1. gurus

    W5000 have landed!

    I just checked the new tracking number provided by PJ and the W5000 have cleared customs and it looks like I should have them tomorrow. I will be taking some pics tomorrow and with the help of a couple of HFiers who have offered to help, will hopefully post the pics tomorrow! So watch out...
  2. HeavenAngles

    Question about WA2 with W5000

    I was wondering if I pair my W5000 with WA2 or maybe WA6SE comparing to HA5000 what will I gain and loss in sound signature. Thank you for your answer, Charlotte
  3. Audio Technica W5000

    Audio Technica W5000

    Lose yourself in the experience of amazingly rich, high-fidelity sound. Equipped with striped ebony housing for superb acoustic characteristics, the ATH-W5000 dynamic headphones achieve new levels of audiophile sound quality and listening comfort. These stellar headphones deliver formidable...