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Dekoni Audio: Hard at Work!

  1. DekoniAudio
    As always at Dekoni, we’re trying out stock pads and trying to improve a headphone’s comfort and sound quality.

    Audeze LCD Earpadz


    Recently, we have been tuning pads for the ever popular (and warm) Audeze LCD line of classic planar magnetic headphones. Audeze is a lot like us – a small company, with passionate engineers and handmade products – so we wanted to bring our own brand of passion with hand-stitched pads, the best materials we’ve found, and careful design specifically tuned for the LCD series. Our LCD pads are part of our Elite line, with our light, squishy, slow-rebound YM80 memory foam sculpted into an angled 3D shape, wearing our premium tight-weave Velour, supple Sheepskin and Fenestrated Sheepskin, and our frankly awesome Hybrid-stein outer wraps for excellent acoustic properties and pampered head-feel.
    D75F297F-84EA-4590-957A-4201ACD702CA.jpeg D5E594B3-CCCD-4F40-8A46-D7C4BC8B68CA.jpeg

    We have an introductory sale going on till June 17th on Massdrop (subscribe to all our deals here ), and also have our Audeze pad dimension measurements here. We say dimension measurements, because you’ll get what you really want from our investment in a...

    New Measurement Rig

    While comfort and great value are near and dear to our hearts at Dekoni, what gets our blood pumping and started our company was the desire to make pads that sound better than stock. Pad design takes finesse and iteration to really sound good, plus enthusiasts want an objective idea of how their premium headphones will sound wearing Dekoni pads. To do both of those things, we take actual samples of headphones and measure them with our pads, and compare that with our own listening tests. Previously, Dekoni Co-Founder Tal had a hand built, very “unscientific” rig, which you may have seen at recent CanJam’s around the globe. Great for Comparisons, but not the most advanced one ever built. In a win for everyone, Dekoni just invested in an improved measurement rig that’s been around the block. The eagle-eyed among you might recognize the software and formatting of the resultant graphs, but suffice to say it’s a very well-known rig used for hundreds of headphone measurements from the last 20 years or so.

    Hints of the Future

    There is good reason why companies don’t announce projects in progress before they’re ready to launch. That said, the desire to share secrets and discoveries is just as strong as the desire to hear them! So, a few teases:

    •Check out this poll on our Facebook page

    •In the never ending quest seeking summer-worthy pads, we think we might’ve found a new, breathable material that wicks moisture and is somewhat cooling. Check our Instagram @dekoniaudio.com on Tuesday Night next week for some hints :wink:

    We hope you had as much fun reading this update as we did writing it, until next time folks!

    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
    Dekoni Audio Stay updated on Dekoni Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  2. areek
    Waiting for this news for quite some time. Ordering soon <3
    DekoniAudio likes this.
  3. musicday
    Leather earpads for Pioneer SE-Master 1 any time in the future? Much appreciated .
    DekoniAudio likes this.
  4. ChijiroKuro
    Greetings from Spain!!

    "Elite Velour" for Sony Z1R!!! Please; Summer is coming. :beyersmile:

    Thank´s, have a good day!
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  5. Venture Guy
    Got the Velour pads for my LCD2Cs... big improvement over stock pads!
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  6. volly
    Any plans for Grado's @DekoniAudio?

    My MS2's get hardly any loving due to cheap replacements and the stock ones have literally disintegrated.

    Keep up the good work!
    DekoniAudio likes this.
  7. caenlenfromOCN
    Give me some pads for my Audeze Mobius that ships in two weeks, and I will throw my money at you.
  8. User00
    What exactly is different?
  9. Venture Guy
    Vegan pads get rid of scooped mids and roller coaster treble. Overall make the 2Cs sound pretty neutral...
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
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  10. User00
    What are the dimensions of the ear pads? The dimensions sheet doesn't have the lcd pads on it.
  11. Maelob
    Cant wait for the Sony 1000x pads
    DekoniAudio likes this.
  12. wormsdriver
    Any plans for Ultrasone Signature Pro/ Signature DJ earpads?
  13. Taowolf51
    These look really interesting! As soon as I can find comparison measurements for these I'll likely pick up a pair!
    DekoniAudio likes this.
  14. DekoniAudio
    Hopefully, the Sony pads will be the first measured in our new-to-us-but-not-to-you measurement rig. We’ll compare to the stock pads.
    Dekoni Audio Stay updated on Dekoni Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    ChijiroKuro likes this.
  15. ChijiroKuro
    Greetings from spain!!!

    More: "Elite Velour" Pads for Stax SR-007A would be fine, really. I like leather pads only for winter. :wink:

    Have a nice day!!!
    DekoniAudio likes this.

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