Dekoni Audio Pads for Audeze and Focal ON SALE!

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    Dekoni Audio is partnering with Massdrop to bring you our upgrade pads, designed specifically for premium headphones – at a special price. Right now, drops are active for the Audeze LCD series, and Sennheiser HD 800 and HD 600 series. The Sennheiser HD 600 pad drop is running until June 19th, Audeze pads drop until June 17th, and the Sennheiser HD 800 pads drop till the 14th.

    If you don’t see your headphone brand dropping, don’t worry! Subscribe to this thread to be updated when a new pad goes live, or use the links at the bottom of this post and request an email from Massdrop when your pad goes live. Of course, you can always order from where we have our full selection covering a broad array of headphones, with measurement graphs currently being made to give you an objective idea of the sound changes.

    Types of Earpadz

    Cool and comfortable, Dekoni’s Elite Velour is of a tighter weave than typical Velour pads, allowing for slightly better isolation and transfer of sound waves. Very soft feeling and considered by many to be the most comfortable pad surface material!

    The Sheepskin pads offer a long-life, easy to clean, sealed pad option. Choosing Sheepskin over the more common protein leathers provides a more breathable surface and less sweat production, while still acting to focus the sound directly to your ears with minimal absorption. They are also easy to keep clean and looking like new for a long time!

    Fenestrated Sheepskin is like an “aerated” sheepskin pad. Precisely measured and cut holes in the sheepskin give this pad a more true tone by providing a neutral sound absorption characteristic on the inside of the pad. So, just the good stuff makes it to your ears, and you hear a more natural sound out of your headphone. The perforations also allow the pad to “breathe” and more heat to escape.

    Our top of the line pads are the Elite Hybrids, a combination of all the best aspects of our other pads. The inner-lining of the pads feature the balanced Fenestrated Sheepskin, while soft, sweat-free Elite Velour makes contact with your skin, and the outter-face of the pads is wrapped in the sleek, premium Sheepskin.

    Dekoni tunes all our pads specifically for each headphone model; feature slow-rebound, high density memory foam; and have a squared-off shape to better couple and seal with your head. They are less hard and more squishy than most pads, to better mold to the contours of your bone structure, eliminating hot spots (even with glasses). A value on our website already at prices starting at $49.99 to $99.99 depending on model and material choice, the Massdrop deal drops the prices as low as $34.99.

    Live Drops

    Dekoni Sennheiser Pads for the HD 600 series:

    Dekoni Audeze Pads for the LCD series:

    Dekoni Sennheiser Pads for the HD 800/820 series:

    Past Drops:

    Dekoni Focal pads on Massdrop:

    Dekoni Fostex pads on Massdrop:
    Dekoni is also offering an attenuation ring for the Fostex TH-X00 at $8.

    Blog post of initial frequency response graphs:

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    Update: Sennheiser HD 600 pads, compatible with the HD 600, 650, and upcoming HD 58X Jubilee, are now dropping!
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