1. stevenich

    Colorfly CK4 first review

    Hi Guys,   This is my first review so be easy:)   I just received a CK4 from Delivery and price was awesome!! Dimitri was great to deal with.   I will keep this very simple.   The Good:   -This unit offers the highest quality sound I have heard from a...
  2. TacticalPenguin

    Recommend a small cheap flash DAP?

    Been out of the audio scene for a while for various reasons but am heading off to college at the end of august and figure I'll have a fair bit of studying time to sit around disconnected from the outside world. I had a little 8GB Sansa Clip in the past and I liked its SQ and capacity (and price...
  3. Peteeee

    Album art not showing up on Sony NWZ-A845

    Can someone help me find a way to get the Album arts to show up on some of my songs. The spotify downloads work but any I have put on the computer from a CD don't work. I had a look around and someone suggested MP3Tag but I don't understand how it works. I was...
  4. dirkpitt

    Senn HD 558 imedance range

    Hi all, I have been reading the forum for several days now - contemplating different debates and discussions.    I have a set of Sennheiser 558's which I enjoy because I get fatigue pretty quickly listening to music. I run them at very very low volume on home PC, work laptop and ipod touch...
  5. Couch Potato

    hissing noise IEM?

    when i plug my ath ck10 into a turned on samsung mp3 player (without playing a music) a noticebly small hissing noise occurs, but when i plug my ck10 into my iphone there are no hissing noise.   does this mean samsung mp3 player has a strong power source which produces the small hissing noise?
  6. Reach

    Sony MDR-V6 for studio use and casual listening?

    Any thoughts? Would It be good for making House oriented music on FL Studio and for casually listening to music (House/RnB/ Dubstep/ Drum & Bass/ Electro.) Also If anyone else have and other recommendations for some cans that would also be very nice.
  7. D

    Can you listen to mp3 players etc at work?

    Time for a fun poll methinks :)   This got brought up in another thread so thought I'd make a poll   Basically do/can you listen to portable (I don't mean the radio in the corner stuck on sucks fm 96 or whatever)music with headphones at work?   I can and do with a 64 gig ipod touch...
  8. swbf2cheater

    Sennheiser HD 598 Video Complaint / Problem - 3.5mm adapter can damage your gear

    Had a problem with the included 3.5mm adapter that came with the Hd598.  Beware, you can damage your gear.        
  9. JustinTraub

    New music lover, need some help! :)

    Hello everybody, I'm a new audiophile (if that means a person who really loves music just the way it is, not distorted, etc)! I was considering the UE 5 Pros, but then I decided if I were to be serious then why not go for the best and not upgrade, eh? So I'm thinking of buying the UE 18 Pros...
  10. cmicon

    Fresh come to say hello!!!~~~

    hello,you guys .this is the first time i come here and i just look for your supporting. here are my equipments : colorfly hifi pocket C4,yuin PK1,sunrise SW-Xcape ,how about them???      
  11. gabru678

    ATH M50 burn in procedure.

    Hey guys just off the bat I just want to say i have always been a bit of a audiophile (ALL my music is 320 KBps or higher) but have never really had the money to spend on true Hi-Fi gear, so i figured that one day when i get enough money i would be prepared. but just last week I was accepted...
  12. radicalchamp

    Sennheiser HD 438 vs 448

    I am wondering which is a better. I want something with good sound quality overall and a  of bass,considerable amount I've read that the hd 448's have inadequate bass for tehcno, electro, house, trance. I am also wondering if I get the hd 438's will the enhanced bass make the songs that have...
  13. Windsong

    Headphones vs Source

    So I have a choice to make, with $120ish im gonna get from selling my ipod, I'm either going to buy a pair of M-50's and be forced to listen through a slightly-worse-than-ipod mp3 player, or buy a Cowon i9 and use my $30 sony earbud (which are also decent). What should I do? Also, my piano might...
  14. Jowee00

    How Should this sound?

    Lossless dubstep with ultrasone dj1's on my iPod touch unamped.
  15. blagooba

    Will this make my fm headphones portable ????!!!???

    Hi everyone, just seeking some friendly advice form some of you who clearly know alot more about technology than I.   I purchased these headphones for a steal...
  16. Boom Stam

    Want to buy new headphone for mp3-player

    Hello everyone   I'm planning on buying a new headphone for my mp3-player! I would like to have your help, because I'm not really up to date with the latest hardware...   I'm looking for a headphone that I can use outside when I'm travelling with the bus or bike. So what I don't need...
  17. NoobSaibot

    Question on headphones for transcribing music and audio quality format

    Hello Head-Fi. I am a noob here (I don't know many of the technical terms, just how things sound.)   1. I am looking to purchase the AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Model Headphones for transcribing music. Would these headphones suffice for transcribing or does anyone have any recommendations for...
  18. jhelsas

    Entry level in-ear and closed fullsized headphones

    Hello guys, this is my first time here. Well, as the title say i'm looking for entry level headphones, one for mobile use and one for home use.   Just contextualize, until very recently I was completely unaware of the existence of quality music with headphones. Till last year all I had...
  19. hatethatgiraffe

    UE triple fi 10 and shure se530

    Ok folks here goes...... due to vodka and some upgrade pangs i now have both of these on the way!! Just spent close to £450 between the two and really hoping it proves to be a worthwhile exercise. Either way my visa bill is going through the roof!! What can i expect from these two? I listen...
  20. Foie

    Confessions of a failing audiophile

    Warning: personal experience and long/possibly boring narrative ahead.  Proceed at your own risk   I'll start by saying that I like to think of myself as an audiophile, but I am certainly not one.   I've been coming to these forums for a few years, mostly lurking.  My desire for better...
  21. metllicamilitia

    Okay, so let's stretch the budget and start asking more about SQ and memory

    So, I've decided I may as well save up and not just get something to tide me over. I want a good solidly built mp3 player that will not break on me anytime soon. I have about 2,000 songs, however they are all in mp3 or wma format of varying quality. I only own the cd's for about half my music...
  22. Groznyjgrad


    I hear the Clip+ is very highly regarded around here, but I have a question. I've been looking, and I can't find a LOD for it. I have heard the DAC is very good, but would I be able to connect it to an external DAC such as the E7?   What would offer better SQ?   iPod Nano 3rd Gen>320kbps...
  23. HansEge

    J3 Freeze

    Hey guys,   I hope you can help with a problem i'm having with my Cowon J3. For some odd reason i can't play two albums without the device freezing and then i have to use the reset button. The files are in Flac. All the other files are also in flac and works just fine. I've tried updating...
  24. ChalupaKing

    Is the iPhone 3GS A Good Enough MP3 Player?

    Or am I missing out on better things?
  25. Artmuzz

    My Sony X1060 has drowned in a cloudburst

    I was out today with my iPod Touch, Sansa Clip and Sony X1060 in my rain jacket pocket. my Sony X1060 is in a sock kind of case. Anyway, when I was out I was caught in a cloudburst of heavy rain. When I got home I checked to see if my mp3 players were okay and they were except for my precious...