1. fmlfml

    Re-cabled W5000

    Recabled 4ft 18awg JenaLab Cryo cable + 3.5mm DHC gold plug, sounds way better than the stock one.   There's a tiny scratch on the metal frame.   Buyer pays paypal fee & shipping
  2. darkswordsman17

    Audio-Technica A5000 (W5000 drivers + earpads in AX00 series frame).

    Thinking $250 shipped ConUS.   Ok, I had a pair of A700s and after having a couple (might have been 3 actually) pairs of W5000s and having fit issues, I decided to fit W5000 drivers and earpads in the A700s and it worked well, took care of the fit issues.   Currently, they have a D2000...
  3. Butler

    W5000, PRO700MK2, ESW9 with AT-HPP5 Case, Schiit Asgard, Schiit Bifrost, Audio Technica AT-HPS500 Stand

    So I'm getting married, and of course the wedding is over budget, so I'm cutting corners so that everything can still go off without a hitch. Unfortunately, cutting corners means most if not all of my audiophile equipment. I'm up to sell everything, although I'm hoping to keep my ESW9, so that's...
  4. ZenErik

    Wanted: D7000. Will pay via PP. Also have W5000 up for trade if wanted.

    Doesn't have to be in perfect shape but having it be in very good condition or better is certainly preferable. Thanks!
  5. guynamedjohn

    ATH W5000

    SOLD     Selling my beloved ATH-W5000s. These are great headphones. They're in great condition - no scratches. Includes original packaging and travel case. The travel case is slightly scuffed.   asking $475 plus shipping plus 3% for PayPal
  6. tomasskalnin

    FS- Audio technica W5000

    Selling ATH-W5000 Raffinato. Rarely used, so in great condition and comes with all accesories. Bought few years ago from Japan. Shipping and paypal fees included in price.
  7. tropicana

    Which sounds closer to esw9? W3000 anv, W5000 or W1000X?

    "thick, luscious and tubey midrange"   "sounds like it has a tube amp permanently attached to its driver"...
  8. chrometaphor

    Audio Technica W5000 - like new - SOLD

    Up for sale is a set of Audio Technica W5000 headphones in like new condition.  Beautiful ebony wood with a very pleasing sound and excellent comfort.  I'd love to keep them but they aren't see much use since I got my W3000ANV's and I don't have enough room as it is.     Everything these...
  9. hihi7086

    Question about Re-cabling for W5000

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone know which one is the Left channel and which is Ground?? Thanks!    
  10. fmlfml

    ATH W5000 w/ 8 Braided JenaLab Cryo Cable

    I recable it with 8 Braided JenaLab Cryo Cable (4ft), with Cardas 4% lead free solder The connector is Balanced output for SR71B but I can change it to 3.5mm 6.3mm or XLR.   The right side got a tiny scratch on the metal frame as shown in the picture.   Buyer pays 4% paypal fee &...
  11. Butler

    Wanted: W5000 or L3000 (W1000X Compatible) Leather Pads

    Looking to see if anyone has any W1000X compatible leather pads floating around for cheaper than Audio Cubes 100 bucks. That's a little much, I would think. Thanks.
  12. jezz

    FS: DT770 Pro with W5000 Drivers

    For sale is a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro's with Audio-Technica W5000 drivers. These are presently using a dual-entry cable with 10ft of Mogami 2534 covered in Techflex Nylon Multifilament (the soft stuff, not the microphonic stuff) and terminated with a 1/4" Yarbo jack. They are in great...
  13. trojan2900

    Beyerdynamic DT770 with Audio Technica W5000 drivers + extras

    I bought these here on head-fi a few weeks ago, and I've been on a love-hate relationship with them since. The sound is super detailed, and the bass is very tight and goes deep when using the JMoney pads. Soundstage is pretty good. With some material they are a little peaky, and I think they...
  14. matanoosh

