1. TheBaron

    Best dubstep headphones for $100?

    Hello again guys, I'm looking to get a pair of nice headphones after getting used to my monster jamz. I have $100 to spend. Can you tell me your favorites (and why)? My favorite music to listen to is drum and bass and dubstep (The Prodigy, Pendulum, Nero, Doctor P, Rusko). I was really...
  2. Kubiq

    Creative Aurvana Live! (Denon D1001 rebrand) for sale - needs rejacking

    Creative Aurvana Live! for sale in perfect condition. Most of time they sound very quiet,u need to push cable near jack to work again. Probably needs rejacking. Complete with extension cable,jack adapter,carrying bag and box.   Selling for 25£/40$. Shipping to UK costs 3£,Europe...
  3. C

    Creative Aurvana Live Vs JVC HA M750 Vs Denon AH D1100 vs Pioneer HDJ 500

    Hi which of these headphones sounds  better with trance and electronica?  Which has the best bass impact, which sounds cleaner and which is the more musical headphone?  Don't mind a slightly U shaped frequency but it would be nice if the mids where still present. Any thoughts?
  4. HeadphonesCom is giving away a pair of Creative Aurvana Lives: Tell us about the best live show you've ever seen

    Dear Head-fiers,   We notice a lot of buzz on the forum about the Creative Aurvana Live.  They really are a spectacular headphone at the price point.  One of our on-staff experts and fellow head-fier, DavidMahler, considers it one of the best closed portables he’s ever heard for under $200...
  5. taichi82

    Creative Aurvana Live recable help

    One of the ears on the Creative Aurvana Live stopped working and I was hoping I could recable them. I'm trying to figure out what cables and materials I need to recable. Where should I buy the parts? I'm guessing I just really need to have the cables and a jack 1/4 jack? How do I know if I...
  6. kingbuzzo

    Creative Aurvana Live! Recabled

    For sale is my pair of Creative Aurvana Live! closed headphones. These are rebranded Denon 1001 phones and are known to be a great bargain in the sub $100 market.   These have been recabled with CANARE 705 XLR cable. They sounds great and are very comfortable. Price includes shipping to...
  7. J

    Creative Aurvana Live (CAL's) NIB

    I'm selling a pair of CAL's NIB, never opened.   I originally purchased them as a gift for a friend a couple of months ago, but ended up getting something else.   I already have a pair myself, so I can keep these.  One of the best sub $100 ultra portable's. Search around for reviews...
  8. Pattonromell

    Creative Aurvana Live!

    So I have the CAL, but I am wondering if there are any better cases for it: hard case.
  9. joeylw

    Is there any on-ear or over-the-ear headphone under $70 that is in the same class of quality as the Creative Aurvana Live!?

    Let me start out by thanking the folks answering questions on this forum. Thanks to everyone here I am a very proud owner of the Audio Technica M50 and loving every second of it. I was originally planning on spending less than $100 on my first serious headphone purchase, but after reading so...
  10. bmoorthamers

    Creative Aurvana Live! vs Superlux HD 668 B (vs possibly Sennheiser PX 100/200 ii)

    Good Day!   As this is my first ever post here; a little introduction! For those non-caring but willing to help me, skip the first two paragraphs ;p Man, I get addicted so easily whenever I see a forum as enthusiastic as this one. Kind of reminds me of watchuseek, a forum on watches, which...
  11. tigerdx619

    Sennheiser HD 518 Vs. Audio Technica ATH-AD700 Vs. Audio Technica ATH-A700 Vs. Creative Aurvana Live

    I'm a Beginner AudioPhile Which OF These Is Better For Me To Start Music : Rock/ Metal/Folk I Will Use It Too much With HD Movies Gaming Isn't Important ,,, Comfort Isn't Important Quality Is the Most Important Thing Budget 90$-120$ ,,, Can't Afford More Than That I need Ur...
  12. PyroStorm

    Shure SRH440 vs. Creative Aurvana Live! for sound

    On a purely sound quality-based scale, which one is better, the SRH440 or CAL!? This is discarding factors such as isolation, comfort, etc., and assuming optimal source, DAC and amp conditions.
  13. Pliskin

