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M1060 Modifications with Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by DMS3 TV, Aug 18, 2017.
  1. DMS3 TV
    So I did a video recently showing how to mod M1060 with Fuzzor and Vegan pads also providing measurements to show this improvement over stock. I had a lot of people telling me to take the foam disks out of the back though so I decided to do some experiments and take measurements along the way.

    Keep in mind this is a home measurement rig. Its not 100% perfect though it has been calibrated to the best of my ability and seems to align reasonably well with measurements taken from more reliable sources on well known headphones.

    Also keep in mind the starting point here already has vegan pads and Fuzzor mod.

    The first step was to determine what difference taking out the foam disks made if any.
    We see a clear drop from 7k-9k (approx -2.28DB) as well as -2.63DB 15.29K
    RED- No change to grills or foam
    BLUE- Foam removed, Grills still on.

    Now Lets compare that to if the headphones with no foam AND grills.
    Notable changes with no foam or grills: 3.71K + 1.05DB, 4.52K + 2.27DB, 15.29K + 3.6DB (fixes the dip)
    GREEN- No foam OR grills
    BLUE- Foam removed, Grills still on

    Now this measures somewhat more level in the upper treble but I could live without the increased spikes at 3.71k and 4.52k. Plus this leaves the driver exposed to the elements.

    So here's what happens if you use the foam disks only with no grill. No increase in any major spikes.
    THIS is our MOST level response so far, leading me to believe that the grills are the cause of our issues rather than these foam disks. There's still several issues though. The dips at 3.31K and 15.29K, still relatively un-level treble, and the foam disks will not stay in on their own.
    GREEN- No foam OR grills
    BLUE- Foam removed, Grills still on
    LIGHT BLUE- Foam disks ONLY

    This is my solution. I put the foam back in. Using cut rings from hifiman pads to hold them in. I then attached foam rings onto these in hopes of leveling out the treble more and increasing extension.
    Here's the results.
    More level response from 2k-3k, brought spikes at 3.71K and 4.52K back, slight decrease from 10.62k onward but with a significantly more level response.
    GREEN- No foam OR grills
    BLUE- Foam removed, Grills still on
    LIGHT BLUE- Foam disks ONLY
    YELLOW- Foam Disks and Rings

    This is the best result I've had so far. Objectively there's still some work to be done but I'm pleased with these results given the amount of work put into them.


    THE NEXT STEP I'm going to try is swapping more readily available pads since Audeze pads are getting scarce. I'm going to experiment with 3D printing a waveguide then try as many pads as I can so results will come in a few weeks.
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  2. Yevgen Chupak
    nice work man... to bad that your pair is broken now :frowning2:
  3. Malfunkt
    Sry to hear about your 1060s!

    The most work I've done on my LCD2 was filling in some cracks (early rev1) with special wood glue. Would be sad if one of my drivers went, wouldn't really be quite replaceable.
  4. Josh Englert
    Sorry to hear about your headphones...Haven't ordered my set yet, but will soon next month...I will be trying either the ZMF Eikon Perforated Lambskin Pads, (Massdrop introduction), or will wait for the "ZMF Faux Suede" pads that will be releasing soon...(Zach has been looking into the M1060 problem and is offering a solution soon). They were mentioned in the post below...currently of the pad line, Zach states the Eikon Pads best fits M1060 and Audeze headphones.


    Most likely to go for ZMF Faux Suede Pads...hoping that's the answer for the community....

    Further comments from Zach in the Massdrop discussion...
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2017
  5. Marku
    Good job and well done! But i have one question. I really don't understand the graphs. Which is the best? removing the foam? or the grille? or both?
  6. SHAMuuu
    @DMS3 TV

    Awesome work with your channel. DIY i think is at the heart of the madness. And then to share it :p

    I hope one of your projects is open denon/fostex w/ measurements.
    With the Klipsch open biocell, ZMF open biocel, would be interesting future battle.
    So far i've seen them woodies get hole'd up, 500rp shell (think fits), without wood attached etc.

    Keep it up :D
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2017
  7. Chapekja
    What foam rings did you use for the final layer farthest from your ear in your final mod? I just bought a pair of 1060's and want to try this out. Thanks!!

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