1. mirec6.2

    AKG K701 (EU)

    Im selling my AKG K701 (46353), Im the first owner, theyve got around 250-300 listening hours so far, condition is very good.   If youre interested dont hesitate to contact me.   Cheers   Miro   PS:   Some pics are older, some are up to date, condition is as pictured, they...
  2. TheGhostWhoWalks

    AKG K701

    Planned to get these recabled for SDS-XLR but never did, so they've seen little use. They look to be in near-perfect shape.
  3. lizard837

    First Set of Open Back Headphones

    Hi guys,   While I love my current HD428s, I am looking into buying a pair of open backed headphones.  I also would like to buy a (somewhat) portable amp to power them and my HD428s.  My top 3 options for my budget are the Grado SR60i's and SR 80i's or the Sennheiser HD 558's.  I mainly...
  4. Rayz

    AKG K701 pads upgrade

    I heard that upgrading the K701\K702 pads to the K702 Anne ones gives a great improving in the sound. well, at least I heard it about the Q701, but the K701\2 build is just the same, they should fit those too, should them? Anyway, how can I get a pair of the K702 Anne pads? Thanks.
  5. 598283685

    k701 thread

    I am a Chinese student. I have a akg k701, please give me some advice about how to make a good system. I just have 2000 dollars, so please don't make it too expensive. I also have an ipod classic 160gb and an ath ad900 headphones. thanks for your reply.
  6. kiraaaa

    HD558 vs. DT770 vs. K701? Comfort!

    Hey all, I've had my HD558's for about 8 months now. I think they sound okay, but the problem is the comfort. I know people praise the HD55x series for their comfort, but for some reason they are just not comfortable for me. I believe it is because of their clamping force. It was worse the first...
  7. junerpp

    WTB 3pin xlr balanced T1, d7000 or K701

    I am looking for a pair of 3 pin xlr balanced Beyer T1, Denon d7000 or AKG K701 in nice condition. If you have one of them to sell, please PM me. CONUS only, thanks for looking.
  8. Rayz

    K701+Essence STX no bass

    Got a question. it seems like much people here has the STX\K701 combo like me. I'd like to share a real problem I find with this combo: the K701 bass. While other cans trough the amped connector on the STX has healty and fleshy bass, the K701 seems to be too bass lacking. I know the K701 are...
  9. FinnishPower

    AKG K701 Headphones (Australia)

    AKG K701 Headphones     Headphones are in full working condition with some cosmetic damage to the plastic band which connects the headband to the earcups.    Headphones come with original packaging.      Pickup only from Brisbane Southside    Cash on pickup   Not...
  10. FinnishPower

    AKG K701 Headphones (Australia)

    Headphones are in full working condition. Both of the inner plastic guides which are apart of the headband are broken. The headband still adjusts perfectly fine because there are two elastic guides on both sides of the headband. This has not affected the sound quality.     Headphones come...
  11. Ucronia

    Akg K701 or Beyerdynamic custom one pro?

    Hi everyone, i was searching for a professional opinion about a pair of good on ear headphones and this seems to be the right place. I'm going to buy a pair of headphones for gaming and home cinema, and for my needs, and more over, for my budget i'm interested about some models; Akg K701 was...
  12. papamogl

    Reversible AKG K701 bass mod

    A common complaint about the AKG K701 which I share is a lack of bass, or rather of bass impact/punch. Listening to a Beyerdynamic Dt 880 I can hear and FEEL just the right amount of deep bass, with the K701 I just hear it.   On a german speaking forum somebody posted a completely...
  13. LaPierre

    AD900x VS K701, Q701 or K702

    This will probably get no replies, but I want to know if there's anyone who's heard both of these headphones or perhaps has A/B'd them, which I'm sure very few have. This is more to help others than myself, as I couldn't find such a thread anywhere besides maybe 1 or 2 people actually comparing...
  14. hiki08

    Choosing an AKG headphone (K490NC, K495NC compared with K550, K701 or others)

    Hi all, new here but have been searching/reading a few older threads on noise cancelling headphones and the 490NC here already. Many seem to have greats words about the 490NC though I've also read somewhere that they're offloading the 490NC for the newer Sony 1RNC.   I have an AKG K28NC (pic...
  15. papamogl

    For chambermusic and mixing - Dt880 or K701?

    Hello everyone I know there are a many comparison out there between these two headphone, but I'd love to get some input in comparing them for a very specific purpose. I need new headphones and I'd use them for listening (almost exclusively classical music). Chamber music's high on the list...
  16. tegR

    AKG K701, UK only

    Bought from Amazon, owned for around 2 years and packed on around 700-1000 hours. Headphone itself is in great condition, pads have been cleaned and feel a little rougher than they did new.  Reason for sale is I very rarely listen to them since buying the Q701.   Please note that the...
  17. storrgie

    Circumaural travel headphones (Alternatives to the PXC450)

    I've been using PXC450 on and off for a long time, they are wonderful headphones. Recently I got one of the Geek Out 1000 and would really like to pair with a passive headphone system. I'm looking for something that can pack away like the PXC450, is circumaural and under the 500$ price point...
  18. killkli

    AKG K701

    I bought the headphones from Amazon in July 2010, and the warranty from AKG covered for two years. So there is no warranty now.   There are no scratches. The ear pads are slightly flattened due to normal use; that's the only sign of usage. I have included a few pictures of the headphones...
  19. killkli

    AKG K701

    I bought the headphones from Amazon in July 2010, and the warranty from AKG covered for two years. So there is no warranty now.   There are no scratches. The ear pads are slightly flattened due to normal use; that's the only sign of usage. I have included a few pictures of the headphones...
  20. Nick Shepherd

    AKG K701´s & MOTU Ultralite MK1 - Mixing

    Hey Guys - first post in this really cool community ! :)   I tried using the search first of all, but really couldnt find anything useful regarding my kinda specific question.   I produce mostly electronic music in my home studio here in berlin. Since my 5" monitors dont really offer a...
  21. kramer5150

    AKG Quincy and K 701/2... pad options?

    Curious... These cans use that twist-locking mechanism to secure the earpads... they're also ~$80 a pair.  The cans have a pronounced "rim" around their perimeter.  I see a lot of headphones with earpads that you stretch over the rim to secure them, like the K240 series.  Has anyone tried...
  22. KLJTech

    Schiit Audio Lyr with AKG K701's?

    I'm considering the Schiit Audio Lyr and was wondering how that amp preforms with the K701's?   I've heard some say that the powerful Lyr brings out the full potential of the 701's and I wondered if any here have found that to be true. I'm assuming that the Lyr has too much gain for my Grado...
  23. iamthem

    AKG K701 vs HD650: Aesthetics

    So, I was having a discussion with my friend about aesthetics and I was just wondering, what do you guys find more aesthetically appealing? The futuristic styling of the AKG K701 or the simple and mature HD650?
  24. kx1

    AKG K701 without box (with meier corda arietta)

    Hi there,         This AKG K701 has been with me for more than 2 years now, but for most of the time this is unused sitting there doing nothing. I am moving soon so want to get rid of things which I don't need or use. The pads are of good condition, and there may be very few minor scratches...
  25. gruhl28

    AKG K701/K702/Q701, Senn HD598/600/650, Beyer DT880 driven from NAD integrated amp

    Hi All,   I'm new here, looking to buy a pair of good headphones, considering primarily the ones listed above. There's lots of discussion out there comparing these and discussing which ones need a headphone amp more than others and how they compare with or without amping. I'm planning on...