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    X2HR Dekoni Choice Suede EQ

    Hi everyone, New to the forum. I put a set of Dekoni Choice Suede pads on my X2HRs and I was shocked at the difference in sound from the stock pads. Could anyone suggest eq settings to get me in the ballpark for the stock sound or more neutral? Here's what the chart looks like...
  2. Dekoni Audio Elite Ear Pads for Fostex TH & Denon AH

    Dekoni Audio Elite Ear Pads for Fostex TH & Denon AH

    Dekoni Audio Elite Replacement Ear Pads for Fostex TH and Denon AH Series Headphones The Fostex TH-900 are one of the most sought after closed-back audiophile headphones, revolutionizing the game after the Denon AH-D7000 headphones were discontinued. Dekoni pads offer improved comfort while...
  3. DekoniAudio

    *New* Slim Style Dekoni Ear Pads for the HD800!

    Okay this is head-fi and we all know the story behind the HD800 series of headphones. An acoustic feat of engineering, the HD800 purposely has thin ear pads as to not be involved in the the sonic signature of the headphone. At Dekoni we try fun ways to alter the way headphones sound and feel so...
  4. bryaudioreviews

    The Ultimate Dekoni Earpad Guide for AKG k361/k371 🎧

    The Ultimate Dekoni Earpad Guide for AKG k361/k371 🎧 The only earpad guide you need INTRO: Other than the terrible stock earpad that comes with the AKG k361/k371, I absolutely LOVE the k371. The tuning is perfectly Harman neutral, the build is light and comfortable, the cables are...
  5. Dekoni Audio Earpads for AKG K371 / K361

    Dekoni Audio Earpads for AKG K371 / K361

    New Dekoni ear pads for the AKG K371 and K361 are now available. Pick your flavor; Choice Leather, Choice Suede, Elite Sheepskin and Elite Velour. Utilizing our high density memory foam, get a better fit for your headphones every time.
  6. DekoniAudio

    Can DMS and Dekoni DESTROY an HD600? | Dekoni Audio Headphone Hero

    A spark of inspiration simmered in the Dekoni office when our friend DMS suggested he wanted a vacation to New York City. Now if you don’t know DMS, he is an headphone reviewer based in chilly buffalo with 70k+ subscribers. Typically he is a calm, well explained individual on his channel but I...
  7. Dekoni Audio Balanced 4 Pin XLR Cable

    Dekoni Audio Balanced 4 Pin XLR Cable

    Description Keep electrical noise to a minimum with Dekoni Audio’s new Cablez for Sennheisers HD800 series of headphones! Sporting a 4-pin balanced connector and 1.2M length, you’ll be able to find comfort in style. The cable is a sleek, braided design for a clean look without the twists and...
  8. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio B-Stock Sale Alert!

    Hey Head-Fiers! Dekoni is selling returned inventory for a fraction of the cost! Check out the deals over at
  9. DekoniAudio

    Introducing Dekoni Audio Bulletz for the Apple Airpods Pros

    Dekoni Audio is proud to introduce our new Bulletz for Apple Airpod Pros. Available in the sizes small, medium and large in both single and triple packs. Today our retail partner is hosting launch weekend for the new sku. Dekoni Audio's Bulletz line was a solution to mediocre ear...
  10. Dekoni pads for Sony WH1000XM2

    Dekoni pads for Sony WH1000XM2

    Replacement pads for the Sony WH1000XM2 noise cancelling bluetooth headphones. These pads offer superior comfort and a better fit for those of us with larger ears.
  11. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni’s OctoberFrag Gaming Giveaway

    Dekoni’s OctoberFrag Giveaway! Like us on Facebook and follow the Shortstack link to enter for a chance to win our new Gaming Earpadz, the subterranean Razer Kraken, the elite Sennheiser PC37X, or $500 plus the Dekoni pads of your choice! The Facebook post |...
  12. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio - Expanded “Choice” Selection

    Dear Dekoni fans, did you find our universal Nuggets to have a curiously soft and smooth leather? Have your heard reviews from the thousands of happy Sony WH1000XM2 and WH1000XM3 owners who upgraded to Choice Suede pads? Well, we of Dekoni Audio have heard your praise and preferences, your...
  13. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio Releases True Wireless IEM Tips

