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Dekoni: Starting our measurements off the right way!

  1. DekoniAudio
    Dekoni Audio is pleased to announce a new round of measurements and some new pads.

    We polled the community, and after careful analysis of the votes we realized we had to make our first measurements with the new rig on a pair of headphones every true audiophile will have lying around (or at least KG Jag)


    Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 12.30.42 PM.png

    For those curious for the whole suite of measurements click here: Hello Kitty FULL TEST. As you can see, this is a fairly v-shaped headphone, or more accurately a cat ear shaped frequency response after a few alley battles. There is a fairly strong 20 dB dip in the upper midrange between 2 kHz and 7 kHz, roll off in the extended ranges of treble and bass, and overall this is a dark kitty. It does a fair job of keeping cat-cries from leaking out of the ear cups, which is good because the headphone is pretty noisy (THD, Total Harmonic Distortion). The 30 hz square wave response looks more like an EKG heart rate rather than a fun box to play in (loose bass, early roll-off), and the 300 hz square wave doesn’t fare much better, indicating that these kitties lack in treble speed and agree with the frequency response chart that the transitions are uneven as they dart up and down the scales.

    Compare that to the HD 700, wearing our newly-available Dekoni Elite Ear Pads!

    EPZ-HD700-FNSK HP.jpg
    Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 12.33.29 PM.png

    Aaaaaah, this is more like it. The HD 700 is quite an upgrade from the Hello Kitty headphones, but despite it's devoted fan base most people agree that the frequency response is a bit uneven. We spent quite a bit of time in the prototyping process with these, tweaking the sound and improving the durability of the mounting plastic until we were satisfied to put our name on them. As you can see with the overlay above, the Dekoni Elite Velour earpads are the most similar to the stock earpads, but all of the Dekoni pads offer a smoother transition between bass and midrange, less of a scoop to the midrange, and overall a more cohesive, warmer sound. The HD 700 can wear Elite Velour, Sheepskin, Fenestrated Sheepskin, and a Hybrid of all three pad types with soft Velour making contact with your face, Fenestrated Sheepskin on the inner lining, and solid Sheepskin on the outer lining to provide a seal.

    Dekoni HD 700 are available now, and we will be rolling out more measurements with our upgraded system at a regular pace. Click here to check out the store page: https://dekoniaudio.com/filter/?product_cat=sennheiser+hd700&product_cat=sennheiser+hd700

    Edit: We are also hosting an introductory sale price on these Elite HD 700 pads on Massdrop. Click here for details: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/dekoni-premium-pads-for-sennheiser-hd-700

    See everyone at RMAF! For our RMAF special, see here.

    Last edited: Oct 2, 2018
    Dekoni Audio Stay updated on Dekoni Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  2. Wiljen
    Love my HD700s and love the Dekoni Pads on everything I have tried them on. Can't wait to try these out as they look like they are just the ticket for leveling out the HD700 a bit.
    DekoniAudio likes this.
  3. Wiljen
    I received a box of Dekoni pads for the HD700 and really like what they have done.

    1st is Dekoni has moved the frame to below the pad rather than around the outside of it which sets the pad a bit farther away from the ear than the stock pads. This achieves the same thing the Anox mod did by inserting a layer of foam between shell and pads. The upside is the Dekoni version isnt subject to being miscut or misaligned or varying thickness of material etc that the DIY mods often suffer from.

    2nd is Dekoni has 4 options. I am personnally in love with the Fenestrataed Sheepskin pads so far. For those not in love with those you have Velour, Sheepskin or a hybrid with sheepskin sides and velour on the face for the best combination of sound and comfort.

    I'll post all my listening impressions when I have a bit more listening time in, but initial thought is if you have any interest in the HD700, go get a set of the Dekoni pads for them. I've always loved the 700 but never more than now.
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