1. TinySquareBox

    Looking for a high-capacity DAP.

    Currently looking at the Cowon X7. Are there any other high capacity DAPs out there?(No Ipods please) Flac support would be a plus but not really necessary for me. Also, will the X7 be able to drive the Westone 4 close to its max potential without an amp?
  2. Windsong

    Sansa Fuze vs Cowon iAudio 9

    Which has better sound quality? Thats all i want to know
  3. thrazz

    NWZ-S755 alternatives?

    Hi,   My old NWZ-S639F has been acting crazy for a couple of weeks now (it turns on and off constantly when not playing anything, which drains the battery), so I'm in need of a replacement. I've been quite happy with it, so I'm looking to buy something similar and the NWZ-s755 seems the...
  4. Bassheadd

    Why do 99.9% of ipod users use the apple buds?

    Ive never been able to figure this out. Ive thought About it and this is what i think. 1) i see lots of ppl who like to be seen with their apple earbuds, cause they probablythink the ipod is a high end producy and want to make it visible to others that they have one. 2) theyre dellusional and...
  5. Windsong

    Best MP3 Player for me

    SQ is my number one requirement. I want it $200 or less. Expandable memory and a good EQ could be a deal breaker, and it needs to be able to have flac support. I'm looking at the cowon s9, iaudio 9, and the sansa fuze/clip. Any others that have better sound quality than the ones i named in that...
  6. DeadP1xels

    HippoBox+ used with a second amp???

    First of all   Hello Head-Fi!! Long time lurker first time poster i've gotten into portable audio from head-fi and started of with a generic 2gb mp3 with stock headphones   Heres the stuff i use its nothing special but its a start   Sources: Zen X-fi 10gb (8+2) , Htc Wildfire...
  7. Michael172

    FiiO E5 - Will it power 250ohm Cans?

    Hi all.   Ive been asked by a friend to reccomend him some good cans. His initial choice were the Dre Beats, but I said save yourself some ££ and get some Beyer DT770's.   His taste lies with Rap, D&B etc.   He listens to music through an iBoard or whatever it is, and an mp3 player...
  8. TranceFan

    Low-end IEMs under $30 for Electronica and Trance music!

      Hello! I came to this site some time back for assistance in finding a set of closed cans, and I’m still grateful for the plethora of good advice given to me. I’m hoping I can, once again, rely on you trusty Head-Fi’ers to give me some words of wisdom on some IEM’s I’m looking for!  ...
  9. Tommy311

    The tale of Sennheiser MX880 (with no happy ending)

    I'm going to tell you a tale full of twists and turns. It's going to be a long story, so be patient and read it to the end. If you can' t read, go somewhere else. You have been warned... Once upon a time, where the e-shops were affordable, and good headphones hard to get, lived a kid. He loved...


    Hi guys ,just talked to TTVJ and i told him i have a sony mp3player nwzs544 along with my sony mdrex1000s iem .to tell you the truth i really do love the sound of this mp3 with my ex1000s. btw this is my first mp3 player and my first and hopefully last iems sony ex1000s .my wife almost KILLED me...
  11. Tardisk

    Question about hardware in general (Which has certainly been answered before)

    Hi there! This is my first post here.    I consider myself to have a pretty good ear. Im not including why, for fear of sounding terribly conceited :D   My question is about DACs. I'm guessing that, as per the name, a DAC takes an audio file and turns it into analog waves that can be...
  12. Koorosh

    ER-4P to S Converter for cheap

    Hi again,             I've searched through the archives but I still couldn't find what I'm after. I take it there are cheaper versions of the Etymotic product but I don't know where to look or what to type as a search in Google. The official cable seems very expensive! Thanks again.
  13. WhiteCrow

    HD 25 1-II ripping up my mp3 players?

    Well I got the HD25's a few months ago and now two MP3 players have the same problem. The sound cuts out*Ipod is left ear sansa clip is right ear*, I do not believe it is the cable and it does not happen all of the time. I have tried the Ipod with various other headphones and that confirmed it...
  14. i2ehan

    Hands Free Headset w/ Microphone

    Since my smartphone (HTC G2) is also my primary MP3 player, I'm looking for a headset with mic, much like the shure push to hear (PTH) which has been discontinued, that's compatible with any earphones. Anyone know of any good options?
  15. Gintoki

    Looking to buy headphones for anthem/epic trance.

    So there's nothing I enjoy more than music and decided I should look into a pair. I'm a noob as far as headphones go, I've only used **** quality junkers thus far and really can't do much to describe what I want. Anyway, I don't want to go over 160$ if possible. Though I would like some...
  16. Tdeloach

    MP3 Over the ear Headphone combo

    I am an idiot regarding audio. But I hate "wires". I want a good quality over the ear headphone/MP-3 combined. It can be MP-3 or device using flash memory. Where can I get such device?
  17. a3ds

    Kind of a noob question, can you use Sennheiser HD 203 on a portable device?

     I have a Sony Ericsson Elm, the headphones delivered with the phone are crap. I want to upgrade with hd 203, I would like to know if these headphones can be driven full throttle by a portable device, do I need to go for "streetwear" like the px series for best results? I would like an answer as...
  18. Great Sound

    HD518 on mp3 player

    Itm my birstday 24 april and i am sure what to get,a sennheiser HD 518 But do i need to have something like a portable amp for this or can i run it from pretty much any MP3 player/PC?  
  19. Ashy

    Where can I get the Koss Portapros for a reasonable price in Australia?

    I'm curious about some headphones to use while riding my bike and I don't like earbuds.   On ebay the portapros are $50 in the US but they are $100 in Australia.  On they are $134.   Are they for sale anywhere in Australia for a reasonable price?
  20. shilent

    Cowon S9, is there something smaller?

    I'm looking for a portable audio player and I'm liking everything I read about the S9.  Is there anything like the S9 but smaller?  I'm mainly looking for sound quality and easy to navigate songs (touchscreen).  I do not need video.  I tried the new Nano and something like that would be nice...
  21. Chris Haigh

    Where is my "bottelneck"

    Hello, I know very little about sound quality really, but more than your average person off the street. I have been through a couple of what I call MP3 players and various headphones and earphones. I started off with a cell phone and some crappy nokia earphones, thinking "wow I love listening to...
  22. RPGWiZaRD

    Concidering getting a ZTE Blade - any experiences?

    I've been looking at a new phone and portable music gear and I'd probably want two-in-one solution but iPhone is too expensive for my liking, I've also concidered for example Cowon i9 mp3 player and keep this phone a bit longer but I don't listen to music on the go too much to be worth it I...
  23. chelboed

    Why is creating a playlist for a Rbox'd Clip+ so difficult?

    I really don't get it??? Why can't I just create my playlist on WMP and drag it to my player?   Who the crap has time to type out file paths for a freakin' buttload of songs just for a playlist?     I still don't know how to do it and I've read the rockbox manual that was useless.  ...
  24. yepimonfire

    is there a balance control on sansa fuze+?

    just what the title says
  25. henrylee

    No 120gb+ mp3 players compatible with mac other than ipod?

    Hi im wanting to buy a mp3 player ,well anything thats not a ipod and have better sq and compatible with a mac.   Product i looked at so far... Zune 120 ,not compatible with mac cowon x7 ,compatiblity issues it bricks mac     anything else i missed?