1. elChefe

    SOLD: Monolith M1060 + Periapt Balanced Cable***PRICE DROP***

    For sale: Monolith M1060 with stock cable and travel case, plus a 6ft Periapt Balanced cable. It’s the newer version with 2.5mm connectors. Headphones are in great condition with low hours but have a hairline crack by one of the yolk pins. It has been there since I got them but has never gotten...
  2. CafeRocker

    **SOLD** Monoprice M1060 - Great Condition

    Just picked up a pair of Sundaras, so I'm selling my Monoprice M1060. They are great condition. I picked them up open-box a few months ago. Come with all the original packaging / case / cord. I'll take $180, paypal and shipping included in the continental US. I may consider trades, doesn't...
  3. heliosphann

    *SOLD* MONOPRICE M1060 v2

    Selling a pair of Monoprice M1060 v2 planar magnetic headphones. Another pair that I was going to do some modding on, but never completed. Very little use and in near mint condition with no blemishes or cracks in the wood. Comes with all original accessories and packaging. Paypal fees and...
  4. OldDude04

    SOLD - Monolith M1060 w/Headband Mod and optional 10ft cable

    Up for sale is one of my sets of Monoprice Monolith M1060 with a HiFiMan HE560 V2 headband. Comes with the original box, carrying case, unused factory cable, and 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter. I'm also including a set of ok aftermarket grills (see pics). The headband was attached to the headphones...
  5. FireLion

    Monolith M1070 Over Ear Open Back Planar Headphones

    Full Specs: Model 39414 Style Open Transducer Type Planar Magnetic Magnetic Structure Linear Symmetry Magnets Magnet Type Symmetric Push-Pull Neodymium Driver Size 106mm Maximum Power Handling 5W Maximum SPL >130dB Maximum SPL >130dB Frequency Response 5Hz ~ 50kHz Total Harmonic Distortion Less...
  6. S

    Argon Mk3 / M1060 / AKG K7xx Triple Pack

    I am trying to get rid of mid-fi that I absolutely do not need and use anymore and I would like to sell all these together hence the big discount. No trades! I will pay both shipping and Paypal fees to the lower 48 USA. **Update** 7xx and M1060 remain so I will sell together for $200 or...
  7. C

    Opinions: Best headphone under 1000$

    On the market for a headphone under $1000, done a lot of research but curious what some of you guys/gals would recommend. For added info I currently have modded M1060C's (open) as my primary headphone and love the extension into the bass/sub-bass bass, but would like a pair of cans with more...
  8. C

    WTS/WTT Modded M1060

    Selling a pair of gently used (20 hours) M1060's with the following mods: Honeycomb grills with paper towel mod and foam removed. 30$ Fazor mod (black felt on earpad side) Dekoni audio elite pads. 40$ You will get all original parts plus case with purchase Asking for 240$, plus shipping...
  9. Shaggy-FOO

    FS: Monoprice M1060 Like New

    Lightly used M1060 with all original cables and case for sale. I'll pay for shipping. Just looking to upgrade to different planars.
  10. CafeRocker

    Monoprice M1060 - like new

    Decided to go wireless. Selling my current set up. All of it is lightly used, in great condition, and comes with original packaging. Monoprice M1060 - $210 Monoprice Liquid Spark - $90 Fiio e10k - $55 I'll pay shipping, and I'll give a discount if you want to bundle.
  11. toucan79

    Monoprice Monolith M1060 V2 Planar [SOLD]

    M1060 V2 for sale. Original owner. No mods. Excellent condition. These have only received light use as they are a backup pair of headphones. Pads are like-new as they were replaced when headphones were purchased, but I have put them back on for the sale. Original box, hard carrying case...
  12. kyriezolo

    Amp/Dac combo for Monolith M1060

    I'm looking to run the M1060 off an external amp. Currently it's being fed by the onboard audio of a Clevo P775DM3 laptop. It does have an amp, but it sounds very mediocre(my LG V30 drives other headphones better). I'd like something with a relatively small form factor. It will be always plugged...
  13. C

    A question about EQ.

