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Dekoni Audio Releases True Wireless IEM Tips

  1. DekoniAudio
    Dekoni Audio is pleased to announce a new version of our ear tip replacements, the TWS Bulletz for True Wireless IEMs!


    Have you been seeking the perfect everyday earphones that you can always have with you, purchased some fancy True Wireless In Ear Monitors (TW IEMs) with no cable, only to find it difficult to close the case’s lid when storing them? Have you wanted to try Memory Foam 3rd party tips, but discovered that most tips are just too long and cause the ear piece to not charge reliably? Well, no longer do you have to choose between comfortable fit and fitting in the case, with Dekoni’s new shorter-length TWS Bullets!

    The Bulletz series was released in 2017 as an answer to non silicone ear tips having no way to safely be cleaned. All of our memory foam ear tips are washable with cold soap and water. Dry with a paper towel and they’re as good as new! The TWS thread size is the same 4.9mm bore diameter as our Mercury Bulletz, fitting many models such as the Sennheiser Momentums, Fostex TM2, and most others. If you have felt that regular tips inserted into your ears too deep or changed the sound too much, TWS tips can also be used with all the same IEMs as our Mercury series!


    Distinguishable on store shelves from our “Dekoni Blue” regular Bulletz, the TWS Bulletz are packaged in a mainly white blister pack. With six tips in small, medium, or large sizes, the TWS Bulletz sell for $19.99


    sales@dekoniaudio.com | dekoniaudio.com | facebook.com/dekoniaudio | instagram: @dekoniaudio.com
    Dekoni Audio Stay updated on Dekoni Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  2. Mark Up
    These look promising.
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  3. Niyologist
    This might solve my problem with the Astrotec S80.
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  4. Pamelaattiz
    Useful information, I will follow the topic
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