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Moon Harvester. DIY premium earbuds maker Has many different sound under his belt. Waxing quarter is one of his very different but awesome sounds that's he has created. https://www.facebook.com/MoonbudsOfficial/

Moonbuds Waxing Quater


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  1. Shotgunsingh
    Moonbuds Waxing Quater
    Written by Shotgunsingh
    Published Mar 3, 2019
    Pros - Balanced bass
    Clean sound
    Brilliant imaging
    Cons - Hard to drive on a phone or basic DAP
    Moonbuds - Waxing Quarter by Moon Harvester.

    Best pairing for my Moonbuds Waxing Quarter.
    Fiio M6 > Fiio Q1 MK2> buds.

    Song : Maan ki Lagan
    Album Paap.

    Song : Sanam re
    Album : Sanam re

    Song : wish
    Artist : NIN

    Song : cat thruster
    Artist : Deadmau5
    Not as enjoyable as in IEMs but brilliant imaging.

    Unboxing ---:

    There is no standard unboxing as these are custom made earbuds.

    But packaging is very beautiful.
    Comes in a faux leather case. Very good premium feel.
    The wires and plug are very premium and connection feels industry standard.

    Overall as you can see in pictures for reference, you will feel premium through out the unpacking process.

    Lots of foam provided inside the package for you to choose from.

    I chose one full foam and one doughnut foam
    Provides better isolation and fit when inserted in ears.

    Now for the sound review.


    Balanced bass and sub bass. Neutral you can say.

    Controlled bass response. There is no punch as you get in WillSound MK2. But the nature of the bass in waxing quarter is very unique. Controlled yet present.

    Specially in songs that have heavy bass will not be enjoyable. But in songs that have neutral bass will be very enjoyable.

    Mids: ------

    Also balanced and neutral.

    Very very enjoyable.

    Special vocals focused songs are sounding so brilliant.
    Nicely extended. Warm in nature these buds sound full sized even in lower volume.

    Sound stage and imaging :--------

    This is the main punch of the moonbuds line up.

    The imaging is just brilliant. Every tiny details is so clear so sharp that you can identify everything even in a industrial rock track the clarity is brilliant

    In song 'wish by NIN' the distortion was how do i say. It was just beautiful. Yes even a industrial and acid rock track.

    Let alone jazz and country rock sound rich and engaging.

    As i said very full sounding buds.

    Sound stage is not very wide but similar to willsound mk2

    Highs :------

    Slightly rolled off.

    Highs have a nice presentation hear. Slightly rolled off but nicely extended. Very good for male vocals and even deep female vocals.

    Not sparkling at all. Can go up to 5-7 hrs of listening sessions. Always relaxing.

    Experience :-------

    When i received the buds, there was texture to bass and treble. With the burn in process the texture disappeared and everything became super smooth.

    Approx burn in 100 hrs.

    Inference :------

    If you are bass lover please don't buy

    I like bass. But these have presentation of bass that is very unique. Nice experience.

    If you love mids and vocals these are very good option that can also give decent bass to your music.

    If you are a Person who likes bright buds. Steer clear.

    If you are a person who loves buds or IEMs that have brilliant resolution. Please buy this. You won't regert.

    Conclusion :-----

    For 140$ plus shipping
    These are very enjoyable and worth the money.

    To buy
    Please contact

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    Head-Fi page

    #moonbuds #earbudsanonymous #earbuds #music #audiophile


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