    Creative Aurvana Live, random crackling

    Headphones: Creative Aurvana Live Soundcard: Creative X-fi extreme gamer Gamer     Something odd has happend, when I was fiddling with the settings to increase the volume in one of the drivers that always seems to be a bit lower than the other one, I pulled out the plug to check that it...
  14. cardboardhome 10 vs ath-m50 vs re-zero vs creative aurvana lives

    I have $100 to spend and am comparing: triplefi 10 (might be too expensive for me) re-zero (currently someone is willing to sell for $75) ath-m50 (around $110) Creative Aurvana lives ($60, I would wait until the price drops)   I am looking at portability a bit, so that's why I'm...
  15. Syrk

    Creative Aurvana Live! (same as Denon D1001) *Like New*

    These are like new and I've had them only for a few weeks. These are IMO the best headphones for under $100. Btw, my camera and picture taking skills suck, so it looks better IRL.   *$50 shipped USA* ;international pays a little more
  16. BadhairCut

    Newbie disappointed in Creative Aurvana Live!'s

    TLDR Version:   I'm enjoying my Creative Fatal1ty MKII gaming headphones more than my CAL's and I'm surprised I wasn't happy with them. Is it that I am more picky than I expected, that I got the wrong headphones for me, or did I possibly get a bad pair?   Should I get another pair in the...
  17. mingamo

    Creative aurvana LIVE! wood cups?

    Alright, so i bought the creative aurvana lives and think they are spectacular in almost every aspect, and was reading mods about dynamat to dampen the cups for a little tighter accurate bass "whatever". Well, instead of that, i have access to a fullon woodworking shop at school that i can use...
  18. tigerdx619

    Creative Aurvana Live

    i bought CAL ana it's great on my pc and on iphone ,, but when i tried on my s745 walkman player ,, the sound came very low ,, i don't hear anything ,,, do i need an amp ,,, or not ,,, i need ur opinions please
  19. audioKyle

    Audio technica m50 vs creative aurvana live vs klipsch image one

    Ive been looking for some new headphones. I owned the klipsch s4, monster turbine and sennhieser hd203. I want some nice comfortable headphones that sound good for the price. I only have $150 to spend. I can get the CAL for around $50, klipsch for $60-$70, and m50s for $125. I heard a lot of...
  20. Cieran

    Creative Aurvana Live! or Denon D1001/D1100

    Open to all offers - preferably UK.   Thanks!
  21. lemons

    Creative Aurvana Live! vs Brainwavz HM5

    Hi,   First post, so please be nice. :P   I am not particularly musically orientated, but have made a legitimate attempt to search for a new pair of headphones for music/gaming purposes.  Both these headphones receive favourable reviews, so some expert help/some opinions of people who...
  22. Butter123

    Creative Aurvana Live /w Canare recable and MarkL Mod Denon D1001 Mint Condition Free shipping!

    Here is a wonderful Creative Aurvana Live headphone in mint condition with 7ft Canare recable and the MarkL Mod.   I am the original owner and the modder of this headphone.   When comparing this to the stock CAL, the sound quality was pretty stark. The stock had very boomy bass...
  23. Cieran

    Clearout! Creative Aurvana Live's, Sennheiser PX100-ii's....will trade for Sony XB500's

    Since joining Head-Fi a mere 3 months ago I have been on a headphone odyssey which has taken me from my 8 year old tatty Sony MDRv150's, all the way up to some Grado SR80's - it's only recently dawned on me why the phrase 'Sorry about your wallet" is used so frequenly here   After working...
  24. Bubu

    Beyerdynamic dtx 300 p or Creative aurvana live?

    which one is better? i have a sony mdr-xb500. this is my first post here  
  25. aussiebuddha

    Creative Aurvana Live! CAL! vs Beyerdynamic DT235

    Hi Guys. I'm looking to buy a set of entry level full sized headphones, and currently between these 2 models. I've seen very good reviews on the CAL! as well as the the DT235. however, there are 2 things that point me towards the DT235 slightly.   1) Noise isolation, I'm planning to use...