1. Jon G.

    K701 Recable v. Mine!

    K701 #29959...Purchased new from Headroom in November of 2008...approaching approximately three thousand (3000!) hours of use so far...up until this day everything was original. As you might imagine, despite regular cleaning, things got a little dirty and beat up. As it was, the stock cable was...
  2. styler

    Cost No Object Portable Set-up Without an Amp

    i need some headfi opinions. i would like to have the ultimate portable set up but one that is truly super portable. Price range for entire setup 1500-2500.   constraints: 1. no open back phones - IEMs or closed only; must not disturb those around me. 2. no amp, i want this set up to be...
  3. wolfetan44

    Relaxing headphone

    What would you guys consider a relaxing headphone? A DT880 relaxing? No? 
  4. lawonga

    K701's and a mini review.

    I just bought and tried my K701's, and this is coming from a guy who's been listening ONLY westone earphones for the past 6 months.   I'm running on cheap xonar dg soundcard with amp, listening to classical (erik satie), stuff like audio machine and two steps from hell and phillip glass and...
  5. thedauntlessone

    Places to buy headphones in Hong Kong

    I'm here for vacation for a couple of weeks and I just want to look around to check out the prices in Hong Kong. I'm living in TST so places close to TST would be a plus but I am willing to travel to other places as well. Thanks.
  6. eiouwa

    An USB DAC for the Talisman Audio T-33H and the K701

    I'd like to have some recommendations for an USB DAC. I am going to use one together with a Talisman Audio T-33H amplifier and a K701; source is the computer. I listen mainly to soft music. Female voice and piano are most important, else I don't have any specific perception of how it should...
  7. AzureBeat

    $200 for one can to rule them all. Sub $300 shootout?

    So, that's my objective. I currently have $200 for headphones. I may get more sometime, but at this moment I'm not sure. If I do get more, than I'll have $300 to play with, so I'd like to see a sub $300 can shootout. (I did search for one, and didn't see such a thread.) So here's what I'd love...
  8. nakedhand

    Did I blow a driver? AKG K701 - Solved

    I just noticed that the left driver "whistles" at deep bass sections. After every beat it attenuates. Sort of sounds like something is loose. It is lower treble sounding, and it´s not pretty.  I have been burning them in over night.. maybe I molested them with too much power? I have never "blown...
  9. pogodrummer

    HF-2 vs K701+HD650

    Hello there! just a quick question: what would be better? a pair of used grado hf-2 (modded with a viablue 3.5mm plug) or an akgk701 + senn hd650 combo?  I'd use the phones for almost all genres (maybe not jazz or alot of classical), and i'm a basshead, so DnB, dubstep and hardcore are a major...
  10. Husq2100

    AKG Qs

    Hey all, bit of a newb here.   I have a pair of K701, Q460 and some older 240's. I have recently pre ordered a Pico Power for them.   I have been doing a little reading and looking around the net and have found out that AKG have shifted alot of their manufacturing to China. I was...
  11. Tyua

    Improving my audio configuration

    I mostly listen electronic music and currently have a HD668b on a D-Zero, plugged on my laptop and using Spotify at max quality, I know this is quite low in quality compared to the headphones and systems you are generally talking about on this forum, but would like to know how I may improve my...
  12. vcoheda

    Best HeadPhones To Go Balanced

    I expect to be fully balanced (source + amp) by the end of the year and would like to know, based on people's experiences, which headphones benefit the most from going balanced. I agree, and it is probably true, that all headphones see some measurable benefit from going balanced, but i am...
  13. spandexspartan

    Need an Amp/DAC for AKG K701 - Yulong, Audio-gd, or Matrix?

    I know this subject has probably already been discussed to death, but I'm considering getting the AKG K701 and I want to find a suitable amp/dac combo first.  Fairly new here and I've been searching through the archives but I'm hoping someone can indulge me with some advice.     The...
  14. Sierra419

    Q701 question / help

    I'm purchasing a Q701 strictly for PC gaming (please don't try to talk me out of these cans because my mind is made up). I have a few questions because I'm pretty new to all of this.   1. I know I need a good amp (open to suggestions < $150), but do I need a good sound card and a DAC? My...
  15. whateverman

    monitor headphones?

    Hello all A friend of mine is taking a Studio Sound class means he's working on Cubase and learning music production and etc. His teacher asked the students in his class to get "Monitor Headphones", which supposed to produce more reflective sound than regular headphones (?).. I told him...
  16. whirlwind

    Does Any Other Headphone Have More Of A Love/Hate Opinion...Other Than Grado's

    Ever since I have been here on these forums, it seems like the Grado headphones has either a I love them or I hate them opinion.   Am I correct in thinking this, or is it just me and all headphones have the same opinions.   Is the Grado sound signature that much different, than any other...
  17. bassophile

    DT880 (2005) vs K701 for bass?

    Which of these has more bass?   You hear of both of them being bass light yet I find my DT880 to have as much bass as my HD650. How does the K701 compare?
  18. davidsh

    Headphones for a friend :D (recommendation)

    I have a friend wanting to spent some 100-150$ (max 200) on a headphone (yay!).   They'll only be used in his home, unamped. I have a feeling he would want a somewhat neutral, leaning towards warm, headphone.   I have suggested him the CAL!'s because he can get them for only 55$, which...
  19. grain

    AKG K-701 Uncomfortable head strap!!

    Hi. Ok, I just recently got a set of AKG K-701s for the purpose of mixing and mastering music over extended periods of time, convinced that they would be very comfortable to wear, along with of course being transparent and accurate reference class headphones... The sound is beautiful.. no...
  20. Flisker

    Is Beyerdynamic T1 right for me ? [Little help please :)]

    Hi guys,   I'am trying to gather as much information as possible, before buying these headphones.   Read lot of positive reviews on them and thinking about giving them chance (buy them without auditioning first)   Headphones I enjoy most are Senns HD650 and Grado SR225i. I love...
  21. OmarSy

    First legitimate hi-fi setup?

    Hello, I was wanting to purchase my first "Hi-fi" headphone setup but before I did that I wanted the communities advice (For obvious reasons) Now, I already have a pair of closed headphones (Senn's momentum's) but I was wanting something a bit better for home use. My budget is around $700...
  22. liuk

    Comfortable, inexpensive all-round closed headphones for office use: a request with few alternatives.

    Hey guys, I am a normally-headed human being, with slightly bigger ears than usual and glasses. I currently own a pair of Sennheiser HD 25-1 ii, super-awesome but really uncomfortable. I travel very often for work and they are amazing in isolating aircraft sounds and noisy people, but sitting...
  23. papamogl

    Ultra flat response headphones with wide stage?

    Hello everybody   I'm trying to decide which model is the perfect headphone for me (I want to buy my first audiophile cans, and I want to make it right ) Genre's classical music, a lot of chamber music, but sinfonic too. I don't mind whether they are open or closed as I'd use them mostly at...
  24. GaryPham

    Cheap Beyer replacement pads on ebay?

    Hey guys, I was looking on ebay today and saw these   http://www.ebay.com/itm/1Pair-Ear-Pads-Cushions-Replaces-for-Beyerdynamic-DT770-DT551-DT880-DT531-DT801-/290832906028?pt=US_Replacement_Parts_Tools&hash=item43b6fdf72c   I was wondering if anyone here's had a chance to try these and...
  25. Oktyabr

    I miss my AKG K701s...

    Hello! I got a Christmas bonus and can't think what to spend it on.  I'm leaning quite a bit to a new pair of headphones, under $300 (bonus presents for the rest of the family ate most of the rest of it already). A bit of background...  I'm what I call a "budget audiophile".  I try to buy...