1. jude

    MDAQS For Beginners With Jacob Soendergaard From HEAD acoustics

    Ask two Head-Fi'ers to name their favorite headphones, and you may get two very different-sounding headphone models. This is normal within our community. As we know, it's also common for a single Head-Fi'er to equally love multiple headphones with vastly different sound profiles. These examples...
  2. MoonAudio

    Headphone Measurements DON'T MATTER <Video> | Moon Audio

  3. GoldenSound

    Why you can't trust audio measurements

    I figured this may be something worth starting a dedicated thread for. There are all sorts of reasons as to why measurements may be unreliable, misleading, confusing, or just inconsistent. And I've made a video discussing some of these topics.
  4. jude

    HBK Electroacoustics Virtual Conference -- Important Presentations

    HBK Electroacoustics Virtual Conference Next week -- September 28-29, 2021 -- HBK (Hottinger Brüel & Kjær) will be holding their HBK Electroacoustics Virtual Conference. Last year they held their Product Physics Conference virtually, and that covered many different disciplines, but this...
  5. V


    There you can discuss Yongse ys1 and see their measurements
  6. jude

    Presenting At The HBK (Hottinger Brüel & Kjær) Product Physics Conference

    Tomorrow, 15 October (Thursday), I will be presenting a talk titled Did we really need a new hearing simulation standard? Measuring headphones with the HF-HATS Type 5128 The talk is free to watch (registration link below). This year's entire virtual HBK Product Physics Conference is free...
  7. iems0nly

    Simple Man's IEM Measurements, Impressions, Ranking of 75+ IEMs!

    Hello fellow audio addicts! I've now come to a point where i have collected enough earphones to make my own ranking list. This is called Simple Man's Ranking because of the following 2 simple points: I don't use any high end DAC/Amps to drive the earphones. I drive them using my smartphone...
  8. Otto Motor

    General IEM Measurements Discussions

    MANDATE This thread is dedicated to frequency responses (and other) measurements of earphones by any Head-Fi member, using any technique and/or software! It also serves the discussion of rig setup and equipment such as couplers, microphones etc. It further encourages the discussion and exchange...
  9. atomicbob

    Monoprice Cavalli Liquid Platinum technical measurements

    Monoprice Cavalli Liquid Platinum technical measurements If you are unfamiliar with audio measurements please use a search engine with the query: "audio measurements" or "audio measurement handbook" Look for publications by Richard C. Cabot and also by Bob Metzler, both from Audio Precision...
  10. E

    Headphone measuring help.

    Hi, I'm pretty interested about headphones and their manufacturing. I'm kinda new so bear with me, but is there any cheap way to make a headphone measurement rig for testing drivers and diy headphones? I've already found an alright measurement microphone but nothing else. The mic I've found was...
  11. jude

    Meze Audio Empyrean Measurements

    Meze Audio Empyrean Measurements Here is the frequency response measurement of the Meze Audio Empyrean (with microfiber earpads) versus the Sennheiser HD800 and HD800S (for common references) (Fig.1): Fig.1 Meze Audio Empyrean frequency response, compared to the Sennheiser HD800 and HD800S...
  12. jude

    Interviewed By John Darko At RMAF: We Talked Measurements, CanJam, Industry, & More

    John Darko (of Darko Audio) is one of my favorite audio industry writers / reviewers, and someone I run into all over the world. We ran into each other at RMAF last week, and he asked to interview me -- we talked about audio measurements, CanJam, the industry, Japan, and more.
  13. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio and Better Measurements

    Dekoni Audio has upgraded to a higher-fidelity measurement rig as of late 2018. We want the curious to get an objective idea of how our pads sound even if they can't demo them in person, and are currently in process of re-doing and expanding our list of measurements to help provide that service...
  14. K.Gabor

    AV calibration microphone as measurement kit

    Hello all! First off, i'm a new member on this forum and in the hi-fi world as well, so I'm sorry if this may sound like a silly question. So I started making my own headphone from scratch, but I had to realise that it don't sound the way I would like it to. I came to the conclusion that I...
  15. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio: Hard at Work!

    As always at Dekoni, we’re trying out stock pads and trying to improve a headphone’s comfort and sound quality. Audeze LCD Earpadz Recently, we have been tuning pads for the ever popular (and warm) Audeze LCD line of classic planar magnetic headphones. Audeze is a lot like us – a small...
  16. atomicbob

    Schiit Yggdrasil V2 upgrade Technical Measurements

    If you are unfamiliar with audio measurements please use a search engine with the query: "audio measurements" or "audio measurement handbook" Look for publications by Richard C. Cabot and also by Bob Metzler, both from Audio Precision. There are other useful publications as well. These will...
  17. pwjazz

    Did I just measure the dreaded Sabre "Glare"?

    Looking for a DAP with a nice built in amp, I recently acquired a new overstock LG V20 on eBay. The few negative reviews I've read of it talk about the ESS Sabre "glare", describing it as either a bright (specifically sharp) frequency response or a sort of digital or unnatural sound. The only...
  18. samvafaei

    Headphone Soundstage and Imaging: Definitions & Measurements

    Hi all, So like last year, we've made a video explaining the philosophy and testing methodology behind a couple of our tests, and this one is about soundstage and imaging. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. Sam
  19. jude

    Headphone Measurements: Positioning The Headphone For Measurement

    If you can't see the embedded video above, please click here. We've been talking about headphone measurements a lot on the forums lately, so I wanted to share some of the video PowerPoint slides from a talk I gave at ALMA's annual conference a couple of weeks ago. ALMA International is the...
  20. DMS3 TV

    M1060 Modifications with Measurements

    So I did a video recently showing how to mod M1060 with Fuzzor and Vegan pads also providing measurements to show this improvement over stock. I had a lot of people telling me to take the foam disks out of the back though so I decided to do some experiments and take measurements along the way...
  21. samvafaei

    Headphones Frequency Response: Challenges & Solutions

    Hello Head-Fiers! We have made a video explaining some of the common issues in making frequency response measurements, and the solutions that we have come up with. These include bass leakage/coupling issues, treble inconsistencies, and target response curves. The purpose of this video is to...
  22. crinacle

    crinacle's IEM FR measurement database

    The master list of all published graphs is now available on my website. Legacy measurements hidden below: [/TD] Music Sanctuary demo unit 10/06/18 [/TR] 64 Audio A12t Music Sanctuary demo unit 15/06/18 E1 Personal Audio demo unit Music Sanctuary demo unit...