1. ctate

    Recommendations sought for sort of odd criteria: non-isolating but don't "leak" sound?

    Yeah, I know this is a little off the wall.     I've been upgrading a bit lately at home, and now that I have a quality DAC + headphone amp instead of using my PC's janky built-in audio, I'd like to ditch my thoroughly wretched Sony MDR-V400s [don't bother ragging on them; i know!].  I know...
  2. jeycam

    Stax SRS-2050II - to buy or not to buy, that's the question

    I've just sold my D2000s. Since I heard O2s and 404s, Staxes have always been my ultimate audio goal. For now, I've got an opportunity to buy SRS-2050II set. Would it be a nice step into Stax's world? How are they compared to $500-priced dynamic cans powered from not-so-bad amp in Icon HDP? Or...
  3. chromium

    About HA 5000

    Hi guys, I just got my W5000 and enjoyed it pretty well. However, I still want a HA 5000 to make a suit. Any one know where can I get HA 5000 except Ebay? I only saw one on ebay and it charges at least 1400 without shipping. I think that a little too much.   Thank you!
  4. maverickronin

    The Numbering Disease: Where Skullcandy and Monster Win

    Why do most headphone companies just label all their models with a few numbers and a letter or two thrown it?   DT880, HD650, K701, etc, etc.  They don't tell you anything about what you are buying.  They've got no emotion.  For the most part only Monster and Skullcandy actually name all...
  5. soocha2

    DAC recommendations for W5000

    Hello fellow head-fiers, I just received my ATH-W5000 and at the moment, I'm enjoying the beautiful performance that these cans are producing. It's pathetic but I'm currently using my iphone 4 as my main device for music. I know I'm not doing justice to the W5000s and would like to match them up...
  6. jeycam

    "Denons, but not Denons" a.k.a. what are the other nice closed headphones?

    In comparison to the pair of my Denon D5000s in which the screw has broken and I couldn't afford a repair and I had got to sell, another screw in another place of D2000s I have had got only yesterday, just have broken. I'm totally frustrated with the quality of Denon headphones and even with...
  7. donunus

    The ATH-AD900 Thread

    I did a search and was amazed I couldn't find an appreciation thread for these amazing cans. Well, let me just say that these are my favorite cans now and are more musical and complete sounding than anything Ive ever had before(check my profile). Plus these guys sound great even out of my ipod...
  8. moodyrn

    Are There Any Closed headphones Better than the D7000 for 500.00-1000.00

    I've been looking for a good closed(woody preferably) headphone for a change of pace from the open cans I have now. The Wuss was nice enough to let me audition his d7000, and I immediately liked them. So I recently bought them, and they are a nice change of pace from my other cans. I really like...
  9. soocha2

    Recommendations on low-budget amp or dac to complement the ATH-W5000

    So, I've just bought the ATH-W5000 online and it is to arrive at my front steps tomorrow which I am very eagerly looking forward to. I've read many reviews here that W5000 is one of the hardest or should I say pickiest headphones to match with. Unfortunately, my budgets are very limited and as...
  10. daremedy

    Corda Concerto accident - possible hearing damage - advice please

    I have just started getting into this hobby and suffered an unfortunate accident with the volume switch on a Corda Concerto. After having purchased a pair of Denon D5000, I went to a showroom here in Hong Kong to try various amps. When trying the Corda Concerto, there was a problem with the...
  11. SoSpecial

    Superlux HD 668B?

    So I was reading review and was floored by how much praise those had gotten. I've heard of them talked about as being really good but never to the extent that article went too.   I was wondering about what Head-fi's thoughts were and if anyone had...
  12. iamsmrt

    ATH-W2002 Appreciation Thread

    Hey all, Just wanted to give a shout out for my fave headphones, the Audio-Technica w2002. I know there aren't a lot of fans of their sound signature, but to me they totally draw me into the music and create an emotionally engaging experience that I haven't replicated with a different setup...
  13. eightbitpotion

    Flagships Dynamics gogogo!

