ZMF Eikon, Ori and Pilot Pads on MassDrop

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  1. zach915m
    In the past year so our pads have become quite popular with a number of headphone's. As ZMF grows I want to continue to offer earpads that serve multiple purposes. Through a lot of experimentation and R/D I found that a "medium" amount of perforations in an earpad increases air-flow and decreases bass and enhances the soundstage. So now for the first time ZMF Perforated Ori and Eikon pads are available on MassDrop, along with the standard models of each pad, and the pilot pad, all at a nice discount:

    Also in the coming months, be on the lookout for "ZMF Faux Suede" pads and new "flatter" ZMF pads that allow the ear to be closer than any of our other offerings. These will be available in sizes that work on many over ear headphones.

    IMG_5695 (1).png IMG_5698.png IMG_5699 (1).png IMG_5712 (1).png

    Also, many have asked how perforated pads sound compared to their non perforated counter-part, here's some quick thoughts:

    Typically perforated pads increase airflow and will lessen the bass. A headphone should somewhat be tuned for them for them to work best. Best rule of thumb is if the original headphone has perf pads or velour then perf will work well without a change in sound sig too much, if the original pads don't have perf or have some sort of solid material then non perf will change the sound sig less. Ofcourse you can modify a headphone to work better with the perforated pads if you prefer them, generally by lessening the airflow on the front side of the headphone somehow.

    Then, if you want a decrease in bass or more neutral/spacious sound then the original sig, perf will do well for that as well on a headphone that originally has non perforated pads(and vice-versa). I tried to not put too many perforations on these as too let "all" the air through to lessen impact too much on non perf cans, but it will surely lessen bass.

    On open headphones perforated pads should have less of an impact on bass regardless of the original pads structure, although the same rules apply.
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  2. Terco
    I use ZMF Ori Pads on my Fostex TH-X00 so confortable! and recently I ordered the Emu Teak from Massdrop, so now I'm thinking to order the Ori Pads perforated so I can have both :)
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  3. Gym_Turtle
    Do the Ori pads or Eikon pads fit the Beyerdynamic T90s or Amiron home?
  4. zach915m
    They both will fit, but I think the Ori pads will be the tighter more stable fit.
  5. Gym_Turtle
    Okay, thanks! I was deciding between the two and the pilot pad! Thanks for answering two questions that I've been wanting to ask!
  6. saintkrusher
    If they will fit with Dharma D1000?
  7. zach915m
    I'm not sure about the Dharma, mainly the attachment method. The size will surely fit, I think the Ori pads.
  8. leeperry
    Velours woulda been nice
  9. volly
    Would love to see these pads on a pair of HD600's, otherwise these should fit my D2000's.

    Great job, they look amazing!
  10. Matez
    I agree, HD 600 surely deserves such treatment :)
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  11. saintkrusher
    People use Audeze Pads with Dharma so Ori pads will be ok. What do you think?
  12. zach915m
    The eikon pads are closer to the Audeze pads because they have a larger diameter. But really either should work then.
  13. CANiSLAYu
    Zach, how does the Eikon pad change the sound signature on Atticus? Thanks.
  14. George Taylor
    Just joined the drop. Hoping I can use them on the pair of Kennerton Vali I got from Massdrop a few months ago. I have a pair of Ori's already, and know how comfortable the pads are on that. And I've come to the conclusion that the pads on the Vali are what I hate about them. I love the sound, and even though I'm not a fan of the dated method it uses to adjust for size and such, I can live with it. But what ever they have used for the padding in their pads is horrible. So, here's hoping I can make this work out.
  15. Josh Englert
    Picked up a few pads during this drop...Eikon Lambskin Perforated, Ori Lambskin, and a Pilot Pad. I will use the Ori Pads and for my Fostex TH-X00...Pilot Pad and Eikon Perforated Lambskin for a Monolith M1060 that I plan to be purchasing...and modding.
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