1. jellybean1133


    hello everyone, i am new to the forum so please go easy on me.   i need a new pair of over ear, sealed headphones. i currently own a pair of denon ahd-1100s and i love them, i really enjoy the warm EQ they have however they have broken recently and im looking to step up.  MY four choices...
  2. bourdieu

    AKG new headphone K545?

    Hi guys, I was checking the red dot design award website and found this.   AKG K545   Anyone ever heard of it?   I am not sure if it is the problem with the image or what, it seems to has a...
  3. Bla4444

    Old vs New

    Hi Headfiers! I start this topic because I am curious how older models perform compare to newere ones. There are some model like the sennheiser cx 95 or cx550, denon ah c 551, klipsch image s4, shure se 215,   which were very popular a few years ago. Is there anybody who try to compare them to...
  4. Citizen13469

    AKG550/551 quality control

    Hello all, first post..   I recently picked up a pair of K550 factory refurbished phones and thought they had potential. I generally liked the overall signature, but as many others report I found the bass light. I ALSO was not overly impressed with the sound stage. I spent about a week...
  5. Tyrdium

    Replacement for Denon AH-C551K?

    My C551Ks sadly died on me the other month -- I get no audio from one of the ears. They worked out perfectly for me. Isolated well, but not too much; I need to be able to hear if there's an announcement on the train. Great sound. Most importantly, very comfortable. I tried the ER6i at one point...
  6. gduck

    With this sound, at this price, these Hisound iems should be very Popular

    If anyone didn't notice it yet, hisound is having a promotional offer on their Popular iems   I kno some of you have ordered a pair of these earphones and I want to hear your...
  7. jezz

    Another AKG K271 MKII Review

    Why the AKG K271 MKII is an exceptional safe-lab headphone: The Short Version™ Comfortable enough that I can wear them for a long time Isolating enough that you won’t hear the drone around you Ugly enough that they won’t be stolen Cheap enough that they can be stolen Nice looking enough...
  8. chaostheory1980

    best in-ear earbuds for under £40

    can anyone suggest a good pair of phones for under £40 they have to be either earbuds or in-ear, music types:   rock metal chill   they need to have a decent bass response..   all suggestions welcom!
  9. ashxcore

    Upgrading from Fischer Audio Eterna Rev 2.

    EDIT: Actually the thread is perhaps a misnomer. I'm not upgrading at all, but looking for a replacement.   I was lucky enough to own these once, but they died an untimely death. I loved the sound signature and the price point, but wondering if there is something similar on the market at a...
  10. omerbr

    looking for some new IN-EARS

    im sory about my english right now english is not my first lang so.... sorry and i hope you will get what im saying any whay i want to get an player i didnt decide about the player right now but i think its going to be mayby the sandisk sansa clip plus becous he can play FLAC wich is my hole...
  11. obliquity

    Denon C551 replacement: MEElec M21, M31, or CW31?

    Edit: I've since discovered MEElectronics, which are earning excellent reviews... does anyone own the M21, M31, or CW31? I don't think Meelec was around the last time I wanted new IEMs, but any thoughts on M21 vs. M31 vs. CW31?
  12. Redmist

    IEM upgrade worth it?

    I currently own Denon AH-C551K IEMs, and I'm a big fan of them, but I've been thinking about upgrading eventually. I've been eying up some of the Etymotic Research models, do you guys think it would be worth upgrading to something by them? I haven't decided on a specific model yet, as I'm unsure...
  13. andy43

    Non-fit dependent IEM's

    I am looking for some IEM's that are not dependent of the fit to sound good. I bought some Meleec M6's for sleeping but found they way to fit dependent and I was constantly fiddling with them to make the sound good. I'm looking to spend around $40 and I like deep, impactful bass with neutral mids. 
  14. bunyip1995

    How much will I benefit?

    I've just bought myself a pair of Meelectronics HT-21 cans, and although they sound great from a 6G 120GB iPod Classic; i've wanted to buy aportble amp for a while and do not have a clue where to start. Any ideas would be muchly appreciated.  
  15. Rydo1888

    Just Upgraded from UE Superfi 5 Pro to Shure SE535................ Thoughts............

    Hello all, I have only posted a couple of times on here after first coming across the site when I was looking to upgrade from my Denon AH-C551 earphones which replaced my stock Apple buds.   After looking at a multitude of reviews I eventually went for a set of Superfi 5 Pros, and as the...
  16. amac

    Replacing/Upgrading from Denon C551k's - Brainwavz M2 a good choice?

    My c551s, which I've had for the past year and a half, died two days ago :(. The left phone's connection went dead, but the right one still works. Listening to music with one ear feels like you're only getting 20% of the experience of both ears. :/   I got the denon's at a pretty good price...
  17. cold_blood_boy178

    AH-C551 vs AH-C751 vs AH-C710

    I had a Sony MDR-7506 for listening music with laptop. Now, I am going to buy an earphone. After I read some articles about earphone from some forums. I know that AH-C551, AH-C751 are suitable with almost style of music.   My budget is less than 160 USD. Could you give me recommendation ...
  18. gurpswu

    HELP :( :s

    Headphone history Rubbish iPod headphones Sennheiser CX300 Precision II CX400 Precision II's Sennheiser HD201     So, the last pair of headphones I had were the CX400's which I bought for around £30. I lost them.   I gave my CX300's to my sister. So basically, the only...
  19. voicemaster

    Shipping time range on

    Hi, Yesterday, I bought a Sunrise SW-Xcape from Bugdenaudio for no reason lol (totally impulse buy) and I am wondering how long do they usually take to ship the IEM to USA? I have never bought from them before and just want to know the time range they shipped their IEM from Canada.   Thank you
  20. deltz

    Which headphones for classical indian music?

    Hey guys, I was looking around for a headphone great for classical indian music (sarangi and such) and wanted something really clear and crisp for it but still have the bass for the drums. An example: . Would you recommend I go for a...
  21. Yoloni


    Right now, I'm using the Ultimate Ears Super-fi.3. The sound is a little too bland for me, and I would prefer something else. I used to have Denon AH-C551 which broke, but I liked that sound better than the Ultimate Ears.   I just bought a new iPod touch 32GB and I thought I would buy new...
  22. stairway123

    Denon C551 vs V-Moda Vibe

    Just picked up a pair of C551's and I can't complain. But I was wondering how they stack up the the V-Moda Vibe... vibes are marketed more effectively obviously. Apple's website doesn't even carry Denon products. Amazon doesn't have a stock image for the c551... etc Both phones are...
  23. HungryHippo

    Best phones for around $80??

    Hey guys I'm sure you get a lot of these but I really need help finding new phones. I currently have hippo shroom ebs but I think it's time for an upgrade. Now $80 is really my limit but if the headphones are a little over (or less!) thats fine. And I don't really have a preference on whether...
  24. ulozas18

    Denon AH-C551K Eartip recommendations

    The eartips that come with the Denon AH-C551Ks do not fit me at all so I'm looking for some recommendations for replacements. The etymotic 6i dual flange eartips work perfect but don't come close to fitting on the Denons.   Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  25. --connor--

    Klipsch S4's, Denon C551's, TDK EB900, monster turbine, hje900

    So basically i've been constantly researching for some proper bassey low profile iem's. Ideal for very heavy dubstep. Narrowed it down to the S4's, C551's and EB900's. I've always been interested in the more expensive option of the hje900 and more recently been dragged into liking the monster...