    Hello Head-fi forum, I am relatively new to the audiophile world and have some questions regarding an issue I've run into. My current setup are the M1060s and Schiit Magni 3 amp/Modi Multibit 3 DAC fed by optic cable (S/PDIF). My Audio source is FLAC files and HQ spotify. I also have a FiiO...
  14. IdiotRhino

    Monolith M1060 V2 For Sale

    I have barely used these since I purchased them... So they are used but in like-new condition. Come with the original case, box, cable, and adapter. $200 shipped in the continental US.
  15. IdiotRhino

    Monolith M1060 V2 For Sale

    I have barely used these since I purchased them... So they are used but in like-new condition. Come with the original case, box, cable, and adapter. $200 shipped in the continental US.
  16. CafeRocker

    Monoprice M1060 Amp Pairing

    Hello All, I recently purchased a Monoprice M1060, and am curious about amp pairings. My current desktop set-up is a Fiio e10k as a DAC into a Massdrop O2 (I picked up both used, and relatively cheap). I'm wondering if there would be any noticeable benefits to getting a more powerful amp with...
  17. Dawnrazor

    Dual Mono balanced battery powered amp for $100

    The $100 balanced amp market only has a few options like the SMSL or Loxie but none afaik are dual mono and battery powered. But one can buy 2 of the Behringer P1s for $100. http://i66.tinypic.com/flm49z.jpg They are battery or supply powered and with 2 of them that should be dual mono. I...
  18. VRacer-111

    SOLD: Custom modded M1060 V2...

    Going to pare my headphones way down... first one to go is my most-modded Monoprice M1060 V2. The mods consist of all the 3D printed parts I designed for the M1060, modded MrSpeakers T50RP Leather Comfort strap, Audeze LCD2 'Vegan' pads, and custom Impact Audio cable I had made (the very first...
  19. hutt132

    SOLD: Monoprice Monolith M1060 w/ black Audeze LCD Leather-Free Earpads

    Selling a pair of lightly used Monoprice Monolith M1060 headphones. They are the original M1060 with black Audeze LCD Leather-Free Earpads installed, and have a custom balanced MMCX cable. The stock cable, stock pads, and the original box will be included. I've also flipped the headband and did...
  20. jsmiller58

    SOLD: FS: Heavily modified v2 M1060 headphones

    For sale: Modified M1060 v2 headphones. Selling these (and several other headphones) as I have too many cans and these are rarely used - time for them to go to a good home where they will get lots of head time!! Modifications include: * driver side fazor * grill side fazor * foam removed and...
  21. Kulgrinda

    [SOLD] Highly modified Monoprice Monolith M1060 // Europe

    Hello, I'm selling my highly modified M1060. This is the result of half of the year information gathering and trial in practice. Dampening is changed, 3D printed grills added, front fazors with mounting rings as well. All the original parts will be sold together, mods are reversible, no changes...
  22. K

    [SOLD] Monolith M1060 v2 Open-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones $180 shipped

    [SOLD] Selling my M1060 headphones. They are version 2 with the 2.5 connectors. I’ve had them for about a month but they just aren’t for me. I’m not the original owner, but they’re in great shape. Includes the protective case, cables, and adapter. No original box. $180 shipped CONUS includes...
  23. Schwibbles

    SOLD: Monoprice Monolith M1060 (v2)

    SOLD! Prices are being left in description so others can research good prices in the future. Finally getting around to selling my Monoprice Monolith M1060 v2 (open back). I originally purchased these directly from Monoprice late April 2017. I have put less than 80 hours on them since. They are...
  24. pihly

    Monolith M1060C (polished)

    Almost like new ( polished ) m1060c with original cable included. 299with pp and shipping
  25. Shembot

    SOLD: Monoprice Monolith M1060 Open Back Headphones w/ Balanced XLR Cable!

    Greetings! I offer for sale my Monoprice Monolith M1060 open back headphones in excellent, stock condition (no mods). This is the second edition with the 2.5mm connectors. These are my favorite headphones and punch way, way above their price point, even stock, though it seems many people also...