    Selling (WTS): Audio Technica W5000 - 8/10 | Barely 50 hours play. *** SOLD ***

    Selling my beloved W5000; Bought them exactly 3 years ago but hardly ever played them. They were lying in my cupboard for almost 2 years and very lightly used before. Pet free / smoking free environment. The reason I didn't use them much? I didn't have an amplifier for them, and waited for an...
  15. e19650826

    W5000 leather pads and W1000X pleather pads

    I have a pair of W5000 leather pads up for sale.. recently purchased from a fellow head-fier. I got them as new and only used them for two days in total of less than 10 hours. The attached photo is from that purchase and it is still in the exact same condition. They are slightly larger than the...
  16. shampoosuicide

    Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000 with W5000 earpads and Phatpad mod

    For sale is a pair of AD2000's. I've had these for a while, but they have been kept in storage since late 2010. The headband was replaced with a new one, and the earpads replaced with the W5000 Spanish lambskin earpads just before before that. Phatpad tube modded, which can be very easily...
  17. Trance_Gott

    ATH W5000 Pads *NEW* (Ideal also for W1000x) PRICEDROP

    Hello,   I sold new ATH W5000 pads which i bought from audiocubes2. I only test them once on my W1000x. They are much comfortable than the stock pads and looks nicer because it's real leather. I allready have the L3000 pads so I don't need them.   Thomas
  18. dunpeal

    Audio Technica AD900 with W5000 pads

    I bought these cans here 2 and a half years ago and sent them to audio technica for new cable and pads last year.  The W5000 pads were bought last month for $60 from Audio Technica. I dont know how many hours are on these cans, they're well used but in perfect working order. i dont have the...
  19. TLYFE01

    Decision made** Apex Glacier Wins**

    ***Apex Glacier Wins***
  20. Tsujigiri

    Most detailed Mid to Hi-Fi headphones?

    I know that detail isn't the end-all for a headphone, but most likely because of that there seems to be a dearth of information on the comparative levels of detail between some of the nicer headphones. For an example, the HE-400 and HE-500 have both been praised for detail in a mid-fi headphone...
  21. I-Love-Music

    Audio-Technica ATH W5000 for sale

    These headphones are in great condition and no dins or whatsoever. Asking $500 with shipping included, will ship anywhere. PS. international shipping needs additional postage fee.    Thanks for looking and best regards.   Yi   PLEASE EMAIL TO: JUSTAPASSER@HOTMAIL.COM THANKS AGAIN...
  22. robin5540

    W5000 + HA5000 + Musical Fidelity M-1 DAC + Pure Silver USB Cable+ ZU RCA Interconnection+ Upgraded Power cable

    Hey guys,   I'm cleaning out my desktop rig because I need cash and I need to clean up my room a little.   W5000 9/10   HA5000 9.9/10 with the original box.   M-1 DAC 8.5/10 minor scratch   Pure Silver USB (Custom) 9.9/10   ZU RCA 9.9/10 Rarly used   Power Cable 9/10 ...
  23. Trance_Gott

    ATH L3000 real leather earpads (Ideal also for W1000x or W5000)

    Hello,   I sell earpads from the legendary ATH L3000 which i bought from audiocubes2 in Japan. I only use them for about 10 hours with my W1000x, they looks like new. They are much comfortable than the stock pads and looks nicer because it's real leather. I paid about 100EUR with customs fees...
  24. Fluffy Muffinz

    Best closed Headphones within $300- $450

    Hey Head-Fiers!    im looking for a pair of headphones with preferably a detachable cable. I don't own a amp/dac so that may have to be included within the budget.     The type of music i listen to is hardcore/post-hardcore, alternative, metal/alternative metal, rock, techno, i do...
  25. jjcha

    ATH-HA5000 & ATH-W5000

    Dang. I was visiting Yodobashi Camera today and spent some time with this combo. They had it sourced by a relatively lower-end Denon SACD player. Man it sounded absolutely fantastic. I was stunned. I'm sure the recording and source had a large part to play with it. But most noticably there...