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AV calibration microphone as measurement kit

  1. K.Gabor
    Hello all!

    First off, i'm a new member on this forum and in the hi-fi world as well, so I'm sorry if this may sound like a silly question.

    So I started making my own headphone from scratch, but I had to realise that it don't sound the way I would like it to. I came to the conclusion that I don't have the budget for even the basic measuring set, this is why i'm curious if a microphone supplied with a Pioneer AV would suffice. If you are not familiar with this type of mic, essentially the amp has a function where you put the said microphone to your listening position and it self-calibrating itself. I feel, that in order to calibrate the speakers properly it should have a rather smooth frequency response, so I've plugged it into my computer and put the mic on the table and the headphone on top to make some measurements. The headphone I was testing is a Takstar pro80. The problem is I don't really know what to check on the result. I will link the picture, I hope the more experienced Headfi members may find my post and help me out.

  2. K.Gabor
    So here is an update (not that anyone was interested given the number of replies my post got...). After extensive testing with my Takstar pro80 I came to the conclusion, that the calibrating microphone is quite accurate. Below you can see my recording and a professional one, and as you can see the difference is negligible. My test was made with 5 rounds of sweeps.


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