1. MS3boostin

    Android LOD

    Hello, I have a question regarding portable android devices and headphones amps/DACs.   Everywhere I read I see people stressing the importance purchasing an LOD to bypass the iPhone/iPod onboard amp/DAC. For example, I have an iPod and an e7. I use the LOD between the two so the e7 receives...
  2. Neithan

    Sony Sound (Is it better than Apple's?)

    So my iPod Touch (1st gen) is starting give up on me... Crashes, the battery life as decreased a lot so I'm thinking about getting a new player.   I LOVE the iPod Touch interface but i don't think the sound is very very good... I'ts better since i got the HJE-900 but even so I think the...
  3. Albinoni

    Need help with Sony MZ1

    I have a Sony MZ1 Mini Disc Pro recorder with all the bells and whistles. Well what I trying to do is to transfer songs from a CD to the MZ1 via my Toshiba Laptop which also has an Optical Out port on it.  The port does work as I get a small optical red light on the other end.   My problem...
  4. Nod2mybeats

    HM-601 + SanDisk 32gb SDHC

    Is anyone using this combo? What kinds of combos are you guys using? I just got my sd card today and I can't get the 601 to read it. It's a class 4 card and it shows up in all three of my personal computers, but my 601 just says "No file!" It's loaded with 10.1gb worth of level 8 flacs. I've...
  5. shrimants

    Nexus One frequency response: iffy to say the least

    According to the tests, So yeah, iphone 3gs=rather good frequency response (I'm ignoring the >20khz spectrum because I can only hear up to 18khz, unless thats my computer's crappy sound card failing on me) It fills me with sadness that I wont be able to raise 4-5 grand for my super epic PC...
  6. High_Q

    Cell phones and noise

    I think everybody has experience sudden cellphone frequencies interfering with their audio equipment at time when cellphone is connecting to the cell towers.   The interence is obvious at those times, but when there is no surge of radio signal communicating, does the music play on the get...
  7. smeb87

    Please help; having a hard time deciding.

    I'm sorry to bother you guys with questions like this, I'm sure you get them all the time, it's just that I really can't decide what to get. I'm looking into buying an mp3 player with really good sound quality, but I can't afford anything like a Hifiman or anything of that sort. So I...
  8. Kasper

    Anybody modded the iaudio 7?

    Dropped my iaudio 7 one time too many a coupple of months ago. Suspecting the only problem to be that the outside power knob had disconnected from the electrical one. After having ruined two screw drivers trying to open it up i ordered a new iaudio 9 that works to my pleasing.   Beeing home...
  9. High_Q

    Kenwood mp3 player in the US

    Where can I purchase them?  Any stores in the US?
  10. skoog5600

    What's better the Cowon J3 or X7?

    For music mostly, what has better sound the X7 or J3?   And what amps do you guys use if any?   Thanks in advance.  
  11. bendead

    Need new setup

    Hi guy I would like to change my Ipod 5G the EQ is horrible, and it's just way too big and heavy with a penguin peppermint amp I will go to Bangkok soon, but i don't know what will give me the best sound quality with FLAC or M4A and Westone 3/4 : - Cowon S9 + amp - Iphone 4 + LOD + Amp...
  12. Miklos

    Best small, 16GB or higher mp3 player for less than $200?

    Hello all:  I have not used a portable audio device for a while. Now it is time to restart.   What would be your recommendation for a nice unit below $200?   I do not need video or pictures, just pure, good sound (ideally with absolutely no  hiss and no need to EQ).   Any suggestion...
  13. GerGa

    Need a player for car..

    Hello,       I am currently searching for the right MP3 player for me. I have Sansa fuze with lineout connector, but it doesn't meet my needs(only has gapless with rockbox, but then lineout is disabled with rockbox). Its time for an upgrade. I primarily use my mp3 player for playing music in...
  14. schneller

    Which DAP manufacturer offers the best SQ in the following price brackets?

    Please name the DAP manufacturer (Sony, Apple, Cowon, Sansa, FiiO, etc.) that offers the best SQ (in your opinion) in the following price brackets.   Thanks.     $0-$50: ??? $51-$100: ??? $101-$150: ??? $151-$250: ??? $251-$400: ??? $400+: ???    
  15. dudzy

    I need details on headphone amps

    I will most likely buy the m50's and idk if they need an amp or not but I kind of want to learn about amp. Do they always have to be plugged into the headphones? Also, do they really help that much and lastly are they worth the money (not sure of their price). Thanks, im new to this stuff.
  16. itobito

    Headphone with integrated mp3 player and remote control without cable

    Hi all,   I´m looking for a headphone, with integrated mp3 player. that meen without cable.   I know that exist many headphone like this, but it will be perfect if this headphone would have a remote control without cable and monitore like the remote control from the iriver h120.  ...
  17. Murre

    Headphones pricerange 100-200dollar

    Hi,   I am quite a newbie regarding headphones, I'm checking on headphones my budget isen't really strict if something would come up for a bit more pricy and i really would get interested in them i would prob buy them any way but I mainly look for headphones for that range.   Anyway I...
  18. WhiteCrow

    Will a sansa Clip power the AKG k240?

    Well, My mom just totally had a fit listing to my k500, she started crying and stuff....was mind blowing, so I wanted to get some K240's for her birthday, she dose not have a computer so I wanted get her an Mp3 player to use with them, would a sansaclip power them or should I get a sonywalkman*I...
  19. whoelse

    Does MP3 benefit from burn-in?

    If yes, if I burn-in without plugging in a earphone does it make a different?
  20. oddity

    Review: nook Color, a pleasant surprise.

    [New to reviewing, please be gentle! ]   When I received a nook Color as a christmas present this year I was expecting to get a great e-reader with some tablet-PC-like benefits. What I was not expecting was that I would get a good portable media player and great internet radio, too!  ...
  21. Voohoo

    Faulty bass boost in my FiiO E7?

    I usually just have my E7 docked on my E9 so the bass boost functionality has been un-abused thus far. Earlier today I decided to use the E7 by itself and wanted to boost some bass on my hip-hop music. And what did I get? Distortion. And I was only on level 1. Levels 2 and 3 sounded absolutely...
  22. GarageBoy

    What case do you guys use to carry your IEMs and your mp3 player?

    Just curious what you guys use to store your IEMs and source between sessions. The stock tin can that the UE3s come with suck (bends the cord in weird angles to fit)
  23. gregoire

    Is it worth upgrading from HD590 to HD600 for electronic music from mp3 source?

    I need your help, i'm in a quandary. Here's the background, i hope you can help.   I have been using a set of standard HD590s for almost a decade. I love the sound, but am attracted to the idea of a better sounding set of HD600s, possibly with a fancy cable. 80% of what i listen to is...
  24. LFC_SL

    Long Haul Flight

    I have some long haul flights in a few weeks with stopovers in the middle, as if the flights are not long enough in the first place... Done a search but think it will be useful to collate specific opinions   Two main criteria: (1) Small size (2) Battery life of 24 hours +    ...
  25. SSJChar

    $200 and $300 to spend on a portable setup, what would you do?

    Hey all.  This is my first post here, and I'm totally new to audio devices and such, though I'm thinking of getting into it.  Right now I'm just looking at options for a portable setup so mp3 player and iems, and amp maybe?  I don't really have much to spend, and was wondering what route you...