    Dekoni Audio is pleased to announce a new version of our ear tip replacements, the TWS Bulletz for True Wireless IEMs! Have you been seeking the perfect everyday earphones that you can always have with you, purchased some fancy True Wireless In Ear Monitors (TW IEMs) with no cable, only to...
  14. DekoniAudio

    Choice Pad Loadout for Gaming Headphones

    Dekoni Audio is pleased to announce new earpads, tailored to support the Razer Kraken and Sennheiser GAME ONE/PC37X Gaming Headsets. Available from Dealers worldwide starting September 15th, but available for preorder now on Going try-hard and playing sweaty in competitive or...
  15. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Is Coming To London!

    Dekoni Audio is pleased to join ElectroMod and all Head-Fi’ers at CanJam London 2019! Hate pleather? Love to score a good deal? Come exercise your right to choice at the ElectroMod booth, our authorized United Kingdom distributor and our partner at the show. Owner Sam Roney will be there to...
  16. Dekoni Elite Pads for Sennheiser HD800/HD800S

    Dekoni Elite Pads for Sennheiser HD800/HD800S

    Born out of previous success with other models the Dekoni Audio HD800 pad for the Sennheiser HD800 Line of headphones (available in Sheepskin, Elite Velour, Fenestrated Sheepskin, and Hybrid models) carries on Dekoni’s tradition of excellence and quality in the headphone ear pad space. What sets...
  17. omegaorgun

    LCD-XC + Dekoni Velours

    I wouldn't have made this post unless it was actually worth writing it. Closed back Audeze owners need to read this. Some say the LCD-XC is the worst Audeze, I did note that it had some harshness in the upper mids and highs. I was then reading through a post and a few members had got the Dekoni...
  18. Dekoni Bulletz

    Dekoni Bulletz

    Dekoni Bulletz eartips are made of high quality slow-rebound, washable memory foam with a solid core to fit just about any type or size of universal IEM. They easily comply to the shape of your inner ear to provide maximum seal while preserving sound quality.
  19. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni: Starting our measurements off the right way!

    Dekoni Audio is pleased to announce a new round of measurements and some new pads. We polled the community, and after careful analysis of the votes we realized we had to make our first measurements with the new rig on a pair of headphones every true audiophile will have lying around (or at...
  20. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio: Audio Technica Pads

    Dekoni is pleased to announce custom-made upgrade pads for Audio Technica's ATH-AD series! Adding to the pads compatible with the Audio Technica M series pads, these new represent a noticeable upgrade in comfort and sound as well as a choice of Elite Velour, Sheepskin, and Fenestrated Sheepskin...
  21. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio: HiFiman Pads

    Dekoni is pleased to announce custom-made upgrade pads for HiFiman! These were designed for the round-earcup designed models like the popular HE-400i and new Susvara, and represent a noticeable upgrade in comfort and sound as well as our full range of Elite pad materials to suit your tastes...
  22. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio and Better Measurements

    Dekoni Audio has upgraded to a higher-fidelity measurement rig as of late 2018. We want the curious to get an objective idea of how our pads sound even if they can't demo them in person, and are currently in process of re-doing and expanding our list of measurements to help provide that service...
  23. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Blue Loaner Tour

    Do you want to try before you buy? Curious what “the big deal” is with Planar Magnetic headphones? Hoping for a consensus opinion from unpaid reviews? Answering the call, Dekoni is sponsoring a “Review Tour” for our Dekoni Blue Headphone. We’re also well aware that the Fostex T50RP MK III that...
  24. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio: Hard at Work!

    As always at Dekoni, we’re trying out stock pads and trying to improve a headphone’s comfort and sound quality. Audeze LCD Earpadz Recently, we have been tuning pads for the ever popular (and warm) Audeze LCD line of classic planar magnetic headphones. Audeze is a lot like us – a small...
  25. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio Pads for Audeze and Focal ON SALE!

    Dekoni Audio is partnering with Massdrop to bring you our upgrade pads, designed specifically for premium headphones – at a special price. Right now, drops are active for the Audeze LCD series, and Sennheiser HD 800 and HD 600 series. The Sennheiser HD 600 pad drop is running until June 19th...