    It's simple, and we've all seen these before. You get to pick one and price is no subject- which one?   edit: I know the orthos aren't dynamics, but how could I leave out these ever so lovable pieces of ear-candy!? Also I accidently typed the ed8s instead of ed10s...
  14. Skylab

    JVC HP-DX1000 Owners Unite!

    This is a terrific headphone that gets very little "love" on this site. I know it's pricey, and somewhat hard to get in the US, so I wondered -- how many Head-fiers are there out there who own and love this can? I sure do. Has probably the best bass I have ever heard from a headphone. Its...
  15. krswen

    Noobie introduction

    Hi .... Ken here.  I just found this site a few days ago and have been busy reading to try to build knowledge about what is becoming a new hobby. I don't pretend to have audiophile hearing.  Just turned 65 with way too many years around jet engines and Harley-Davidsons, but I very much enjoy...
  16. Drake22

    all round amp for HF-2, W5000 and JH13

    I've never had a headphone amp before, except for the inbuilt one in essence stx. But lately I mostly listen to the music from my laptop or cowon s9, and I want something of similar or better quality to drive all of my headphones, which are hf2, hd598, jh13, soon w5000 and I also have lcd2 in...
  17. cifani090

    Best headphone for highs

    Im looking for some headphones with some excellent highs for vocals etc, etc.
  18. bangraman

    Something more 'soothing' than the Beyer T1's?

    I’ve been reviewing my everyday audio gear as of late, and as much as I like the T1’s for their speed and overall precision without overwhelmingly trebly performance, I’ve been feeling generally that they are, well, high-end DT880’s… i.e. a bit antiseptic. They are also really heavy on the head...
  19. shrekito

    My Headphones

    Favourites in order of preference   Sound Quality - Quiet Environment   Audio Technica ATH-W5000 Denon AH-D5000 Beyer DT990pro Sennheiser HD650/Sony SA5000 Shure SE535   Sound Quality - Noisy Environment   Shure SE535 Audio Technica ATH-W5000 Denon AH-D5000 Sony...
  20. DjAmTraX

    ATH-W1000x coming to the U.S. , 2011 CES coverage.

    Just read on Enjoy the Music that the ATH-W1000x is coming to the US market. Is this better than the currently available AT-W5000?
  21. Fitz

    W5000 Fitz Mod Guide

    I've mentioned it in a few threads here and there that I've discovered some rather useful mods to the W5000, and now I've finally gotten around to making a proper guide on how to do them. The main mod package consists of three primary changes that have a significant effect on the sonic...
  22. TSi

    Need new IEM!!!! :(

    Guys and gals, I need help! My customs broke (FreQs)   I want a pair of IEM that is pretty neutral, great in all departments (bass, mid, highs)... not looking for customs, cause they are too expensive right now... but IEM price range is anything under 300 - 400$? (unless there are customs...
  23. DavidMahler

    Question to ATH-W5000 owners

    I bought my second pair today to give them one more shot on my system which is much better than when I first owned them.     Upon opening the box I noticed two things I didn't like and I want to clarify that at least one of them is normal.   1. The writing on the ear cup is raised...
  24. kinetickoala

    Just received Audio-Technica ATH-W5000... now how to power them?

    Hey guys! I'm really excited today. I got the W5000 as a present for my birthday! It was from my uncle, who I barely know (and is incredibly rich), and it just came out of nowhere. I've never gotten any fancy gift before, so I sort of feel like I'm in a dream: I keep on running over to them (in...
  25. kinetickoala

    Need help with taking next step into better headphones and an AMP.

    Hi everyone!   First I'd like to say that I'm a huge fan, I've been reading posts on this site for months now when researching the past headphones that I have bought. So thanks for all you guys do!   Basically, I am a blossoming audiophile! Last September I bought Audio-Technica ATH-A700...