1. tropicana

    Which sounds closer to esw9? W3000 anv, W5000 or W1000X?

    "thick, luscious and tubey midrange"   "sounds like it has a tube amp permanently attached to its driver"...
  2. hihi7086

    Question about Re-cabling for W5000

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone know which one is the Left channel and which is Ground?? Thanks!    
  3. TLYFE01

    Decision made** Apex Glacier Wins**

    ***Apex Glacier Wins***
  4. Tsujigiri

    Most detailed Mid to Hi-Fi headphones?

    I know that detail isn't the end-all for a headphone, but most likely because of that there seems to be a dearth of information on the comparative levels of detail between some of the nicer headphones. For an example, the HE-400 and HE-500 have both been praised for detail in a mid-fi headphone...
  5. Fluffy Muffinz

    Best closed Headphones within $300- $450

    Hey Head-Fiers!    im looking for a pair of headphones with preferably a detachable cable. I don't own a amp/dac so that may have to be included within the budget.     The type of music i listen to is hardcore/post-hardcore, alternative, metal/alternative metal, rock, techno, i do...
  6. jjcha

    ATH-HA5000 & ATH-W5000

    Dang. I was visiting Yodobashi Camera today and spent some time with this combo. They had it sourced by a relatively lower-end Denon SACD player. Man it sounded absolutely fantastic. I was stunned. I'm sure the recording and source had a large part to play with it. But most noticably there...
  7. satanicoo

    Upgrade question: Markl mod my D2000 or...

    Just came to the conclusion i am in a desperate need to spend money :P   I have this Denon D2000 for as long as.... 4 years?? Don't remember already! It is quite used, with the headband and pads with no leader left whatsoever, this one must have thousands of hours in use...   I bought...
  8. Asr

    Loaners: Balanced Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 & Grado HP2

    This was an unofficial Loaner (not part of my official Loaner Program series), for my APureSound V3-balanced Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 and Grado HP1000/HP2. These two headphones were loaned out separately to two people who were subjectively selected. This thread is here to serve as a repository...
  9. Asr

    2007 Awards for Headphones and Amps

    With only a few more days in 2007 left, I thought I'd put my audio experience acquired over the past year to some use to share what I think are the best of the best for headphone hi-fi. Not all these products came out in 2007 but all are still available on the market. These are, of course, my...
  10. DavidMahler

    Battle Of The Flagships (58 Headphones Compared)

  11. rocker95

    Help getting new headphones. =)

    Hi I am new to Head-Fi (not really - I have used it a lot to read reviews). I am looking to get a new pair of headphones. After hours and hours of researching, I got nothing... So I though it would be best if a ask you guys myself and so here's what I am after; I am looking to get a closed...
  12. rfbassi

    Virgin - Needs Advice - Never had a Headphone

    I have a problem.  My system includes a McIntosh C2300 PreAmp, 2x McIntosh MC352, MartinLogan Prodigy and other “stuff”.  All this stuff has followed me around the world to various locations.  Wife of course has always hated the look of the 5.5 foot MLs.  Next assignment – London.  Hmmmm no...
  13. Audiomania2

    WHERE can I buy new W5000 ear pad???

    Hi, I've got my w5000 few days ago and I wanted to buy extra ear pads for my can. Do you know where can I buy new pads for my W5000 in online?
  14. BaileyAblaze

    Best Audiophile Portable Headphones

    I am looking for a pair of excellent portable over the ear headphones for use. I would like my iPod to be able to drive them sufficiently, and would also like minimum sound leakage. Thus far I have thought about the Beyerdynamic T5P or the Audio Technica W5000. And when I say portable, I mean...
  15. bmichels

    Looking for very good audiophile CLOSED "non leaking" headphone

    One question gentlemen:  Besides my "open headphone", I need to buy a closed headphone, just because sometimes I can not afford to have sound leaking to (or from) outside.     So.. I am looking for a very-high-quality Audiophile headphone with large soundstage and musicality close to an open...
  16. viralcow

    Best upgrade for me? Coming from K701 and D5000

    Hey Head-fi, just want a quick input on my next upgrade. I'm currently using two main headphones - the Denon D5000 and AKG K701, hooked up to an O2 amp. I don't have enough cash for high-end stuff, but I'm looking at headphones around the $400-700 range.   TBH, this will be my first purchase...
  17. willitblend

    Worst headphones you've ever bought

    whats the worst pair you've spent your money on?
  18. hihi7086

    Questions about recabling for ATH-W5000

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone know which one is the Left channel and which is Ground?? Thanks!    
  19. czqdtc

    ATH-W5000, an amazing headphone, even for portable purpose. (some comparison with ED8)

    Gears used in this test: iPod classic ---> Algrithm solo -----> Continental V2 -----> Audio-technica ATH-W5000/Ultrasone edition 8   I have been listening to edition 8 on this system for a while. While pleased by the clear and crispy presentation of edition 8, I always found the vocal part...
  20. Commix

    Advice on amp/dac/HP's for travel

    Hey guys, I was asking around the recommendations thread and didn't get any feedback so I figured I'd try again. I'm wondering if anyone could throw me a few suggestions to help me sift through choices. So I'm currently away from my home setup of the headroom desktop amp/dac and Audio Technica...
  21. Rocker UK

    Denon AH-D7000 v Audio Technica ATH W5000

    I have decided I am going to invest in a long term buy to use at home with my hi-fi (Linn Classik/Majik 2100 Power Amp) to listen to a variety of music but mainly classic rock.   Using the maxim 'Buy well, buy once' I like the look and reviews of the following closed back 'phones (I want...
  22. DjAmTraX

    Proud new owner of Audio-Technica ATH-W5000. Yay!!!

    Finally picked up a pair of ATH-W5000.  I am uploading my unboxing video to share with you guys.  Initial impressions are that it's gorgeous and very well made.  The sound is a bit slow for my taste.  Male vocals are very nice.  Fit is kinda wired, but not uncomfortable.  They feel light on my...
  23. Robonaut

    Best sounding current production headphones with *no* sound leakage?

    I've been using Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pros at work for a few years now. I've been mostly happy with them, but I've always been conscious that there are better sounding headphones out there (especially after getting some Denon D7000s for home listening ). The thing is, the DT-770s are great for...
  24. ralphburns99

    Opinion on Audio Technica ATH-W5000 wood headphones with case - looking for best price also

    Hey:   Looking to finally get a pair of high-end headphones. I have spent a lot of time search for info and opinions and have pretty much settled on the ATH-W5000 as the best I can find in my price range. I know everybody has an option as to what would be the best, but has anyone else heard...
  25. ytisawfulnow

    Should i buy the Razer Orca headphones?

    I've wanted to delete this thread but head-fi doesn't have that option   But yeah, NOT buying the Razer orca's was a good decision, i listened to them once at school and... damn.