Essentially, the 4 outer ones are the same pin, as they are attached to the shell of the connector. ClieOS is right, the shell will be ground (all 4 legs) and the center will be hot
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  4. TronII
    Thank you, I didn't think about how coaxial wires worked. How would I connect the two driver wires to three or four legs, though?
  5. ThanosD
    You don't need to connect a wire to all legs. Solder the ground at one of the outer legs, and the hot at the inner. What headphones are you modding?
  6. TronII
    I'm making my own headphones, but borrowing the drivers from a broken pair of CB-1s I have
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